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Wed Jul 12 2023
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Frances Yarborough was an actress and the wife of the late actor Don Knotts. She was the last of the three wives of the actor and was her wife when he died at eighty-one. His two previous wives were Loralee Czuchna and Kathryn Metz

Knotts was a legendary actor famously known for his role as Sheriff Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show. His other recognizable works include It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Three's Company. Frances's husband Don's estimated net worth at the time of his death was $20 Million.

Frances Yarborough: Wife Of Don Knotts At The Time Of His Death

Frances Yarborough was the wife of Don Knotts until he passed away on February 24, 2006. The two had exchanged their wedding vows in 2002

The late Yarborough had known her husband since the 80s. But Frances and her departed husband took their time before taking their relationship to the next level.

Frances Yarborough has her hands on Don Knotts shoulder as she is looking at him.
Frances Yarborough and her late husband, Don Knotts (Source: Wide Open Country)

There are no records of Yarborough getting into a relationship with anyone post the death of her husband. It is believed that she celibate post the death of Three's Company actor but there's not enough information available to confirm this speculation.

Don Knotts And His Wife's Net Worth At The Time Of Their Passing

Frances Yarborough's estimated net worth at the time of her passing was $1 Million. Whereas, her husband, Don Knotts estimated net worth was $20 Million, similar to tennis player, Victoria Azarenka.

Knotts wife has a bit of an acting experience in the past with The Electric Chair which helped her to earn some money. Besides that, she served the government as a secretary. These were her income sources.

Yarborough's husband made most of his money by working as an actor. His film Cannonball Run II made $28.1 Million at the box office. His roles as Barney Fife and Ralph Furley also made him a lot of money. 

Regarding estate, Knotts's old house in Glendale was valued at $1.295 Million at one point.

Who Are Frances Yarborough's Two-Step Kids? 

Yarborough and Knotts didn't have any kids. However, Knotts did have kids from his first marriage. He has a son named Thomas Knotts and a daughter named Karen Knotts

Yarborough's stepson Thomas was born on February 2, 1957, and is the biological son of Kathryn. He has preferred to have a life outside limelight and hasn't disclosed much about himself.

Karen Knotts is wearing a green dress and Don Knotts is wearing a grey suit and a cap.
Frances Yarborough's late husband, Don Knotts, and her stepdaughter, Karen Knotts (Source: Urbana Daily Citizen)

On the other hand, stepdaughter Karen works as a comedian like her father. She is Knott's oldest child having been born on April 2, 1954. Besides performing on stage, she is also an author.

Karen has written a book called Tied Up in Knotts, as an homage to her late father. She has also done some acting with works like One of Our Own, One Day at a Time, and Eight Is Enough.

About Yarborough's Parents And Sister

Knott's wife, Frances Yarborough was the daughter of Cecil Yarborough and Emmie Tippet Yarborough. And, she was the only daughter in the Yarborough family as she also has a sister named Jean Yarborough

Like Yarborough, her parents Cecil and Emmie lived a quiet life and never disclosed anything about themselves. So, what her parents did for a living is still a mystery. 

However, Cecil and Emmie did live in Georgia where their daughter Yarborough grew up. The information on her sister's whereabouts has also been kept under wraps.

The Death of Yarborough's Husband, Don Knotts

Frances Yarborough's husband, Don Knotts said goodbye to this world on February 24, 2006, at the age of 81. He was pronounced dead in Los Angeles, California at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre.

Don Knotts is resting his head on his hand.
Frances Yarborough's late husband, Don Knotts in a photo shoot (Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

The reason behind The Andy Griffin Show's actor Don's death was complications in breathing as a result of pneumonia. Los Angeles Times has reported his manager Sherwin Bash saying that he died of lung cancer. 

How Did Frances Yarborough Die?

Yarborough had a peaceful death as she passed away due to natural causes, unlike her husband, Knotts. She lived around seven years more than her husband and five years more than his age as she died at the age of 86 on October 28, 2013.

The former actress Yarborough lived a very quiet life post the death of her husband. The death had a huge effect on her life as she didn't engage with any other man post the death of the Fatherhood actress. 

In addition, Yarborough also didn't have any kids with Knotts. However, it's not the case with her comedian husband because he is the father of two kids. 

Knotts Had Other Wives In The Past

Yarborough only ever engaged in a married relationship with the Matlock actor. However, her husband Knotts had already experienced married life two times before. He was previously married to Kathryn Elaine Metz and Loralee Czuncha.

Loralee Czuncha is holding the flower while Don Knotts has kept it in his ear.
Don Knotts with his ex-wife, Loralee Czuncha (Source: Ned Hardy)

Kathryn was Knotts's first partner as they were husband and wife from December 27, 1947, and March 17, 1966. Yarborough's husband found love for the second time, eight years later with Loralee from October 12, 1974, till 1989. It remains to be discovered if these two are alive or not.

Yarborough's Father-In-Law Suffered From Schizophrenia

Frances Yarborough's husband, Knotts grew up in an abusive family. His father, William Jesse Knotts was not the best of fathers and he also suffered from Schizophrenia. 

William was a farmer by profession and abusive towards his son. He would often be drunk and assault Knotts. Pleasantville actor's IMDb page has mentioned that his father also threatened his mother, Elsie Knotts with a knife. 

Unfortunately, Yarborough never got to see her father-in-law as he had passed away when her husband was only 13.

About Yarborough's Late Husband, Don Knotts

Don Knotts was a classic actor who made a name for himself through his humor. The late actor became a household name after playing the role of Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife in the now-classic TV Series, The Andy Griffith Show.

The Andy Griffith Show also featured actress, Arlene Golonka.

Yarborough's husband's role as Barney landed him the prestigious Primetime Emmy on five separate occasions. He won all five of those awards for Outstanding performance in the supporting role category in 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, and 1967. 

Besides, The Andy Griffin Show, Knotts's role as Ralph Furley from Three's Company is also pretty popular. He had one of the longest careers in Hollywood, starting in 1951 with Search for Tomorrow, all the way to Air Buddies in 2006, the year he passed away.


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