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Lawyer, businessman (1979)
Tue Sep 19 2023
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Fernando Schoenwald is a celebrity spouse popularly known for being the husband of Mexican soap opera actress Barbara De Regil. Barbara has done amazing performances on Blackout, Rosario Tijeras, and so on.

Besides enjoying fame as an actress husband, Fernando is also a social media influencer, lawyer, and businessman. Let's discuss Schoenwald alongside many interesting facts relating to his life.

Barbara De Regil Spouse: Peek Into Fernando Schoenwald's Married Life

Fernando Schoenwald has been Barbara De Regil's husband since March 14, 2017. Yes, the social media influencer married the Blackout actress in an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by their close friends and families.

Fernando Schoenwald and Barbara De Regil's wedding picture.
Fernando Schoenwald and Barbara De Regil's wedding picture. Source: Instagram @ferschoenwald

Prior to the wedding, Fernando and Barbara dated for three years just like Shawn Wayans's parents. Yes, the unbreakable love birds started dating on September 5, 2014. Unlike most celebrities, the Blackout actress and her spouse do not shy away from flaunting their blissful nuptials on social media.

Most of the picture on Fernando's instagram is of him with his wife Barbara. It is evident that the romantic pair is stuck together with the love that is working like glue in their relationship.

Once Regil mentioned that 13 days is the maximum time that she had stayed away from her husband Fernando after marriage. The Mexican actress said that it felt like a month.

Does Fernando Schoenwald & Barbara De Regil Have Children?

No, Fernando Schoenwald and Barbara De Regil do not share a child together despite nuptials of more than five years. Nevertheless, the husband and wife duo parents Mar De Regil together. Actually, Mar is Barbara's daughter from her former relationship. 

The Blackout actress welcomed her only daughter in the year 2004, at the age of 16. Who is the father of Mar De Regil? well, the Mexican star has been secretive of him. Mar's biological father left both of them and the Regil had to raise her daughter on her own.

Mar De Regil with her boyfriend.
Mar De Regil with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram @marderegil_

Now that Barbara is married to Fernando who has adopted her daughter, Mar could get a father figure she never had. Regil's daughter is an aspiring fashion designer and is currently in a relationship with a guy whom she proudly shares on her social media.

Speaking of social media, Mar is quite popular in it. She has already amassed 3M followers on Instagram with a user id@marderegil_. Likewise, she has 8.1M followers on TikTok too.

Fernando Schoenwald Net Worth & Lifestyle

Well, Fernando Schoenwald is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $5 Million similar to Brice Bexter. His financial prowess comes from his successful professional life as a lawyer, real estate developer, and owner of Loving It, a protein-making company.

Fernando Schoenwald lives a rich lifestyle.
Fernando Schoenwald lives a rich lifestyle. Source: Instagram @ferschoenwald

Additionally, Schoenwald is an Instagram star and must make some extra money to increase the amount in his bank account with it. As a real estate developer, Fernando must have invested some fortune in them however, he has not disclosed it to the public.

Barbara de Regil, on the other hand once mentioned about about investing in Cocay Tulum, a real estate development project in Tulum, Mexico. Other than this, Fernando's wife who has $1 Million as a net worth has not talked about the home and other valuable belongings.

Looking at Fernando's social media platform, he lives quite a lavish lifestyle. Going to a beautiful destination and having fun doing activities like cruising and Jet skiing, shows their richness.

Barbara De Regil Movies & TV Shows

Starting from 2011, the Mexican actress Barbara De Regil has 19 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Some of her movies and TV shows are as follows:

TitleRelease Date
Tiempos Felices (movie)2014
Rosario Tijeras (TV show)2016
Parientes a la Fuerza (TV show)2021
Blackout (movie)2022
MexZombies (movie)2022

Fernando Schoenwald Bio: Age, Parents & Early Life

How old is Barbara De Regil's husband? Fernando Schoenwald is currently in his mid-forties in terms of age. He was born on June 26, 1979 in Mexico. Schoenwald has a Cuban ethnicity.

Fernando Schoenwald with his wife Barbara De Regil.
Fernando Schoenwald with his wife Barbara De Regil. Source: Instagram @ferschoenwald

Fernando has not disturbed his parent's personal life by disclosing their identity. As a lawyer who specializes in real estate, Schoenwald must have gone to a good law school for his education.

While Barbara's husband has not revealed his parent's identity, the Mexican actress has been open about it. She is the daughter of Barbara Alfaro and Guillermo Alejandro de Regil Camet. Born on June 5, 1987, Regil is 8 years younger than her spouse Fernando.

Fernando Schoenwald Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

As mentioned above, Fernando Schoenwald is the CEO of Loving it, which posts videos and posts related to recipes for healthy food, workouts, and diets. Barbara De Regil's husband not only talks about healthy living but he also follows it.

172cm tall Fernando Schoenwald towers over his 163 cm tall wife Barbara De Regil
172cm tall Fernando Schoenwald towers over his 163 cm tall wife Barbara De Regil. Source: Instagram @ferschoenwald

Therefore, Fernando has a well-defined and healthy physical appearance. Speaking of which, Schoenwald stands at a towering 5 feet 8 inches i.e. 172 cm in height and clearly towers above his 163 cm tall wife Barbara. Similarly, he weighs around 71.6 kg.

Spouse of Blackout actress, Regil opts for a US size 14 dress, and his footwear fits snugly at 6.5 US or 4.5 UK. In addition to this, Fernando has hazel eyes and medium-length black hair which further enhances his captivating looks. 

Like husband and wife, the Mexican soap actress, Regil, is quite a fitness enthusiast and model herself. She has a slim figure and is not shy to flaunt her amazing body on social media.

Is Fernando Schoenwald Active On Social Media?

Yes, Barbara De Regil's love life, Fernando Schoenwald is quite active on social media. In fact, he is a social media influencer with over 500k followers on Instagram with the username @ferschoenwald.

Most of the post on Schoenwald's instagram shows his romantic life with his wife. It also shows a glimpse of his personal life and friends' details. Besides his own instagram account, another favorite place to appear for Fernando is on Mar De Regil's social media.

The businessman and real estate developer, Fernando sometimes makes an appearance on his adopted daughter Mar's TikTok. Clearly, the bonding between the father and daughter duo is pretty good.



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