Inside to The Married Life of Fran Kranz and Spencer Margaret Richmond

Sun Jan 23 2022
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Francis Elliott Kranz (Fran Kranz) married his long-time girlfriend and is now living happily with his wife and children. The Death of a Salesman actor has not revealed how he mate his better half yet to the public.

Nevertheless, the wedded pair probably met in a film set. Both of the actors kept their love lives hidden and got engaged privately.


Donnie Darko Fran Kranz actor is a married and proud father of two little daughters.

Fran Kranz in a black dress.
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Kranz wedded his long-term girlfriend Spencer Margaret Richmond. In his past life, he may have dated others but has not disclosed it.

When did Kranz Marry?

Harvard Westlake School's notable alumnus Kranz married American actress Spencer Margaret Richmond on 15 August 2015. 

Fran Kranz smiling with his wife Spencer Margaret Richmond.
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This Hollywood couple married secretly unlike any other celebrities. Only a few of their relatives were present at their wedding ceremony.

Kranz's Past Relationships

There are no traces regarding the dating history of The Dark Tower star. He was probably single until he came across his sweetheart.

More, the Mass actor does not have girlfriends yet. Instead, Kranz has a strong bond with Richmond.

Divorce Rumors of Fran Kranz

Dollhouse star has no divorce rumors nor does he fear any such thing. He has got a caring wife and affectionate daughters.

Heretofore, Deja Vu actress is not in any hardships and misunderstandings with her husband.


Actor Fran Kranz has two daughters: Beatrice Kranz and Olivia Rose Kranz, Beatrice (Bea) being the eldest. Bea was born on 17 September 2016.

Fran Kranz's daughter with her mother and grandmother.
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After three years, they were blessed with their second daughter, Olivia in April 2019. The love birds are cherishing five years of a successful marriage.

Who is Spencer Margaret Richmond?

The Intimate Portrait actress was born on 4 December 1985 in LA, California. She is known for her plays in Charlie's Angels from 1976 through 1981.

Nightkill actress is the daughter of Jaclyn Smith (actress of Charlie's Angels) and Anthony B. Richmond. Further, her grandmother Kate Jackson was also an actress.

Extra-marital Affairs of Kranz

There have not been traced any such affairs of Kranz. Neither, the Death of a Salesman (2012) actor has been rumored for any controversies.

The actor of You Can't Take It with You (2014) loves his family and is closely linked to his children. Hence, there is no chance that he will make any extramarital relationships.

Onscreen Relationships of Kranz

Luckily, the Mojave actor has got one onscreen couple. He got famous with his co-star Jilian Morgese. Kranz and Morgese played together in Much Ado About Nothing, a TV show in 2012.

Since then, there have been no onscreen matchups to Fran Kranz. 

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