Heather Carmillia Joseph Husband and Children

Thu Dec 30 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Heather Carmillia Joseph is a Dominican-born, now-American girl acknowledged because being the mom of a well-known American rapper, 21 Savage

From being seen within a few official occasions and releases of his son to being a robust unbiased single mom, Heather Carmillia Joseph can also be fairly well-liked on social media. 

Since she is seen together with her rapper son on huge occasions, individuals are curious about her and different private particulars. 

Who Is Heather Carmillia Joseph Married? Know Her Husband

Heather Carmillia Joseph was married to her husband, Kevin Cornelius Emmons. It is still unknown how and where they met, but their relationship didn't last long.

Heather Carmillia Joseph was previously married to Kevin Cornelius Emmons.
Heather Carmillia Joseph enjoying her life as a single mother.
Photo Source: Instagram@heatherj4life

However, during their marital life, the couple may have welcomed two sons named 21 Savage and TM1Way. Nonetheless, after they separated, Heather traveled to the United States with her children.

Presently, it has been rumored that she is with a person who's a physician named Amsu Anpu

Heather Carmillia Joseph Is Mother Of Two Children

Heather Carmillia Joseph shares two children from her previous marriage. Her first child is Tayman Abraham Joseph, also known as TM1Way.

Heather 's son TM1Way was shot during a drug deal.
Heather Joseph's two sons, 21 Savage and TM1Way.
Photo Source: Instagram@heatherj4life

Tayman was a petty criminal who was shot during the drug deal, and his death made a depressing impression on his brother. 

Moreover, her second son Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph who goes by 21 Savage, is a rapper. Though we don't know his beau, he shares three kids.

How Old IS Heather Carmillia Joseph?

The real age of 21 Savage's mom Heather Carmillia Joseph is still unknown. But judging by her personality and son's age, she seems to be around her 50s.

Heather Joseph's son rapper 21 Savage has children.
Heather's son 21 Savage with his son.
Photo Source: Instagram@21savage

Nonetheless, some sources claim she is somewhere in her fifties, but her actual age is unknown. Furthermore, she was born in the Dominican but currently holds American nationality. Her son, 21 Savage, is 29 years old and was born on October 22, 1992.

Heather Carmillia Joseph Instagram

Heather Carmillia Joseph is on Instagram underneath the username @heatherj4life

She has over 9000 followers and over 550 posts on the positioning. She typically posts her private footage and typically together with her son. 

Heather Joseph Son, 21 Savage Celebrated her Birthday with Age-Related Joke

Heather Joseph's son, rapper 21 Savage, celebrated his mother's birthday with his followers on his Instagram on July 2, 2021. Although after his post, some fans were left curious to know how old 21 Savage's mom was.

21Savage celebrated his mother's birthday with age-related joke.
21 Savage wishes his mom Heather on her Birthday.
Photo Source: Instagram@21savage

In a post to his Instagram Stories, 21 Savage shared a sweet snap alongside his mother Heather Joseph, as he celebrated her birthday with his 12.4 million followers.

Although the rapper has confused fans as he joked his mother was celebrating her 30th birthday. In the post, he wrote: "Happy 30th bday ma love you 4l."

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