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Fri Mar 01 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of George Takei

Husband : Brad Altman
Brad Altman and George Taki have been married since September 2008.

George Takei is an award-winning American actor. He has worked in several movies and TV shows, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Blue Eye Samurai. He has also written several books, including his autobiography, To The Stars.

Over the years, Takei has helped to foster the relationship between Japan and the US, post World War II. Besides his professional triumph, George has also made headlines with his relationship and married life. 

Is George Takei Still Married?

Yes, the Avatar: The Last Airbender voice actor Takei has been married to his gay partner, Brad Altman. The pair tied the knot on September 14, 2008. George and his husband have been together since the late 1980s. However, they keep their relationship private for 20 years.

Brad Altman and George Takei cutting their wedding cake.
Brad Altman and George Takei cutting their wedding cake.
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As the gay relationship was not so common and open at that time, George and Brad decided to keep it under wraps. However, gay marriage became a political issue with which the American actor came out of the closet. 

Announcing their relationship in Frontiers magazine, Takei said that the world has changed now. Soon, the California Supreme Court lifted the ban on gay marriage, and the romantic couple shared their plans to get married.

The couple did not waste a moment to receive their marriage license and say "I Do". To this day, the couple are together and happy in their nuptials. Not only in love but George and Brad support each other in their professional lives too.

George And Brad Takei Does Not Share Children

While same-sex pair David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris share two children together, Takei does not have any. George and Brad have just the two of them. On Father's Day of 2021, the actor's husband tweeted, “One of my biggest regrets was never becoming a dad.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender voice actor George further added that he and Brad wanted to have kids at one point. However, they could not get married and they could not provide security to the kids from the society.

By the time, society got open-minded, the couple got too old to have babies. Now, it is just the two of them in the family.

George Takei's Early Life and Family Background

George Takei was born Hosato Takei on April 20, 1937, in Los Angeles, California to Japanese-American parents. His father, Takekuma Norman Takei, hailed from Japan but left his homeland during his teenage years to seek a new life in the United States. 

Meanwhile, his mother, Fumiko Emily Takei, was born in the U.S. to Japanese parents. But, she received her education in Japan. Fate brought them together in Los Angeles, where they established a successful dry-cleaning business. 

George Takei in his high school uniform.
George Takei in his high school uniform. 
Source: Wikipedia

George grew up alongside his brother, Henry Takei, and his sister, Nancy Reiko Takei in Los Angeles until the Pearl Harbour attack. Soon after the attack, the family was forced to relocate.

Despite all these hardships, Takei completed his education. He was a student at Los Angeles High School. And, after graduating in 1956, he studied architecture at UC Berkeley. George later completed his Masters degree from UCLA in 1964.

The Dark Days of Internment

After the Pearl Harbour attack, questions regarding the loyalty of Japanese people living in the US began to rise. As a result, the U.S. government implemented a painful policy which was the forced relocation of Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans. So, George Takei and his family were moved to internment camps.

At that time, George was just five years old. His family was uprooted from their home and sent to the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, California. 

From Santa Anita, the Takei family was transported to Camp Rohwer in Arkansas. The internment camps housed approximately 8,500 Japanese Americans. They were confined in the camp with barbed wire fences and a guard tower.

Explore George Takei Net Worth

George Takei commands a net worth of $14 Million. He has been in the showbiz industry for almost seven decades now. Takei's hard work and testament has been reflected in his enormous fortune. Similarly, he has earned some from his books too.

Takei has worked on several hit movies and series, including Star Trek, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hit Monkey, Blue Eye Samurai, and so on. In addition to this, George is the co-founder of the Japanese American National Museum as well as a member of the board of trustees.

The American actor George has invested his fortune in real estate. He and Brad paid $475,000 for an 808-square-foot apartment in New York's Metropolitan area in 2001. The pair listed it in the market for $1.35 million in 2019.

Takei Movies & TV Shows Venture

George's career in the showbiz industry began in 1955. His first appearance was in the Godzilla Raids again. Since then, Takei has acted in several movies and TV series. He has now 248 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile.

George Takei did greetings from Star Trek.
George Takei did greetings from Star Trek.
Source: The Denver Post

George has been awarded many accolades for his amazing acting prowess. He has won GLAAD Media Awards, the Walk of Fame, the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and so on.

Some of his latest works are as follows;

Movie/TV ShowRelease Date
Marvel’s Hit-Monkey2021
Blue Eye Summary2023
Avatar: The Last Airbender2024
Call Me Kat2022

George Takei's Books And Autobiography

Takei has authored several books to date, including his autobiography with the title To the Stars. In this autobiography, George has detailed his life journey and the experience of World War II.

George Takei shows his autobiography, To The Stars.
George Takei shows his autobiography, To The Stars.
Source: People

Besides his autobiography, George has released several other books such as They Called Us Enemy, Oh Myy!, Lions and Tigers and Bears. Through his books and acting, Takei has also tried to bring the US and Japan close.

The emperor of Japan awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette to the actor in 2004. The award was for helping to foster the relationship between these two nations.


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