Frankie Iglesias

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Being Born to a rich and reputed family always gives oneself a lot more opportunities. Frankie Iglesias follows the same path. Frankie is known as the stepson of famous American actor and comedian, Gabriel Iglesias

Frankie Iglesias was born on December 8, 1997, in the United States. Frankie was born as the son of Claudia Valdez and her former partner. Frankie's biological mother, Claudia Valdez, is a well-known American actress. Frankie is living with his stepfather, Gabriel Iglesias. He has a Master of Science degree and is the first person in his household to be graduated.

Relationship Status of Frankie Iglesias

The Internet has become a backbone for the people of the twenty-first century. We can get to know about everything just by connecting ourselves with the Internet. Following the Information available on the Internet, we can be sure that Frankie Iglesias is currently single.

Frankie Iglesias and his friend Alexa. Source: Instagram @frankieiglesiasx

Although Frankie has lots of female friends, he is not in a relationship with any of them. He is currently focusing on building a career rather than his dating life. He is living a happy life with his parents. His parents are very much supportive of his future.

The Mystery of Frankie's Biological Father

Although Frankie is currently single, his parents have seen many ups and downs in their relationships. Frankie's Biological mother, Claudia Valdez, gave birth to Frankie with her former boyfriend.

Frankie Iglesias  Father
Image: American Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias along with his stepson. Frankie Iglesias share a photo together
Source: TV Star


Claudia rose to fame only after her successful career as an actress and through her relationship with Gabriel. Much about her relationships is not shared with the media.

Gabriel and Claudia started dating formally by the end of 2008. The two are living in a relationship. The exact information about how and when did they first meet is not known. After since, the two are living happily, although there have been many ups and downs in these relationships too.

Gabriel Iglesias with his partner
Image: Frankie Iglesias, Biological mother, Claudia with her partner, Gabriel Iglesias 
Source: Tv Star

Gabriel adopted Frankie soon after he started dating, Claudia. Gabriel treats Frankie as his own son. Gabriel is very much supportive of his son. The fans are eagerly waiting for the love birds to tie the knot soon. Gabriel tweeted that he won’t have another child in the future, stating that Frankie will be his only child.

How Rich is Frankie Iglesias & his Family?

Frankie Iglesias is currently not involved in any kind of economic activity, reportedly. However, he lives a comfortable lifestyle. Frankie is seen wearing fancy clothes, going to different destinations, and so on.

Like the kids of the reputed family, Layden Mcgrady, and Dwayne Carter III, Frankie is living a happy and beautiful life through his parent's successful careers. Frankie is living in the Whittier. 

Drive Thru oice- Gabriel Iglesias- YouTube

Frankie's Step-Father Gabriel Iglesias has a staggering net worth of $40 Million. He has accumulated most of his wealth through his successful career of working as a stand-up comedian. He has been working in the industry for more than two-decade. In 2018, Gabriel was the highest-paid comedian earning close to $21 Million. 

Gabriel bought a beautiful Mansion for $1.4 Million in 2006. He is obsessed with Volkswagen buses to the point where he has a collection that is worth $3 Million. His mother, Claudia has also accumulated some good amount through her acting career of a short time. 


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