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Thu Jan 30 2020
By   Manish

Once a successful man said success isn't always great after consistency because it is hard work and dedication, which leads to success and satisfaction. Just in the case of Heather Lynn, she is an example of the commitment to excellence, who currently serves as a social media producer for the Black Rifle Coffee Company's social channels.

Born in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Lynn follows her passion for acting and content creation. She is also best in fishing, horse riding, and creating new skits of exciting videos on Instagram. Apart from this, how's Heather's love life going? Come on! Let's take a glimpse of Lynn's personal life.

Who is BRCC's Influencer, Lynn's Date Upto Now?

Kentucky-based cowgirl, Heather is currently dating her fellow BRCC director of content, Logan Stark. The couple had their first encounter in 2016 when she joined Black Rifle Coffee Company as a community manager under the directions of content director, Logan.

The two eventually started dating secretly and began their romance for a while. The couple made their first appearance in the media after Logan posted a picture sitting in between Lynn and their close friend, Bre, on 16th October 2016 via Instagram.

Heather Lynn practicing gun shooting with her boyfriend, Logan Stark. Know more about their dating life?
Photo: Heather Lynn and her longtime boyfriend, Logan Stark 
Source: Instagram @heatherlynnoh 

The love birds recently shared a picture while enjoying the winter of 2019 and pursuing their new journey in 2020 in San Antonio, Texas. Stark also posted a picture while they were holding two beers, and Heather was biting a cigar on 15th December 2019.

Loves to Spend Time in Gym with Pet Dog

The fitness freak, Lynn is an avid animal lover and possess a German Shepherd dog breed, Arya. More to this, she spends hours in the gym working out alongside her pet dog and occasionally shares some comedy performances while exercising at the gym.

On 6th December 2019, Heather celebrated her festive month with her friend, Noelle Best, and her dogs, Brehmmy and Theo, as well as her friendly dog, Arya. She also posted a picture while celebrating Christmas Eve on the backyard of her residence with her dog on 15th December 2019.

Heather Lynn with her pet dog, Arya. Know more interesting things about Lynn's personal life.
Photo: Heather Lynn standing aside her pet dog, Arya 
Source: Instagram @heatherlynnoh

Similar to Heather's love for animals, some other famous stars like Erika Nardini and Jason Wimberly are also fond of loving their pet animals.

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