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Wed Feb 12 2020
By   Manish

When you see in a child's eyes, there are some reasons to laugh, smile, and capable of doing everything in believing. So, we can say there are seven million wonders in kids' thinking power and imaginations while putting the seven wonders of the world on the other side. So, Paulo Goude's daughter is one of a kind who came to attention after arriving in her parents' musical family.

The daughter of Goude hails from African-American ethnic background, and her great-grandparents were the natives of Spanish Town, Jamaica. Let's find out more exciting things about Goude in the following facts.

1. Her Lovely Parents, Paula & Azella First Met while forming a band

Goude's parents, Paulo and Azella met for the first time when they were new in the musical band, Trybez. During the time, the two just started performing together on the stage and became very close friends.

The duo then began love story after expressing under the media's attention and took their relationship as a secret. On 3rd March 2012, they first spotted together on the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall runway contest at the Hotel Intercontinental in Paris, France.

Goude's beloved parents, Azella and Paulo Goude. Know more about Goude's daughter's interesting facts in the article
Snap: Paula and Azella Goude first met on the starting of forming Trybez band 
Source: Getty Images

The couple resides in Los Angeles, California, happily with their sweet daughter. Apart from all of this, the pair are trying to put their daughter's career in their footsteps.

2. Her Grandmother was Twicely Married

First of all, Goude's grandmother, Grace Jones tied the knot with her first husband, Chris Stanley in 1989. The pair, however, ended their marriage due to some misunderstandings by filing a divorce agreement in 1991.

After facing a tragic divorce, Grace then committed to her second husband, Atila Altaunbay on 24th February 1996. Unfortunately, she also filed for divorce with Atila citing irreconcilable differences in 2004.

Grace Jones with her former partner, Jean Paul Goude. Know more about Grace Jones' other marital affairs in the Paulo Goude's daughter's interesting facts.
Picture: Grace Jones and her former partner, Jean Paul Goude 
Source: Pinterest

Jones was also romantically involved in a relationship with a French graphic designer, Jean-Paul Goude. But, their love story ended with heartbreak after Jean left Grace to marry Karen Park Goude. Currently, Jean-Paul has two children, Theo and Lorelei Goude, with his current wife.

3. Her Father, Paulo is also a Fashion Model

Goude's dad, Paulo is not only a talented musician, he is also a prominent model. Despite being a student of engineering, he chose modeling and became a successful model of this generation. He made his debut runway for the Click Models.

Goude's father, Paulo modeling for a France modeling agency, Agence Dynamite. Know more about Paulo Goude's daughter.
Snap: Paulo Goude is posing for a modeling shot 
Source: Instagram @nappymogul

Goude's father also signed a contract with modeling agencies, TPS Star, and M6 Evenements in the past. He is now modeling for France-based model agency, Agence Dynamite.

4. Her Mother, Azella's Real Name is Annabelle Amigues

None other than that, Goude's beautiful mom, Azella was born as Annabelle Amigues and belongs to white ethnicity. She is currently singing as one of the lead vocalist and didgeridoo artist for the Trybez band.

Check out the trailer of Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (2017)

Despite pursuing in the field of music, Azella is better known for her special appearance in the musical biographical documentary, Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami in 2017. The film received mixed reviews with 6.2 stars out of 10 from 894 ratings.

5. Her Parents are Collaborating in Musical Band, Trybez

Goude's caring parents, Paulo and Azella are now rising stars in the field of pop music while working proficiently with their musical band, Trybez, formed by Grace Jones. In the line up of Trybez, the two are the lead vocalist alongside Faisal Attia.

Goude's parents, Paulo and Azella Goude are performing alongside, Faisal Attia. Do you know how Goude's parents joined the band?
Picture: Goude's parents, Paulo and Azella are performing at the 2019 Baloise Session with Faisal Attia 
Source: Baloise Session

On the other hand, some other band members of Trybez are Lezerk Attia, a guitarist, Alex Potin, a drummer, Anthony La Rosa, a bass player, and Vincent Lafleure, a keyboardist. In this year 2020, the Trybez band will take a tour, Baloise Session, from October 24 to November 12.

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