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Fri Feb 14 2020
By   Manish

Today, we are going to explore the life of a celebrity child, Rachel Moranis, who was born with a cutest smile and a golden heart. As the elderly people says, children are like the first caterpillars that don't tell anyone what it's going to become and blows everyone's mind with its butterfly form.

Born in the United States of America, Moranis was raised in a Jewish family, while her ancestors are from Kolozsvar, Kingdom of Hungary (also known as Cluj-Napoca, Romania). If you love to explore more about Moranis' personal life, read the article to the end.

Rachel Moranis Exchanged the Wedding Vows?

The 32-year-old, Rachel is currently following her father, Rick Moranis' footsteps, who is one of the most promising actors. But, most of the people who adore her are curious to know what her relationship status is? Is she married, or is she single?

Straight out from the media's attention, Rachel doesn't feel comfortable to explore about her love life and maintains a low profile personality. There is another reason why she isn't talkative about marital status is because of her busy schedules and future projects.

Her Parents' Tragic Love Story...

Rachel's parents, Rick and Ann Belsky, walked together as husband and wife in 1986 at "The Lakeview" venue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Following their blissful wedding ceremony, the two started to live a happy married life. But, sometimes things didn't succeed to accomplish, for example, the pair's conjugal relationship after Ann passed away in February 1991, due to breast cancer.

Rachel Moranis' Parents, Rick Moranis and Ann Belsky together. Know more about Rachel's parents, Rick and Ann's past marital relationship.
Image: Rachel Moranis's father Rick Moranis and his wife Ann Belsky 
Source: Daily Mail

Following the sudden death of Ann, Rick decided to quit his acting career to pursue as a full-time caring father for his two children, Ann and Mitchell. Soon after he gets involved in the household works, he left the limelight without saying any words to his fans.

Grew up with her Brother, Mitchell Moranis

Rachel Moranis spent her childhood with her brother, Mitchell Moranis, who was born as Mitchell Derek Frederick Allan Moranis on 7th February 1988. Her brother is now running at the same age, 32 as she is running.

Rachel Moranis and her brother, Mitchell Moranis with her father, Rick Moranis at the premiere of The Nutcracker on 21st November 1993 at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, NY. Do you know the interesting facts about Rachel Moranis?
Photo: Rachel Moranis and her brother, Mitchell Moranis holding her father, Rick Moranis 
Source: Getty Images

Talking about Mitchell's professional career, he is a multi-talented personality who can do both acting and sing as well as performing stand-up comedy. 


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