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Wed May 06 2020
By   Bibek

The swift rise to fame after a Catfish Controversy, Paris Dylan is discussed among people a lot. Not just her Catfish Controversy, her relationship with American Pie singer Don McLean is also the talk of the town.

After the confirmation of their romance, the couple is spotted in various exotic destinations. They confirmed their love for the world in front of a Eiffel Tower in Paris. The duo often shares pictures of their comfortable life.

In the article below, however, we're going to talk about some facts of their relationship and also Paris's Career.

Age is Just a Number

The saying, 'age is just a number' is very much justified in this romantic affair of Paris and Don. Paris Dylan and Don McLean have a considerable age gap of 48 years. Considering the age, Dylan is very young, so much so that she is young enough to be Don's granddaughter.

Collage of Photos of Paris Dylan and Don McLean traveling to Europe Together
Image: Don McLean and Paris Dylan together 
Source: The Sun

The relationship between the couple started from Paris being a superfan of McLean. In the beginning, Don hired Dylan to manage his social media, during which he fell in love with her. Since confirming their affair in 2016, the duo has posted several photos of their Europe trip. 

Before the relationship, Don was married twice and is also a father of two children who are older than Dylan.

'Not Spending a Fortune on my Girlfriend', Don McLean

Seeing such a vast age gap, many people even criticized Paris for being Gold Digger. But in 2019, the American Pie singer hits out to the critics of his partner.

The duo faced some untrue gossips and claims, diminishing their romantic life. In an interview, he said,

"I get gossiped about, me and my girlfriend. There have been these ridiculous stories lately about the two of us and how she's a gold digger and I'm all this stuff".

Referring to spending his fortune on his girlfriend, Don said, his partner has, in fact, helped him to make money. While there are pictures of the duo in so many different cities, McLean's done a concert in those cities, and Paris is helping the singer in doing all these things.

Paris Dylan and The Catfish Controversy

When she was just seventeen, the former playboy model, became part of the catfish scandal. Not just her, but NBA Player Chris Andersen also became victim to the controversy. Both kept interacting via social media and even shared some sensitive information.

Paris Dylan, Chris Andersen, and Shelly Lynn Chartier after the Catfish Scandal
Frame: Shelly Lynn Chartier (right), Paris Dylan (left on top), and Chris Andersen (bottom on below) 
Source: Fanbuzz 

During the interaction, they shared nude pictures of each other. After a while, a message from Chris went to Dylan, threatening to murder her, which lead to the police investigation.

Upon investigation, it was found that both of them were talking to a different person by the name of Shelly Lynn Chartier. She created a fake account and started talking to both Paris and Chris, hoping to blackmail the NBA Player. Shelly was found guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.


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