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Mon Oct 21 2019
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After gaining so much fame and money, some celebrities throw that away by doing something that no one expects of them. Such is a TV personality, Chip Hailstone, who found himself on the wrong side of the law some years back. 

Many of the fans know him from the National Geographic show Life Below Zero, where he features alongside his whole family. To know more facts about his life, keep reading.

He Serves in Prison!

Chip found himself behind bars for a case that dates back to 2011. The hearing of the incident took place in 2016, in which he faced a charge of three years in probation.

Chip Hailstone with his wife Agnes Hailstone holding a hunting weapon in his hand
Image: Chip Hailstone (left) with his wife Agnes Hailstone (right). 
Source: liverampup

Because of this, many fans of the show could not find him the episodes of Life Below Zero that year. According to police officers, Hailstone was charged with two counts of perjury, which led him to serve three years in probation.

What's The Reason For Being Behind The Bars?

In 2011, one police officer from Alaska State Trooper Christopher Bitz thrashed Chip's daughter Tinmiaq Hailstone. According to Chip, the police officer physically assaulted Tinmiaq, who was just seventeen years old at the time. Christopher kept his daughter in a hold where he assaulted her.

The story, however, is entirely different. Chip's step-son and his daughter Tinmiaq got involved in a brutal fight with weapons lying around them. The troopers calmed the situation and arrested some people involved in the battle. During the interrogation after the battle, Tinmiaq was confronted because the officer felt that she was about to abuse him physically. 

Chip Hailstone with his whole family posing with guns for hunting
Picture: Chip Hailstone (right in the front) with his whole family. 
Source: Affair Post

At the time, he filed for a restraining order against the Alaska State Trooper, but he lost the case, which threw him in jail. He is currently in a Correctional facility in Alaska, serving his time.

Chip Hailstone is a Married Man

Hailstone moved from Montana to Alaska, where he found the love of his life. The TV personality and his then-girlfriend Agnes Hailstone dated for an extended period. During the time, Agnes was moving on from her first marriage.

Chip tied the knot with Agnes, who is an Alaskan woman. The wedding took place in a private ceremony where only a few loved ones arrived. They live in a small town of Noorvik, where the total population is only 700. 

Chip Hailstone kissing his wife Agnes Hailstone on the cheek during the Life Below Zero show
Frame: Chip Hailstone (left) with his wife Agnes Hailstone (right). 
Source: Distractify

Before her marriage with Chip, Agnes was in a marital relationship with Carter, with whom she has two sons, Douglas Hailstone and Jon Hailstone. On the other hand, there are no details about Chip's previous relationship. 

From the marriage, Chip welcomed five daughters with his wife. Tinmiaq Hailstone, Iriqtaq Hailstone, Mary Hailstone, Carolina Hailstone, and Quran Hailstone all join their parents on the show. 

Millionaire from the Survival Show

The whole family of Chip Hailstone features in a National Geographic show Life Below Zero. From the show, the entire family receives around $1 million as a salary as per online reports.

There is, however, no exact amount depicting the Hailstone's family wealth, but Chip Hailstone has a net worth of $200,000 as per online sources. If we compare to another Alaskan reality star Snowbird Brown, his wealth is similar to Brown. The net worth of $200,000 is still less than other reality TV star Chad Hiltz who has a net worth of $800,000

Excluding the individual wealth and combining the whole family's net worth, then the Hailstone brood's assets is in millions of dollars.

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