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Thu Jul 29 2021
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Han So Hee is a Korean actress who needs no introduction all over the world. She is also considered by many outlets as one of the most beautiful celebrities in the Korean show business. 

Millions of fans all over the world are infatuated with the actress and want to know each detail about her, including her personal life. Is the actress married or is she dating? Learn all about her personal life below. 

Is Han So Hee Married? 

No, Hee is not married as of 2021. She has been linked with various celebrities in the past but the star has not been married as of yet.

At the moment Han So is busy making her career in the entertainment sector which might be the reason why she is not marrying. 

Besides, her work in Korean dramas and films is appreciated worldwide. Furthermore, another South Korean actress Park Kyu-young has also not tied the wedding knot.

Han So Hee’s Boyfriend In 2021 

As per this source, Hee is dating a fellow South Korean actor Song Kang. He is a popular actor who had his breakthrough in 2019 and has since taken over the Korean film industry. 

Han So Hee with boyfriend Song Kang
Han So Hee with boyfriend Song Kang 
Image Source: Soompi

Han So-hee started dating the star some time ago and they also star together in the K-drama “Nevertheless”. The pair were praised for their on-screen chemistry which is no doubt a result of their relationship off-screen as well as their talent. 

Kang started out as an actor back in 2017 and has since taken the top spot for actors. He became a star after his role on the TV show ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name. 

In the drama series 'Neverthless' Han So-hee played the role of Yoo Na-bi and Song Kang portrayed the role of Park Jae-eon.
Image: In the drama series 'Neverthless' Han So-hee played the role of Yoo Na-bi and Song Kang portrayed the role of Park Jae-eon.
Source: Han Cinema

After his initial fame, he was approached by Netflix for the series ‘Love Alarm’. This role made him an international star and he was also one of the first main roles cast among almost a thousand auditions.

Later, he starred in another Netflix show “Sweet Home” and this made him one of the biggest male stars to come from South Korea. 

Han So-hee: A Brief Background

Han So-hee was born on November 18, 1994, and is 26 years old as of 2021. She was born in Ulsan, South Korea, and attended the Ulsan High School of Arts. She is Korean by nationality. 

Han So-hee is a 26 year old Korean Superstar actress
Han So-hee is a 26-year-old Korean Superstar actress
Image Source: K-drama

She started her acting career back in 2016 and started making ground as an actress in 2017. Slowly, she started getting minor roles on various shows. 

Then, she was cast on “100 Days My Prince” in 2018. After this, "The Hardest Part" came out and established her in the Korean TV industry.

Get to know about Park Shin Hye

Her best-known show is “The World of the Married” which has broken historic records since it was released. 

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