Finnigan Holden McCormack

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Thu Mar 10 2022
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Finnigan Holden McCormack is the son of famous Personality, Eric McCormack. The star kid Holden McCormack is the single child of his parents. 

Finnigan Holden was born on July 1, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His horoscope sign is Cancer. He is also known as the son of Will Truman, and He came in a highlight due to his father's fame.

McCormack's Family

McCormack's father's name is Eric McCormack and his mother's name is Janet Holden.

Photo of Eric James McCormack with wife Janet Holden And son Finnigan Holden McCormack
Photo of Eric James McCormack with wife Janet Holden And son Finnigan Holden McCormack ([email protected]_mccormack)

There are no siblings of Finnigan and he is the single son of Eric and Janet.


The information about McCormack's education is undisclosed. About his school and college information are private due to his lifestyle. 

Relationship Status Of Finnigan

Finnigan is living a private lifestyle he doesn't want to come in limelight so, his relationship status information is undisclosed.

Hobbies and Pasion of Finnigan

The Celebrity kid is living a wealthy lifestyle but he is not interested in his father's and mother's fame and money. In one interview his father Eric said his son is very different and not interested in acting and singing but he is independent and hardworking.

There are only a few official news about Finnigan, due to his private lifestyle the information about his personal and professional life is undisclosed.

About Eric James McCormack 

Eric McCormack was born on 18 April 1963, in Toronto, Canada. He is an internationally famous Canadian actor and singer also known as Will Truman. Previously, he was a Canadian but in 1999 he get PR of the United States, and now he holds both Canadian and US citizenship.

Truman is a married man and his wife's name is Janet Holden. They both met each other on the set of Lonesome Dove and after that, they got together in 1997. The couple had a son named Finnigan born in 2002. 

Eric's Wife Janet Holden

Janet Holden was born in the Edmonton city of Canada. She is a successful woman and looks after her own filmmaking business. She is also known as the wife of famous star Eric James McCormack and her son's name is Finnigan McCormack.

About her other Private life, all the information is undisclosed.

Networth Of James McCormack

James is an internationally famous actor and singer in Canada and the USA. He has earned more respect, love, support, and money. Being a celebrity he earns from many sources like sponsorship, business, and investments. 

The approximate Net Worth of Eric James McCormack is $20 million. His main source of income is from his acting and singing.

Is Finnigan Patient Of Cancer?

Finnigan is a healthy boy and he is not suffering from any sort of illness and Cancer. But his grandfather and grandmother were the victims of Cancer. 

Eric once said in an interview that his father was the victim of Prostate Cancer and his mother suffered from Breast Cancer and later she died due to Bladder Cancer.

Relation Between Eric And Finnigan

Finnigan is the only child of Eric and is famous because of his fame but Finnigan doesn't want fame like his father, he is not interested in following his father's foot-step.

Living the private lifestyle and not wanting fame Finnigan is an indifferent path rather than what his father wants but also the relationship between them is very good they both love each other.

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