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Sat Aug 05 2023
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Gus Williams Dodson is the first-born child of Neal Dodson and Ashley Williams. Born in a well-known family, Dodson has been the center of media attention since his birth.

The celebrity child, Dodson is out of media reach as his parents have raised him in privacy. So, here are some things that we know about How I Met Your Mother actress Ashley's son.

How Old Is Gus Williams Dodson? Know His Age & Birthdate

Gus Williams Dodson was introduced to the world on October 5, 2014, in California, USA. He was born to a globally known celebrity Ashley Williams and her husband Neal Dodson.

Gus Williams Dudson with her parents.
Gus Williams Dudson with her parents at two months old. Source: Twitter @Marquecomm

Interestingly, Williams gave birth to her son at home. At the time, Gus Williams weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz, and measured 20½ inches long. As the How I Met Your Mother actress said, her son was calm and soothed as a child.

Did you know? Dodson's mother, Ashley is a certified Doula. So, she was surrounded by a bunch of midwives, a doula, as well a chiropractor while giving birth to Gus Williams. As the situation was intense, Alex Murdoch's song playing in the background helped them to gain calm.

Gus Williams Dodson's Parents Are Married For More Than A Decade

Yes, the celebrity pair Neal Dodson and Ashley Williams have been married for more than a decade now. Gus Williams Dodson's parents met each other in 2003 at an acting class.

The pair never specified which acting class that was. Nevertheless, it bloomed the romance in the life of Dodson and Willams. After dating for several years, Neal and Ashley finally got engaged on Thanksgiving 2009.

Gus Williams Dodson parents are married for more than a decade.
Gus Williams Dodson's parents are married for more than a decade. Source: Amomama

After two years of engagement, Gus Williams's parents were ready to take their relationship to the next level. So, the love birds exchanged wedding rings on May 29, 2011.  

It was a low-key but low-key wedding. No cake, no fancy outfits, the pair tied knots in Brad Paisley's farmhouse. Instead of cake, there was banana pudding as well as pork, biscuit, and macaroni ‘n’ cheese, giving the vibe of a family-style meal.

Gus Willams Dodson Is A Big Brother Now

Till 2017, Gus Williams Dodson held the title of the only child of Ashley Williams and Neal Dodson. On May 17, 2017, the celebrity couple welcomed their second child Odie Sal Dodson

Gus Williams Dudson has become a big brother now.
Gus Williams Dudson has become a big brother now. Source: Married Wiki

Odie is the younger brother of Gus Williams.  He was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, unlike his big brother. 

Odie's name is a tribute to one of Dodson's great-grandfathers. Likewise, his middle name is inspired by the main character in the children's books Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine written by Robert McCloskey. Ashely revealed that both of the books are her favorite.

Gus Wiliams Dodson's Nursery Was Designed As A Magical Forest

According to Ashely Williams, Gus Williams's nursery was designed to give a vibe of a magical forest. There was a tree-like structure that served as a hanger.

Dodson's room is filled with books. Gus William's parents want him to value the book. It is what he needs for a while.

Gus Williams Dodson's Net Worth

As a celebrity kid, Lou Sulola Samuel, Gus Williams Dodson is enjoying the wealth of his parents. Neal Dodson has a net worth of $10 Million similar to Jules Asner and similarly, Gus's mother Ashley Williams is also a millionaire with a wealth worth of $3 Million.

Gus Williams Dodson's parent is wealthy
Gus Williams Dodson's parent is wealthy. Source: Instagram @ashleywilliamsandcompany

With millionaire parents with a combined net worth of $13 Million, Dodson is without a doubt living a rich lifestyle. Neal and Ashley's primary source of income is their work in the showbiz industry.

Insight Gus Williams Dodson's Parents' Career

Neal Dodson is a celebrated film producer well-known for his exceptional work in critically acclaimed movies such as Margin Call, All Is Lost, and A Most Violent Year. For his work, Gus Williams's father has earned the prestigious Independent Spirit Award for his contributions to the film industry. 

Beyond his production endeavors, Neal is the brother-in-law of two renowned figures in the entertainment world.  Yes, the country music star Brad Paisley and actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley are his brother-in-law and sister.

On the other hand, Gus Williams's mother, Ashley herself is a highly acclaimed actress and television star. She is widely known for her starring role in The Jim Gaffigan Show, and Good Morning Miami.

Williams also left a lasting impression with her captivating portrayal of Victoria on the CBS series, How I Met Your Mother, alongside Josh Radnor. She has 80 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile.





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