Fact You Should Know About Natalie Solis, Fox4 Journalist

Wed Nov 20 2019
By   Bibek

Story telling is a big part in Journalism and Natalie Solis is quite an expert in that. During her career, her reports on immigration and cultural issues has certainly raised some awareness among her viewers.

Her smile is one of the most attractive feature and many men are sure to fall in love with that. Scrolling through her Instagram, we can tell that apart from Journalism, she loves to travel. Her visit to exotic destination and recent Jungle safari also pays compliment to her adventurous personality. In this article, let's try to know more about the terrific reporter.

Natalie Finally said, 'I Do'

Solis is very discreet about her personal life. She knows how to keep her private life, especially her relationship status hidden from the people. Maybe that's why, when we opened her Instagram, we're quite surprised to see pictures of her exchanging wedding vows with her lover.

Yes, you read it right, guys. The Fox 4 reporter walked down the aisle with her lover the Sports Broadcaster Craig Miller on November 4, 2019, as per her Instagram posts. In the lovely pictures, we can see her in a beautiful wedding gown holding hands of Miller who arrived in his dashing black suit. 

Natalie Solis and Craig Miller exchanging wedding vows with each other at the wedding
Image: Natalie Solis (left) and Craig Miller (right) getting married. 
Source: Instagram @fox4natalie

The couple shared this big day with their loved ones in an intimate ceremony; as the wedding came as a surprise to many of her fans. According to some of her die-hard fans, they suspected Miller to be her lover only because of his 99 percent of likes on Solis's Instagram posts.

The pair is still keeping it a secret as there are not much details about the wedding. Natalie's Instagram has only one pictures of the ceremony with a caption saying " Best day of my life. Pure Magic".

Not So Straight Path in Journalism

During her childhood, her uncle played an inspirational figure in choosing her professional career. Following her Uncle's career, Solis chose to work in the journalism industry.

Natalie Solis working at her desk in the Fox 4 Newsroom
Frame: Natalie Solis at Fox 4 Newsroom. 
Source: Instagram @fox4natalie

After graduating, Natalie took the vital step in pursuing her dream. She started her work at NBC News but in just some time, she left her job because of commitment issues. For some time after that, Natalie packed her bags and traveled to all the destinations that she always wanted to.

Coming back from her adventure, Solis moved to New Jersey where she found a reporting gig at a small station. Then, she joined Fox4 News where she worked alongside journalists like Ali Turiano, Heather Hays, and Jenny Anchondo to name a few. She is still serving at the station.

Family Time is very Important

During her young age, Natalie made a decision to travel the world. Following that decision, Solis packed her bags and made her way from the traversed Jungles of Costa Rica to riding Camels in Morocco.

Natalie Solis enjoying her African Jungle Safari in Mala Mala Game Reserve
Picture: Natalie Solis in a Jungle Safari in Africa. 
Source: Instagram @fox4natalie 

Along the way, however, Natalie missed her family as she often stayed away from them. Now, scrolling through her Instagram, we can find her spending a lot of quality time with her family. She is very fond of her nephews and the pictures of her certainly justify that amazing bond with her nephews.

With learning so much from her experience, Natalie now provides some profound experience to newbies. In an interview, she said, every day is an adventure but the only difference now is the greater responsibility of Journalism.

Natalie Solis spending time with her nephew
Frame: Natalie Solis with her nephew. 
Source: Instagram @fox4natalie


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