Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone

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Sun Sep 03 2023
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Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone is the youngest son of The Big Bang Theory cast Mayim Bialik. He came to highlight after people alleged Bialik's son had Down Syndrome.

Does Frederick really have any disorder or is it just a false rumor? Unravel it as we explore the enigmatic life of Mayim's second child.

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone Age & Birthday

Mayim Bialik welcomed her youngest son Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone on August 15, 2008. It was just two years before his mother Bialik joined the cast of the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Mayim Bialik with her youngest son Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone.
Mayim Bialik with her youngest son Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone. Source: Pinterest

An interesting story about the birth of Frederick is that he was born at home. He was delivered at home naturally and it was birth in the caul meaning Mayim welcomed her youngest son without the water breaking.

As of now, Frederick is a young boy and is being homeschooled. Frederick's name finds its roots in the German name Friedrich, signifying a peaceful ruler. Likewise, Heschel's middle name, of Yiddish descent, conveys the meaning of deer.

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone Was Raised In An Unconventional Ways

Mayim Bialik has been in the limelight for her unconventional parenting skills. She has been keeping her children away from the TV. As per the Big Bang Theory actress, her children only watch TV at their father's house and that too only selected programs.

But, what is bizarre in Mayim's parenting choices is her unusual approach to raising Frederick and his siblings. For instance extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping with their sons in their early days, and keeping them on a vegan diet. 

Mayim Bialik's book on parenting guide.
Mayim Bialik's book on parenting guide. Source: The US Sun

Not only this but the Big Bang Theory actress has kept her sons away from regular diapers. Yes, Frederick wore clothes and diapers and had already learned to say Potty by the time he was 12 months old. 

Frederick and his older brother grew up avoiding the word "Please" or "Thank you". Mayim wanted her children to avoid these words. Nevertheless, they say it now on some occasions. It has all been mentioned in Bialiks' book Beyond The Slings.

The Truth Behind Down Syndrome Of Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone

Is Mayim Bialiks' youngest son Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone dealing with Down syndrome? People are extensively making the search to know if Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone has Down syndrome or not.

Mayim Bialik's two sons Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone and Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone.
Mayim Bialik's two sons Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone and Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone. Source: Featured Biography

Let us break it to you, The Big Bang Theory actress's youngest son is not suffering from Down Syndrome. It is actually a false rumor which spreads like wildfire.

It actually started when people started noticing that Frederick looked like a child with Down Syndrome. But later, it was revealed that despite looking like it, Bialik's son is totally normal.

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone Parents Married Life 

Mayim Bialik is no longer together with Michael Stone whom set met at a calculus class while in grad school at UCLA. Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone's parents parted ways when he was just six years old. What was the reason behind the end of August 31, 2003 Victorian-themed wedding?

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone's parent's wedding.
Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone's parent's wedding. Source: Pinterest

Well, it was cited as "irreconcilable differences" in Bialik and Stone's divorce paper. It was reported that Frederick's parent's relationship was on the verge of ending in 2012. 

So, following the divorce, the former couple, Mayim and Michael jointly take care of their children. Although they have personal problems, the ex-pair has not let it affect their children.

Is Mayim Bialik Married Now? 

Let's grab the juicy details of Bialik's current relationship now. In Big Bang Theory Bialik played the romantic interest of Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parson, who is she dating in real life?

Mayim Malik is currently dating Jonathan Cohen.
Mayim Malik is currently dating Jonathan Cohen. Source: Instagram @ missmayim 

Following the divorce from Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone father, Michael Stone, Mayim is now with Jonathan Cohen. Cohen and Bialik first met at a birthday party. Later, the couple reunited in the podcast. And the couple quickly hit off as they have common interests, i.e., mental health and emotional well-being. 

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone Sibling: Know Mayim Bialik's Sons

The celebrity kid Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone has an elder brother named Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone. He was born on October 10, 2005. 

Frederick Heschel Bialik has an older siblings.
Frederick Heschel Bialik has an older sibling. Source: Instagram @shammy.tbbt

Miles and Frederick share an amazing bond. He reached the legal age in 2023. There is no favoritism between the two and both Mayim Bialik and her ex-husband Michael Stone love their two children equally.

Frederick and Miles are rarely spotted in public. Furthermore, Mayim has tried to protect her children's privacy by keeping them out of the prying eyes of the public. 

Is Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone Living A Rich Lifestyle? Insight Mayim Bialik Net Worth

That goes without saying, that Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone is definitely living a rich lifestyle. He belongs to a wealthy family with millionaire parents. 

Mayim Bialik is a millionaire.
Mayim Bialik is a millionaire. Source: Instagram @missmayim

Frederick's parents have a good financial status and speaking of which his celebrity mother Mayim Bialik brags a net worth of $25 Million. Does she get this amount from her acting career alone? 

Well no, despite contributing to Mayim's net worth with a high portion, acting is not the sole income-generating source of Frederick's mother. She also earns as a host, author, and neuroscientist.

During Bialik's The Big Bang Theory days, she used to earn $450,000 per episode. In one season, Mayim used to make $10 Million on average and that's a huge sum of amount. Similarly in 2023, she was making $1 million annually as Jeopardy!'s co-host.

Additionally. Mayim runs a podcast channel with the name Mayim Bialik's Breakdown with her boyfriend. According to Social Blade, she earns in the range of $10.1K to $161.7K per annum from the YouTube ad program only. 

With this massive income, Frederick's mother has acquired some properties under her name. However, the only known house of Bialik is the Studio City house she bought in 2004 for $529,000 in 2004.



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