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George Motz is a famous American television personality who is further known as the hamburger expert in the United States. Similarly, he is also a filmmaker by profession. therefore, Motz is a multi-talented person.

Additionally, George is also a historian, and currently, he is also serving as a lecturer at a university. There are a lot more reasons why Motz is so popular among his fans.

To know more about the personal and professional details of Motz, keep on scrolling down.

Where is Motz From?

Motz is originally from New York, United States. He was born on 9th October 1968. He was raised under the supervision of his parents.

New York is also called NYC or New York City. This city is famous for the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, Time Square, and more prominently tall skyscrapers.

George's Father

The name of George's father is Tony Mottram. His father is very supportive of him and has always stood right by him in his difficulties.

Tony Mottram in a grey jacket hugging his granddaughter holding a hamburger.
Photo of Tony Mottram with his granddaughter, Tony Mottram(Source: Instagram@motzburger)

However, Tony has not gone public with his professional life. Nevertheless, Mottram is still together with his son and grandchildren.

Motz's Educational Details

According to his LinkedIn account, Motz completed his high school education at Garden City High School. He was there from 1983 through 1986.

In 1986, he got admitted to The Catholic University of America to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in History and Fine Art. He graduated in 1990. While studying at the university, Motz was involved in Yearbook Photo Editing and DJ WCUA Radio.

George is a TV Personality

George Motz has an access to television shows in many forms. He is a host, cinematographer, producer, director, editor, and more. 

He has worked on eight documentaries as a cinematographer. Some of them are What's on Your Plate?, Amerian Masters, Hamburger America, and Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

George Motz's Mother

The name of George's mother is Joy Mottram. She has struggled hard to raise her children. According to George, he talks to his mom for thirty minutes every day on a phone call. She gave him birth at the age of twenty-one.

George Motz in a white t-shirt and his mother in a green t-shirt.
Photo of George Motz with mother, Joy Mottram (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

Moreover, he says that his mother is great at advising others. and she advocates for her son greatly.

Motz on IMDb

Motz has got an admirable IMDb page. He has earned eight credits as a cinematographer, two credits as a producer, one credit as a director, and six credits in the camera department.

Further, he has also acted in two documentaries: Burger Land and Made in America.

Shows By George 

George has remained a host for The Burger Show. This show continued from 2018 through 2019. More, he was also the guest and a burger scholar of the show.

Furthermore, he was also invited as a guest on The Matthew Aaron Show Podcast in 2013.

Motz Has Written a Book

George Motz is the person who wrote ''The Great American Burger Book''. The book consists of the styles of regional hamburger styles and cooking processes. 

Moreover, the book includes the traditional grilling techniques for preparing tastier burgers. Further, he has also provided the details of signature recipes.

George Motz's Net Worth

As George is engaged in many different fields, it is obvious that he has earned a huge sum of money. Motz is the owner of $6 million and he has an annual salary of $200 thousand from all his sources. Lucy Hockings has a net worth of $200 thousand.

George Motz's luxurious car on the way.
Photo of George Motz's car (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

Moreover, he also earns well from his social media platforms. Therefore, the director of Hamburger America is living a lavish life with his family in New York.

Awards & Achievement

Mr. Motz is the winner of the ''Emmy Awards'' three times. He was awarded the award once in the year 2000, and twice in 2006.

Motz was honored with these awards in the honor of his works as the Director of Photography for WNET.

Is George Motz Married?

Yes, the producer of Burger Land was married before. However, he is no longer married and is currently living a single life. Similarly, he is happily and responsibly bringing up his children.

The name of his ex-wife is Casey Motz. The previous couple has not revealed their actual marriage date.

Got Divorced From Casey Motz

Even though Motz's divorced date is still behind the curtains, he has got officially separated from his former wife.

Furthermore, the reasons behind his split up have not been discussed publicly.

George Motz is a Single Dad

After being separated from his wife, Motz was left being a single dad to his children, Mac and Ruby. Since then he is looking after his children all alone. Nevertheless, his parents have assisted greatly in raising his kids.

Mac Motz in a white- t-shirt and black shorts in the left photo. Mac in a red horizontal stripped t-shirt and green shorts.
Photo of Mac Motz (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

In an interview with the New York Times, he stated that he wakes his children at 10:30 A.M. for breakfast. "It's not easy", he continues. Even though Motz is far busier in his business and other work, he always separates time for his kids, and that's what a super dad has in his gene.

An Expert In Balancing

George Motz is an expert in balancing his personal and professional life. he has got a perfect routine from dusk to dawn. This way, he keeps a good connection with his relatives and clients, no matter how busy he is.

First, he completes his duty as a father and a house owner. When he is all done, he gets ready for his work. On Sundays, he hangs out with his friends and separates time to spend alone. 

Food Lover George

It will definitely not be digested when we say that a chef does not like to eat. This rule applies to George too. He is a great lover of food. He says that he prepares food from different countries every day at lunch.

For this, he and his family spin a globe and point a finger at it. Wherever their finger lands, they go for the signature dish of that country. He calls it ''Eat The World NYC''. Sounds interesting!

Motz is a Filmmaker

Motz is a filmmaker and freelances whenever he finds a suitable time. It has been over twenty-five years that he is engaged in this field.

Further, he has mostly filmed documentaries in his career. Motz is also the director and founder of The Food Film Festival.

George Motz & Hamburger America

''Hamburger America'' is one of the books written by George. It was officially published on 29th May 2018.

This book is a guide for those who love to prepare and eat hamburgers. Before that, he had also published a book with a similar name in 2011.

Motz Onion Burger

Motz is also famous for his special onion burger. He says that he was once inspired by Mumbai street food and got the idea to make hamburgers tastier than ever.

He has shared his special recipe with his fans through a YouTube video presented above.

George on Social Media

George is available on different social media platforms. He has got accounts on Twitter and Instagram with tremendous fans.

Furthermore, he keeps on updating his fans with his day-to-day activities.

Active on Instagram

Motz has more than 136k adherents on his Instagram account. Further, he follows nearly 400 people. His username is @motzburger.

George mostly posts photos of his new and tasty dishes. He has made a total of approximately 3k posts.

Active on Twitter 

George is present on Twitter with approximately 12.1k followers. He goes by the username @MotzBurger.

On his account, he has introduced himself as a Burger Scholar, Author, Food Photographer, TV Host, and the director of The Food Film Festival.

Motz's Interests

Motz is a great lover of strumming guitar and plays guitar every day between 11:30 to 12:30. He has bought a 1977 Gibson ES-335.

George plays Pixies, the Who, David Bowie, and more.


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