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Wed Mar 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of gaten matarazzo sr

Wife : Heather Matarazzo
Gaten Matarazzo sr took the wedding vows with Heather Matarazzo.

Gaten Matarazzo Sr. gained celebrity status thanks to his son, Gaten Matarazzo. You all probably know Gaten from the insanely popular show Stranger Things. He played the role of Dustin Henderson in the show.

Gaten Sr. is known to live a very private life. He is married to a woman named Heather Matarazzo. Let's learn a bit about Garten Matarazzo's father.

About Gaten Matarazzo Sr.'s Married Life

Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is married to a woman named Heather Matarazzo. This lovely couple lives a quiet life away from their son's fame. It remains to be known what they do for a living. 

Heather Matarazzo is wearing a black dress and Gaten Matarazzo is wearing a tuxedo.
Gaten Matarazzo Sr.'s wife, Heather Matarazzo, and his son, Gaten Matarazzo (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

Both Gaten Sr. and Heather have been super supportive of their son. Stranger Things actor Gaten has also made a reputation for being one of the nicest and well behave guys in Hollywood. So it is safe to assume both Gaten Sr. and Heather have raised their kids well. Gaten has shared a few pictures of his family on his Insta page.

What Is Gaten Sr.'s Son's Net Worth?

Gaten Matarazzo Sr.'s famous son, Gaten, has an estimated net worth equal to Kat Cunning of $5 Million. Gaten Sr. himself lives a private life and the information on what he does for a living and how much wealth he has remains to be discovered. 

Gaten's wealth greatest credit goes to Netflix's Stranger Things. He was paid around $7 Million for the show. Season four of the show, when it had come out, was also the most-watched English language show at the time, with the show gaining 1.35 billion hours of views in the first 28 days.

Father Of Three

Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is the father of two more kids, along with his famous kid, Gaten. He also has a son Carmen Matarazzo and a daughter Sabrina Matarazzo.

Sabrina is the oldest of the three, having been born on October 15, 1998. The famous one, Gaten, is right in the middle as he was born on September 8, 2002, and the youngest, Carmen, was born on November 10, 2003.

Carmen Matarazzo, Gaten Matarazzo, and Sabrina Matarazzo are posing with a huge blue colored 42 number shape.
Gaten Matarazzo Sr. kids, Carmen Matarazzo (left), Gaten Matarazzo (centre), and Sabrina Matarazzo (Source: Instagram @gatenm123)

Carmen is trying to make a name for himself in the music industry. He is a drummer by profession. His sister, Sabrina, is also trying to become an actor. She hasn't entirely found success like her younger brother Gaten, but she is working hard on it. 

Sabrina was featured in an episode of the show, The Americans. Besides acting, she has also done a few short films and is a singer.

A Brief About Gaten Sr. Whereabouts

Gaten Sr. lives a quiet life and hasn't given much to his private life. But, people believe that he and his wife, Heather, live a low-key life in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. 

Gaten grew up in the same place as his family, which confirms that Gaten Sr. has lived there. But, many people also believe that Gaten parents are still living in the same place, while the Stranger Things, Dustin no longer lives with them and has moved out to live in his apartment.

Before Little Egg Harbor Township, Gaten Sr. and his family also lived for a short period in Mystic. They lived there for two months before moving to where Gaten was raised.

Who Are Gaten Sr.'s Parents?

Gaten Matarazzo Sr., father's name is Gaetano Matarazzo. Like Gaten Sr., his father also lives a tranquil life. And it remains unclear what he used to do back in the day. Also, the information on his mother is not known yet.

Gaetano Matarazzo is showing one, Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is showing two, and Gaten Matarazzo is showing three fingers, suggesting their generation.
Gaten Matarazzo Sr. (right) with his father, Gaetano Matarazzo (middle), and son, Gaten Matarazzo (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

It could be speculated that Gaetano runs a Pizzeria/Ice Cream Parlor as his grandson, Gaten, has posted a picture about the Pizzeria/Ice Cream Parlor on his Insta page. But, it's mere speculation as the Pizzeria could be of his grandparents from his mother's side, David A. Hendrickson and Sandra Martin.

Social Media Presence

Gaten Sr. is present on the internet through his presence on Instagram. His Insta page is @gatenmatarazzojr. His wife, Heather, is also present on the internet through Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @HeatherMataraz2.

Gaten Sr. is known for being a private man and it shows with his social media as his Insta account is private. It's only open to the people that are close to him. Also, his wife's Twitter page has been inactive for a while now. Even his son Gaten, who frequently posts on the platform, hardly has any posts about his parents.

Supportive Of Son Gaten's Acting Career

Gaten Sr. has always encouraged his son, Gaten's decision to become an actor. Not just him but his wife, Heather as well. This is why they supported their son's dream of becoming an actor by getting him into Broadway at a very young age.

Gaten Matarazzo is holding the story as he is sitting on Gaten Matarazzo Sr.'s lap.
Gaten Matarazzo Sr. with young Gaten Matarazzo (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

Gaten first got into acting through stage performances on Broadway. As per Broadway, his stage career started with the role of Benji in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. He has also played Gavroche in Les Misérables. This helped him to improve his acting skills, and he eventually got his big breakthrough in Stranger Things.

For Gaten, his sister, Sabrina Matarazzo, was the biggest inspiration for him to get into performing in theatres. It means that Gaten Sr has supported his daughter's decision to get into acting.

Son Gaten Suffers From Cleidocranial Dysplasia

Gaten Sr.'s son, Gaten Matarazzo, suffers from Cleidocranial Dysplasia which isn't much of a secret. This disease was why his son didn't have collar bones at birth. Plus, it has also affected the growth of his teeth.

This disease has given Gaten a lot of trouble, as he has gone through multiple surgeries because of it. He has been through four surgeries at the time of this writing. NBC News reports that he missed out on a lot of roles as a result of this medical condition.  

Now, Gaten tries to help those who suffer from the same problem through his CCD Smiles. He is working with the founder of CCD Smiles and helps to raise awareness and money for the treatment of kids suffering from Cleidocranial Dysplasia.

Stranger Things, Gaten Career Highlights

Gaten Matarazzo has already established himself as a top actor at a young age. The actor, with a height of 5 Feet and 4 Inches (163 cm), developed a love for acting at a very young age. He started to act at the age of seven but didn't immediately find success.

Gaten first taste of success happened through stage performances on Broadway. He made his acting debut in front of the camera in 2015 through The Blacklist, where he played the role of Finn. His most recognizable work so far has been Stranger Things, the show that also includes actor Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp.

He has also done VA work in movies like My Father's Dragon and The Angry Birds Movie 2. He has also been in music videos like Katy Perry's Swish Swish, and Green Day's Meet Me on the Roof.


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