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Fri Aug 18 2023
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Gregg Leakes was famously known for being the husband of American television personality Nene Leakes. His wife Nene is known for appearing in The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Gregg's romantic relationship with Nene which was filled with drama and joy is explored in this article. The topics such as net worth, kids, and the reason for his death are entertained too. 

Explore Leakes's Relationship Details: Who Was He Married To?

Gregg Leakes was a married man who was the husband of NeNe Leakes before his demise. Their romantic relationship was a pure rollercoaster ride filled with happiness and difficulties.

Gregg Leakes and her wife Nene Leakes.
Gregg Leakes and her wife Nene Leakes. (Source: Pinterest)

Gregg had his first encounter with Nene when she was working as a dancer in an Atlanta Club in 1996. They soon developed a romantic bond deciding to complete marriage the next year. 

The duo Gregg and Nene exchanged their marriage vows walking down the aisle in 1997. They had a private marriage ceremony but the footage of their wedding was aired in Bravo in 2013.

Nene filed for divorce from Gregg after 14 years of marriage in April 2010 with the motive of teaching him the importance of their relationship. They ultimately had their divorce in September 2011.

The Romantic Life Of Gregg After Divorce

Many celebrity couples have a messed up relationship after divorce with hate and conflicts. However, this case wasn't repeated in Gregg Leakes and Nene Leake's life after the divorce. 

Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes were remarried in 2013.
Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes were remarried in 2013. (Source: Instagram @ neneleakes)

The people were stunned when Gregg and Nene were engaged for the second time in January 2013. They were destined to be together and again got remarried in September 2013.

Gregg and Nene weren't divorced due to extramarital scandals or conflicts. NeNe revealed that she filed for divorce to teach Gregg a lesson, and he got it at an interview in 2018. 

The second marriage of Gregg and Nene was documented in the show I Dream of Nene: The Wedding. They shared their blissful marital journey until the demise of Gregg in 2021. 

Did Gregg Share Any Children?

Gregg Leakes indeed shared kids with his wife Nene Leakes but already had five children from his past relationships. His son Dayrl Leon Leakes was born on September 1, 1976, and Damian Bernard Leakes was born a  year later on September 3, 1977.

Gregg Leakes' wife Nene Leakes and his son Brentt Ahmad Leakes.
Gregg Leakes' wife Nene Leakes and his son Brentt Ahmad Leakes.  (Source: Instagram @ neneleakes)

Also, Greg welcomed a daughter Katrina LaShawn Leakes born on September 10, 1982, from his former relationship. The names of his two other sons from the former relationship are Dexter Lewis Leakes and Denton Gregory Leakes on January 19, 1990.

Brentt Ahmad Leakes is the son of Gregg and Nene who was welcomed on February 22, 1999, after their marriage. He was also the stepfather of Bryson Rashard Bryant on December 26, 1989, through his wife Gregg's romantic affair with Calvin Bryant.

What Was The Net Worth Of Gregg At The Time Of His Passing? 

Gregg Leakes was estimated to have a massive net worth of $4 million at the time of his death. He was a real estate investor and probably earned money being involved in the real estate business.

Gregg Leakes lived a lavish life before his demise.
Gregg Leakes lived a lavish life before his demise. (Source: Instagram @ neneleakes)

On the other hand, Gregg's wife has made an astounding net worth of $14 million similar to Guava Juice. She is an American TV Personality, actress, and businesswoman including other traits. 

Nene has earned money being the long-term cast of the reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Likewise, she has been co-hosting the show Entertainment Tonight since 2009.

Over the years, Nene has launched and implemented several businesses including Home Shopping Network. She has also launched SWAGG boutiques in select cities across the country.

A Look Into Gregg's Bio/Wiki And Age 

Gregg Leakes was born to his parents on August 18, 1954, and died at the age of 66. Nonetheless, not much is known about his parents regarding their names including their personal life. 

It is unknown whether Gregg was the only child as no information has been discovered about his siblings. He possibly wanted to keep the personal and early life details private before his demise.

Was Gregg Active On Social Media?

The late celebrity husband Gregg was indeed active on social media platforms. He was an interactive person connecting with fans on the social media handles like Instagram. 

Gregg Leakes with his wife Nene Leakes.
Gregg Leakes with his wife Nene Leakes. (Source: Instagram @ neneleakes)

Gregg was active on the Instagram platform which can be found under the username @ greggleakes. He used to share personal lie updates and lavish lifestyle with fans on his Instagram page. 

Gregg's wife Nene Leakes is also active on the social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. She is found with the username @ neneleakes and often shares his pictures missing him in her life.

About Gregg Leakes Death And Funeral 

Gregg Leakes leaving his family and wife saddened passed away at the age of 66 on September 1, 2021. He was suffering from colon cancer and eventually passed away fighting it. 

While searching through, Nene managed a celebration of life for Gregg but details of the funeral are missing. There is no concrete information on his memorial or funeral on the Internet platforms. 

It was reported that Gregg left his soul peacefully in his house surrounded by family and his wife Nene. Gregg's family announced his death in a statement, expressing their pain and broken hearts.

What Was The Professional Career of Gregg? 

As noted earlier, Gregg Leakes pursued real estate investment as his professional career. He was a businessman who perfected working in the business field for over 20 years. 

Gregg Leaks attended Power 50 Influcers of Atlanta.
Gregg Leakes attended Power 50 Influcers of Atlanta. (Source: Instagram @ greggleakes)

Gregg was also a consultant in addition to being a real estate investor glancing through the Interner. The information on his consulting work isn't detailed in brief as of now. 

The celebrity husband Gregg also made self-appearances in several reality television shows. Some of them include Masterchef and The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

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