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Relationship Timeline Of Georgina Blackledge

Boyfriend : Nicola Manteno
Georgina Blackledge and Nicola Manteno are in a relationship.

Georgina Blackledge is a British actress of British Scottish/Italian heritage who is well-known among the public for her role in several movies and TV series like Eden Lodge, The Devil Made Me Do It, and Portals

On top of that, she is often seen in short movies where she has performed many uncredited roles.

Physical Appearance

Blank Space  actress Georgina Blackledge is a beautiful woman who is 4 feet 12 inches (152 cm) tall. She weighs around 41kg. However, she has not revealed her body measurements on any media for now.

Beautiful Georgina Blackledge is posing for a photo shoot
Georgina Blackledge is posing for her Instagram feed. Image Source: Instagram @georgieblackledge

Moreover, she has hazel eyes and dark brown hair which have made her more good-looking and beautiful. 

Education Qualification

Talking about Blackledge's education qualification, she is a well-educated personality who completed her schooling and college-level education at Norwich High School, an award-winning independent day school in Norfolk for girls aged three to eighteen.

After completing her early education, she joined The University of Sheffield in the year 2001 to pursue her higher studies. 

Moreover, she graduated with flying color in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from The University of Sheffield.

Career Overview

Blackledge started her on-screen career by appearing in Two Birds, One Stone which was released in the year 2010. She portrayed the role of Lise. 

On top of that, her character as Lisa in Two Birds, One Stone was appreciated by many audiences.

After that, she appeared in various TV series, films and short movies, making her one of the most successful actresses in the entire film industry. Moreover, her other notable credits include Lady Crimson, Automatically Sunshine, The Spirit of Edradour, Sync, etc.

Additionally, she has spent over a decade time in the film industry and is still working in the entertainment industry as an actress, consistently surprising her fans with her acting abilities.

Net Worth

As we know, Georgina Blackledge is a successful TV series and movie actress, so her primary source of income is acting without a doubt.

On the other hand, she is also a part-time doctor and from that, she also earns a good amount of money.

Moving on to her net worth, she has a total net worth of $1.9 million similar to Ella Balinska, who is a fellow actress. However, she does not own any kind of stuff that helps her generate money.

Blackledge Is Indeed A Pet Lover

Blackledge is an animal lover who shares many pictures of her pet on her Instagram. She cares for her pet immensely and also respects animal rights that encourage, her fans to love animals.

Georgina Blackledge holding her favorite dog, the French Bulldog and posing for a photo shoot.
Georgina Blackledge holding her favorite dog, the French Bulldog and posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Instagram @georgieblackledge

She has dogs and cats as pets. One of her dogs is a French Bulldog, who is an easygoing, fun-loving addition to any family. 

Career as Doctor

Apart from her acting career, Blackledge is a qualified doctor who works as a part-time OBGYN doctor (doctors who take care of women during their pregnancy and help deliver babies).

If you are not aware of this news then this is gonna be a new one for you. According to her Instagram bio, she works as an actress during the day while working as an OBGYN doctor at night. 

Tattoo Lover

The Spirit of Edradour actress Blackledge is an extreme lover of arts and designs. She recently got her first tattoo on her body. She shared this news through her Instagram handle where she quoted:

Finally got my first tattoo!! ✨.
Spontaneous decisions are always best I find 😜 @kobu_the_frenchie.Thanks to @whathepeck @dfadehere and @nick_k.two for being the best tattoo squad!. And huge thanks to @andreafurci for his skills and generosity 😘

Georgina Blackledge was posing for a photo shoot after tattooing her Armpit
Georgina Blackledge was posing for a photo shoot after tattooing her Armpit. Image Source: @georgieblackledge

She made a tattoo of her favorite pet French Bulldog on her Armpit.

IMDb Profile

Automatically Sunshine actress Blackledge has got a page on IMDb where she has earned twenty-four credits as an actress. She recently completed working with the crew of Hi John.

Additionally, her profile consists of her short biography, photos, filmography, her videos, and some personal details.

Social Media

Georgina Blackledge is actively present on her Twitter, with more than 1k followers on her profile. She joined Twitter in January 2012 and goes by the username @GBlackledge

On the other hand, she is also present on Instagram with the user id, @georgieblackledge, where she has amassed 1.4k followers.

Similarly, Blackledge is available on Facebook and has a good number of followers on her Facebook page too. She is available with the username @GeorginaBlackledge.

Blackledge Is Dating Nicola Manteno

Talking about Georgina Blackledge's relationship status, she is currently dating an Italian tattoo artist Nicola Manteno aka Nick.

The romantic couple has been in a relationship for a long time; however, neither had shared how they first met or when they started dating each other.

Georgina Blackledge with her boyfriend, Nicola Manteno.
Georgina Blackledge with her boyfriend, Nicola Manteno. Image Source: Instagram @georgieblackledge

Talking Nicola Manteno, he is a tattoo artist who loves Water Sports, fishing, mountaineering and Travel and Adventures. 

Blackledge's boyfriend, Nick currently works in Eddie’s Tattoo Studio located in Ortigia Island, Siracusa.

Skills Of Blackedge

According to the Blackedge spotlight page, Blackledge has acquired many skills in different fields like Horse-riding, Scuba Diving and Stage Combat.

Apart from that, she is an expert swimmer and also knows how to drive a car. She also has a driving license of her own.

Blackledge in Eden Lodge

Eden Lodge is a Mystery Horror movie that was made under Andreas Prodromou's direction and was released in 2015.

The movie shows the story of a young family who is currently staying at the Eden Lodge. They were having fun at first, but suddenly the atmosphere changed.

In this series, Blackledge portrayed the role of Nancy Craven. The movie's main cast is Aggy K. Adams as Pomona, Cyd Casados as Rachel Adams, and Ellie Dickens as Mrs. Wilkes. 

Furthermore, the other cast is Dominic Farrell, Ben Gardner Gray, and Garry Mannion. However, the movie got a bad rating of 3.4/10 on IMDb.

Movies & TV Series

Blackledge has appeared in twenty-four tv-series and TV movies from different genres.

The names of some movies and series, along with her roles and released years of her masterpieces, are presented in the table below:

S.N.Movies, TV Series & Short FilmsRolesReleased Years
1.Two Strangers Who Meet Five TimesToni2017
2.The Spirit of Edradour Donna2015
3.Automatically SunshineMegan Spring2015
4.Africa in Her BloodJennifer2011
5.Blank Space Blank Space2011

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