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Tue Nov 12 2019
By   Bibek

AVON's Latina Model of the year, Mikki Padilla, is the woman with many talents. Her career as an actress, model, writer, and author showcases her multiple talents. 

Are you're wondering if you could ask her out on a date? For real, any guys would want to date her but not quite sure if she's in a relationship already or not. Well, guys, the 45-year-old actress loves to keep her fans guessing about her relationship status. For more facts about her, continue reading the article.

Is the Blind Date girl Secretly Married?

Besides her incredible movies, her popularity also soared in American households because of her TV commercial. One of her popular ads is the Toll roads advertise where she waits for her boyfriend while he is stuck in traffic.

YouTube: Mikki Padilla- Blind Date Commercial


But does she have a boyfriend in real life? Well, guys, Mikki loves to stay tight-lipped when it comes to discussing her relationship status in public. There are many rumors about her secretly getting married to her lover, but so far, there is no mention of this from the actress herself.

As there are only rumors not details about her life-partner, many of her fans are very curious to know about her love life. The 45-year-old, however, is not a fan of revealing secrets, so it is not easy to precisely say if she's married or not.

She would've been an Athlete if not for Modeling

Born on May 27, 1974, to her German-American mother and Spanish-American father, Mikki grew up playing a lot of sports in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Padilla started getting involved in sports right from the age of five.

God is gracious to Mikki as she's received the knack for many things. Mikki played baseball, basketball, swimming, and fast-pitch softball very good. Despite being a fantastic athlete, modeling career started influencing her while she was in college.

Mikki Padilla posing for a magazine
Image: Mikki Padilla during her modeling career. 
Source: Puzzups

Padilla moved to Los Angeles, where she found the opportunities to follow her dream. If it were not for the modeling and acting, Mikki would've been a great athlete. It's a loss for the sports industry but a win for the entertainment industry. Whatever it is, Mikki worked hard and made a right name for herself.

Mikki enjoys $300,000 Net Worth

In her more than two-decades-long careers, Mikki was able to garner around $300,000 in her net worth. From many online sources, we found her average earning for movies was about $50,000 to $100,000.

Some of her notable works include The Deviants, Pool Party, Contact Point, and many more. In addition to her films, Mikki's roles in TV shows like Two and a Half Men, The Young and the Restless, and co-hosting Catch 21 also contributed to her wealth. As per Glassdoor.com, an average income for TV stars is around $15,000 to $35,000.

Mikki Padilla during the promotion of GSN's Catch 21
Picture: Mikki Padilla at the promotion of Catch 21. 
Source: Liverampup

During her two-decades-long careers, Padilla appeared alongside Pauley Perrette, Charlie Sheen, Sasha Calle, and, Mark Harmon, to name a few. As of now, she is an author. Padilla wrote books like Love Art (2017), Love Art: Poetic Storytelling (2016), and Been there done that...Now Doing More! (2013). 

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