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Television Host and Actress (1986)
Fri Sep 30 2022
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Heather Storm, best known as the host of MotorTrend's Garage Squad from 2015 to 2018, is a TV host and personality. Along with having a television career, she is also a model, producer, fitness trainer, marketing manager, and social media influencer. 

Heather was born on May 24, 1986, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. Known as Heather Storm, her real name is Daniella Trotta. She is Caucasian and holds American nationality.

Blonde Beauty Heather's Body Details:

Heather is a gorgeous blonde with a pair of hazel eyes. She has hooded eyes and a tall nose bridge. She has got a well-sculpted body by taking part in all sorts of adventurous activities. She has been able to pursue her modelling career with a height of 5ft 7in and a weight of 55Kg. 

Heather Storm exercising
Heather Storm running laps. Source: heatherstorm.com

Family Details 

Heather is the daughter of Dan Trotta and Phyllis Trotta. She is the only child of her parents. After making a move to the mountains, her dad, Dan, taught her everything she needed to survive the mountains. 

Heather was things like how to operate tools and set up camps. Her father was also the one to acknowledge and encourage her love for cars, and he also taught her about automobiles. Heather is grateful to her father for turning her into the independent woman that she is today.

The Early life of Heather

The American Model Heather used to live in Philadelphia with her family. When she was 12, they moved to a small town located somewhere in Montana. The move from a city to a small town made a huge difference in her life.

Heather had to grow up in a rural area where her days passed by being snowed in. She had to handle extreme situations that could surface at any time so she tried her best to be prepared. But she was able to explore various things through the change.

Heather Storm in the snow
A portrait of Heather Storm. Source: heatherstorm.com

Heather says on her website that this change was unasked for but she couldn't deny it as it was her reality. She wrote:

"I went from riding bikes down alleyways to floating down fresh spring creeks, and life changed dramatically. I admit I wasn't thrilled with this change, but I adapted, and what I thought was a hindrance as a teenager became a strength as an adult."

What Did Heather Storm Study?

Growing up in a town such as Montana, outdoor activities such as camping and hiking became a regular part of Heather's childhood. Because of that, Heather developed a deep appreciation for nature. Thus, she pursued her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science.

Heather Storm in love with the nature
A picture of Heather Storm admiring nature. Source: heatherstorm.com

According to reports, Heather enrolled in Oregon State University and obtained her BS degree in Environmental Science. After graduating from the university, she joined sustainable tourism initiatives which took place in Puerto Rico to gain more experience.

Before The Start Of Heather's Career

Heather lived in Puerto Rico for a little while and moved to Los Angeles later in 2005. After the move, she became more interested in the entertainment industry. So, she started taking various classes and searched for opportunities in the form of auditions.

Heather Storm modelling
A picture of Heather Storm from one of her modelling careers. Source: heatherstorm.com

Even when Heather had to go back and forth between classes and auditions, she started taking jobs and worked hard to be more stable. She expressed:

"In between classes and auditions, I kept my head up by working my ass off; as a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, market manager for luxury spirit portfolio and eventually, CoFounder of the event company, Black LAB."

Trivia Of Heather's Career

As widely known as the host of Garage Squad who knows her way through the car hoods, people don't really know about the fact that Heather Storm has also served as the co-host of the podcast Man Seeks Adventure.

She states on her website that she was also the one to produce and host the EDM cocktail series "The MixDown" on Complex TV which had 180+ million impressions. Moreover, she was also the frequent guest mixologist on "The Playboy Morning Show" on Sirius XM.

Heather Storm in Drive Yourself Local
Heather Storm in her 1965 Ford Mustang. Source: HeatherStorm.com

Heather has also appeared in several national commercials and hosted infomercials and direct response commercials. She produces original content for her travel series Drive Yourself Local. She is also a blogger and keeps posting her lifestyle blogs.

What Did Heather Say About Garage Squad?

Heather left the series Garage Squad after spending four years as their co-host. Nonetheless, it didn't seem like either of the party had bad blood or resentment towards each other. The  Garage Squad still thinks of Heather as a part of the family and so does Heather. 

Heather's parting from the show was known from a social post she made. She posted on her Facebook saying:

"All the car owners I worked with truly have a place in my heart! I wish it could have lasted longer but all good things must come to an end, eventually," 

She continued:

"I wish the best of luck to [Cristy Lee] and the entire Garage Squad team." However, she has moved on from this phase of life and has been doing very well.

Heather in Drive Yourself Local

Drive yourself local is a show where Heather travels around the United States with her 1965 Ford Mustang exploring and sharing the cultures and practices of the locals of the small towns along the way.

How Rich Is Heather Storm? Let's KNow Her Net Worth

With such a successful television career, it's no surprise that Heather has managed to pocket quite a generous sum of money.  Undoubtedly, most of her income is from the television shows she has hosted. 

Heather's net worth has been reported to be $1.5 million, the same as Raul A. Reyes's. She has been in the industry since 2003.

Heather Storm in her car
Heather Storm having fun in one of her cars. Source: heatherstorm.com

As mentioned above, she also posts blogs about her daily life and runs her own show Drive Yourself Local with her 1965 Ford Mustang, and travels across the country. To top it off, she is also the co-founder of an event company called BlackLAB.

Moreover, Heather has also appeared in various national commercials. Along with hosting television shows, she has also hosted podcasts and infomercials. Her appearances must have contributed a significant part to her wealth. 


Heather Storm is reported to be single. However, this news doesn't have any confirmation. She has never brought light to such topics. She has been extremely careful about her personal life and has maintained her privacy. So, even if she is in a relationship, there has been no such news.

Heather Storm
Heather Storm. Source: heatherstorm.com

Moreover, Heather has also been careful enough not to let the rumors begin. It is surprising that despite being such a famous personality, she doesn't have any rumors going on about her.

Social Media 

Along with various other professions, Heather is also a social influencer. So, she has quite a prominent social presence. She has her Instagram account under the username @heatherstormla with over 131k followers.

Heather Storm posing in the car
Heather Storm. Source: Instagram @heatherstormla

She also has a Twitter account with the username @HeatherStormTV with quite a good following of 21k followers. Along with expressing herself, she uses her social media platforms for her shows.


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