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Thu Nov 21 2019
By   Cooper

The viewers of The Weather Channel has reasons to be excited this year. Mostly due to the addition of the South Florida Meteorologist, Felicia Combs. Not just her reporting, but her overall personality and attractive looks are also a draw for many viewers.

The thirty-years-old reporter is very enjoyable in most of her social media posts. When it comes to her love life, she posts satirical messages which get most of her followers confused about her relationship status. Is she single or married or casually dating? If you want to know the answer to this question, then read along.

Felicia, "I have the most special Valentine."

The Weather Channel Meteorologist gives clues on her Social media about her relationship status. Felicia confused a lot of people when she re-tweeted in 2018 about her valentine.

Felicia Combs spending her evening with her friends
Frame: Felicia Combs (in the middle) with her friends. 
Source: Instagram @feliciacombs_

Combs was replying to the question asked by one of her fans. A fan asked if she has a special someone on Valentine's day. To answer the question, Felicia chose the vaguest reply ever. She re-tweeted,

"I have the most special Valentine".

The tweet sends shock waves to the internet, and people were discussing her mystery boyfriend. 

Is she Married or Dating?

Felicia, despite all the sarcastic posts on her social media, she is single. In most of her recent posts, Felicia confirms being single in her relationship. So' if you were speculating about whether or not she is married, well the confusion should be over by now. 

In her July 2018 tweet as well, she clearly states being single and not ready to settle down yet. As she joined The Weather Channel, some five to six months back, Combs might settle down now as she's made her dream come true to work for the channel.

Felicia Combs new born nephew and her caption stating her as single
Picture: Felicia Combs Nephew and her caption stating her as single. 
Source: Instagram @feliciacombs_

Not just that, in her nephew's picture she shared on her Instagram, she mentioned the nephew's aunt being single. Many comments followed her caption which talked about the cute baby as well as men stating themselves single to date her.

The Journey to The Weather Channel

In June of 2019, Felicia made her move from the South of Florida to The Weather Channel. Just like her colleague at WPTV Kait Parker, Combs followed her footsteps to work with the likes of Maria LaRosa at The Weather Channel.

Before joining TWC, Combs started her career at WGXA as a weather anchor. After gaining experience for two and a half years, she moved to KY3 in Missouri. With so much experience in her bag, Combs received the seal of approval from the National Weather Association.

Felicia Combs with her colleagues at The Weather Channel
Image: Felicia Combs (left) with her colleagues at The Weather Channel. 
Source: Facebook @feliciacombsweather

After joining WPTV, Felicia started to get more attention from the viewers. Her style of reporting and expert weather updates made her fan favorite in no time. According to Glassdoor.com, she earns an average salary of $52,000 annually.

Felicia Whole30 diet to Lose Weight

Previously, due to her unhealthy eating habits, she gained a lot of weight. In 2016, however, Combs decided to be more healthy and restore proper metabolism.

She started to follow the Whole30 diet plan, which helped her tremendously. It is a nutrition reset ending an unhealthy eating habit and helps to balance the immune system. You can see the difference in before and after pictures. 

Felicia Combs in her before and after picture after taking the Whole 30 diet plan
Frame: Felicia Combs in her before (left) and after (right) picture. 
Source: Hollywood Mask 

So, if you were looking for the secret to her fantastic body, we just broke it to you. 


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