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Actress, TV personality, social media influencer (1999)
Thu Apr 13 2023
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Heaven Peralejo aka Heaven Lyan Salvador Peralejo is a Filipina actress, TV personality, social media influencer, and reality show star who is well known among the public for joining the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 in 2016.

She was born on November 25, 1999, in Makati, Philippines. Her nationality is the Philippines and her birth sign is Sagittarius.

Holds A Business Management Degree

Peralejo is a highly educated lady who has completed her early and high-level education at a private school in her hometown. 

After graduating from high school, she went to Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities to continue her further studies. 

On December 17, 2021, she graduated from SISFU with a bachelor's degree in Business Management. She shared the fantastic news through a Facebook post.

Has a Car

Female Face of the Night award winner Peralejo rides a SUZUKI APV GX ARENA as her personal car. On May 31, 2017, she shared a photo along with her car in the background.

Photo of Heaven Peralejo and her car, SUZUKI APV GX ARENA.
Photo of Heaven Peralejo and her car, SUZUKI APV GX ARENA. Image Source: Instagram @heavenperalejo

In her post, she wrote, that she never wanted a debut and always wanted a car. Moreover, she said her wish has been granted and it was her special day for her which she will never forget. On top of that, she thanked her mom for managing her finance.

At last, she thanked all the people who supported her on the journey which included her family, friends, teacher, and her fans and followers.

Net Worth 

Although Heaven Peralejo hasn't publicly disclosed her wealth on her social media; however, some reports estimate her net worth as high as $1.5 million similar to Elle Paris Legaspi's net worth. 

Additionally, her income from YouTube and social media adds up to her total net worth. On the other hand, she also earns a hefty sum of money through brand endorsement and advertisement.

Has A Tatoo

Peralejo has a tatto incripted in her body. It is located in her right hand. In October 2019, she shared her tattoo photo on her Instagram where she quoted:

My first tattoo and never imagined that mom would say “ok” and have one too 🙈

We were actually in korea when I told her that I’ve been wanting a tattoo that would remind me of her and I would be really happy if we could have matching ones 😂

Heaven Peralejo showing her tattoo.
Heaven Peralejo showing her tattoo. Image Source: Instagram @heavenperalejo

Physical Appearance

Talking about Heaven Peralejo's physical stats, she has a slim body. Also, she has a decent height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) whereas she weighs around 65kg. Kaylee Hartung also maintains the same height as Heaven.

Furthermore, she has dark brown eyes and her hair is black which adds more beauty to her personality.

Family Details

Talking about Peralejo's family details, her father's name is Myk Manarang whereas her mother's name is Luanne Peraleio-Angeles. However, details regarding her parent's profession are still behind the curtain.

Photo of Heaven Peralejo along with her dad, Myk Manarang.
Photo of Heaven Peralejo along with her dad, Myk Manarang. Image Source: Instagram @heavenperalejo

Furthermore, her aunts Rica Peralejo and Paula Peralejo are former actresses.

Available On TikTok

Apart from her activeness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Peralejo is also quite active on Tik Tok with @heavenperalejo. She has achieved a massive fan following of over 4 million followers on TikTok Id whereas her counts go somewhere around 20.3M.

Each week she publishes at least 2 to 3 Tik Tok videos on her profile. Most of her videos contain a lot of humor and are a good source of entertainment.

On top of that, her video mostly gets more than 100k views whereas her videos at least get 30k likes.

Has A Youtube Channel

Peralejo has a self-named youtube channel with more than 434k subscribers. She posted her first video on 2018 Jun 15. The video was titled "My First Vlog!" After that, she posted several videos related to vlogging and makeup tutorials.

One of her most viewed videos is "A DAY IN MY LIFE + ASAP BEHIND THE SCENE. The video was published on August 1, 2019. The videos were seen by more than 855k people and like count goes to more than 19k.

IMDb Profile

Peralejo has an IMDb page on her name just like Zenzi Williams. She has obtained thirteen credits as an actress and two self-credits.

Apart from her filmography credits, her IMDb profile contains her short biography, photo, awards, and nomination.

Relationship Status

Heaven Peralejo is currently single at moment and has not been seen with anyone whom we can assume her boyfriend. 

However, in past, she was dating the son of Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Jimuel Pacquiao

Photo of Heaven Peralejo and her ex-boyfriend Jimuel Pacquiao
Photo of Heaven Peralejo and her ex-boyfriend Jimuel Pacquiao. Image Source: Newspaper

The former couple had been dating each other since mid-2018 but only confirmed their relationship in March 2019. But they soon broke up with each other without leaving the actual reason behind the separation.

Career Overview

Peralejo started her career journey as an actress in the movie Buy Now, Die Later where she portrayed the role of Cesca. 

Due to her outstanding performance in the movie, she started several roles in different movies. In 2016, she again appeared in the comedy movie Bes and the Beshies where she portrayed the role of Betchay. 

In 2017, she did her first TV series debut as Maxine in Wansapanataym. In that series, she portrayed three different roles at the same time which are - Tina Lopez, Daisy, and Maxine. 

Recently, she appeared in the comedy genre movie, Happy Times where she portrayed the role of George.

Has A Pet

The Bes and the Beshies actress is a pet lover who owns two cute dogs; she loves and cares for them as if they were her children. 

Heaven Peralejo holding her Shih Tzu.
Heaven Peralejo holding her Shih Tzu. Image Source: Instagram @heavenperalejo

However, she has not disclosed their name till now. But, we know about her dog breed thanks to google lens. One of her pets is of Shih Tzu dog breed whereas her other pet is from the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed.

Awards and Nomination

Peralejo was nominated for ''New Movie Actress of the Year'' in the year 2019 for her role in Harry & Patty.

The same year, she also won the ''Female Face of the Night Award'' in the Special Award function.

Loves Painting

Peralejo loves painting and the things related to arts as per her official Instagram account. She often spends her free time making different art.

Heaven Peralejo painting a beautiful portrait.
Heaven Peralejo painting a beautiful portrait. Image Source: Instagram @heavenperalejo

According to her, the only time she feels alive is the time when she is painting.

Social Media Presence

Heaven Peralejo is active on her Instagram handle with the @heavenperalejo username where she is followed by more than 3.2 million people. Her Instagram profile contains her bold pic mainly bikini photos while traveling to different places.

On the other hand, she is also active on her Twitter handle with a good fan following of 135.5k people where she goes with @hperalejo. Her Twitter handle contains a cartoonish photo as a profile pic while her cover photo is a photo of herself. Like her Instagram page, she is regularly available on Twitter too.

Similarly, Peralejo is also available on Facebook where she has a massive fan following of over 5.2 Million people. Her Facebook page is a compilation of her latest articles and photos taken from her daily life. She is quite an interactive person who always likes to connect to fans through her social media profile.


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