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Fri Feb 24 2023
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Hayden Rolence is an American actor mostly known for his voice artist work. He was a cast member of the popular Disney Pixar film Finding Dory. He did the voice of Nemo in the film. Some of the other popular cast members of the film are Andrew Staton, Ellen DeGeneres, and Willem Dafoe.

Rolence was also the voice of Nemo in the video game Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming. He has also voiced for another Disney game, Disney Infinity 3.0. Besides that, he has worked in short films like Beta Persei, Whom I Fear, and Cicero in Winter.

Relationship Status: Hayden Rolence Is Single 

Finding Dory voice-over artist Hayden Rolence is currently single and too young to be in a relationship. It hasn't been long since he turned eighteen, so getting into a relationship is probably the least of his worries. He is focused on his acting career and enjoying life with his family and friends.

Hayden Rolence is holding the fishing rod as he looks for the picture.
Hayden Rolence fishing (Source: Hayden Rolence Instagram @haydenrolence)

Rolence gained fame at a very young age, which comes with a price. He probably didn't have a normal childhood like the other kids. He was hanging out with a lot of people older than him, so he probably didn't have a lot of friends growing up. We have to wait and see when he will get into a relationship with someone.

Hayden Rolence's Net Worth

Finding Dory voice-over artist Hayden Rolence has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Movies are his biggest source of income. Finding Dory is easily the most successful movie he has been involved with. Not only movie was highly rated, but it also made a lot of money. The film had a box office collection of $486.2 Million, making it one of the most successful animated films ever.

Besides that, Hayden is also worked on video games like Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming and Disney Infinity 3.0. All these works are the reason behind his millionaire status at such a young age.

Rolence Sister Is A Golfer

Rolence has a sister, Meadow Rolence, who is a golfer. She chose to take a completely different career path than her brother. She started playing golf at seven, and her golfing career has only been going uphill since.

Meadow Rolence is holding the golf stick in the picture.
Hayden Rolence's sister, Meadow Rolence (Source: Hayden Rolence Instagram @haydenrolence)

Chicago Tribune has mentioned some of her golfing accomplishments in its article. Meadow has been the number-one golfer for the Mustangs. She has also previously finished as a runner-up in the Matea tournament. She has a lot of potentials, and if she continues like this, she will achieve much more. Rolence himself is also posting about his sister a lot on his Instagram.

Parents Details

Hayden is the son of Jason Rolence and Marlene Prelesnik Rolence. He is known for being an obedient and sweet child, and you can thank his parents for raising him well. Both live private lives, but what they do for a living remains known.

Hayden's parents live a normal life and are away from social media. It isn't much available on his father, but his mother, Marlene, is on Instagram but isn't very active on the platform. Hayden has also hardly uploaded pictures of his parents on his platform.

Charity Involvements

Hayden loves helping people and has been involved with the charity. He was associated with the Lucky Fin Project when he worked in Finding Dory. Lucky Fin is an organization that aims to help kids born with limb differences. It remains unclear if he is still associated with the charity. 

Hayden Rolence is wearing a red shirt and a tees with Lucky Fin Project written on it.
Hayden Rolence working for Lucky Fin Project (Source: Hayden Rolence Instagram @haydenrolence)

It made sense to work with the charity at the time as the film Finding Dory had a lot of characters with physical disabilities. In the case of Rolence's character Nemo, he has a physical disability in his fin. The film was about accepting each other despite their differences, and Lucky Fin Project tries to do the same with kids born with limb differences.

Hayden has also been involved with another charity called Feed My Starving Children during Finding Dory's promotion. The charity is involved with providing food to people in developing nations.

Loves Baseball And Supports Chicago Cubs

Cicero in Winter actor, Rolence loves baseball like most Americans. And his team of choice is Chicago Cubs. The club Kyle Schwarber plays for. They are the team based in Chicago and have, so far, won the prestigious World Series on three occasions.

Rolence has shown love for this club many times. If you scroll through his Insta page, you will find plenty of clips and pictures which show how much he loves the Cubs. He even got a chance to take the picture with the World Series title when the Cubs won alongside Willson Contreras. Contreras no longer plays for the Cubs.

Knows How To Play The Piano

Rolence loves the piano and knows how to play it. When he isn't busy working on movies, he spends the time playing piano and is also really good at it. You know he is serious about piano as he loves playing he has learned to play it without looking at the keyboard.

Hayden Rolence has a smile on his face as he is playing the piano.
Hayden Rolence playing the piano (Source: Hayden Rolence Instagram @haydenrolence)

Rolence loves to show this skill of his to his fans, which he has done through his Insta page. You will find videos of him playing the piano on his Instagram.

Gerald Controversy From The Finding Dory

Finding Dory was a hugely successful film and was liked by many. But with success also came a controversy in the form of one of the characters in the film called Gerald, the sea lion.

Some people took problems with the character of Gerald being bullied throughout the film. They believed that the movie, whose target audience is kids, taught them to bully others. Gerald, appearance is a bit different than the other characters in the film. He had a unibrow and asymmetric eyes. 

Screen Rant has reported that the characters Fluke and Rudder, the other sea lions, were very mean towards Gerald throughout the film. And the scenes were written as a part of comic relief in the film. Hence, some people took problems with the film.

A Brief On Hayden Rolence Career

Hayden is an American child actor who became a household name after appearing in the Disney Film Finding Dory. The movie was a sequel to a classic hit 2003 film, Finding Nemo. He voiced the classic character Nemo in the film. 

Before Rolence, the character was voiced by Alexander Gould, who was replaced because of his age. He had grown old when they started shooting the second film, and they needed a new young character, so Rolence was selected to play him. The role also won him the Kids Choice Award in 2017 and a nomination for the Behind the Voice Actor's Award.

Hayden hasn't done much movie work, but since he is still young, he has many more years ahead of him. He has been featured in a few short films like Beta Persei, Whom I Fear, and Cicero in Winter. He has also voiced Nemo for the video game Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming and Disney Infinity 3.0.


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