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Sat Jan 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Heidi Strobel

Husband : Cole Hamels
Heidi Strobel married Cole Hamels in 2006.

Heidi Strobel is a well-known American reality show star, mostly recognized for the TV Series "Survivor." Besides TV shows and Entertainment, she is also a Yankee charity organizer. 

Strobel came into the limelight after her show as the first contestant to receive immunity from another contestant in the competition. She is also well-known among the public as the wife of a celebrity, Cole Hamels, who is an American professional baseball pitcher.

Early Life 

Strobel was born on October 29, 1978, in Bethesda, Maryland, United States., to the father, John Strobel, and mother, Kathy Greene. Her full name is Heidi Strobel Hamels. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

She was raised in her hometown under the supervision of her parents. Strobel is the eldest sibling in her family; she has two younger sisters. 

Picture of Heidi Strobel with her mother Kathy Greene in the same dress.
Picture of Heidi Strobel with her mother Kathy Greene in the same dress. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

She was charming and beautiful since her childhood and had acceptable behaviors. She used to follow well-known performers and make an effort to learn from them.

Education Details

Talking about Strobel's educational background, she always wanted to be a famous person since childhood. Later, she turned out her interest into reality. She is such a strong and hardworking person.

Moreover, she joined a private school in Maryland for her early education. Later, she joined Dury University for her Bachelor's degree in Physical Education after She went to West Chester University for her Master's Degree.                                                                             

Strobel As A Mother

The romantic couple Cole Hamels and Heidi Strobel is blessed with four children Reeve Hamels, Braxton Hamels, Caleb Michael Hamels, and Mackenzie Hamels. Reeve Hamel is adopted by the couple during their visit to Africa.

Picture of Heidi Strobel with her husband Cole Hamels and four of her children.
Picture of Heidi Strobel with her husband Cole Hamels and four of her children. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

Strobel often shares pictures of her children on her official Instagram account. From that, we can know that she is a great mother and gives most of her time to her children. 

Although Strobel is not a biological mother of Reeve Hamel. she has provided an equal amount of love and care as other children. 

As we know, they are providing good quality of education to their children as they both are well educated. So we can say all of the children are getting a good education.

Fitness Freak

Strobel is a fitness freak person who loves staying fit and does a lot of exercise. She is a health-conscious person, and she is involved in all fitness-related stuff such as yoga, gym, and dance. 

She has also created a fitness app herself known as Reality Check fitness. The app catches all the behind-the-scenes as individuals create a one-of-a-kind health & fitness app- customized to their own unique lifestyles.

She also frequently posts her workout videos on her Instagram with the routine of exercise. It helps so many people who might be suffering from an injury or other health issues that don’t allow to do high impact.

Celebrated 41st Birthday at Disney

Strobel always wanted to visit Disney land, especially on her birthday. On her 41st birthday, her sisters and her husband surprised her with a birthday party in Disney land with a "The Incredibles," theme. 

Picture of Heidi Strobel on Disney land with her husband, kids and sisters on her 41th birthday.
Picture of Heidi Strobel on Disney land with her husband, kids and sisters on her 41th birthday. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

As she has mentioned that was the best time in her life. She especially thanks her sisters and husband for allowing her dream to come true. 

Heidi Cried Hard After Receiving a Mother's Day Letter From Her Kid

On the occasion of Mother's Day on 14 May, 2018 Strobel received the best gift from her children. At the month she had stayed home only for four days and during mothers day she came to the home and her four kids who can't even speak properly wrote her a note and she fell into tears.

In summary, the children wanted her to tell "I miss you". She couldn’t believe that she have four children under eight years old that could pull off something by themselves like that. She is the luckiest mother and she deserves to be lucky as she is raising her children excellently.

She has an Old Pet

Strobel is a very caring and loving person when it comes to animals, mostly dogs. She is a pet lover and owns a dog whose name is Royace. In 2018 March 22 she had celebrate her dog's 12th birthday by cutting ice cream. 

She especially thanks her dog sitter Natalie Falcone, Meg Falco punch and Claire Falcone without them the dog couldn't have made it as she has mentioned. She is such a sweet person who celebrates the birthday of a dog.

Supported $70,000 Worth to School and Garden Projects

The famous actress Strobel is a kind-hearted person who has done a lot of charity work for needy children. The great achievement up to now of her is that she has donate AMY Northwest school in PA $20,000 for their outdoor garden project, and another $50,000 to the school in Malawi Africa. 

Picture Heidi Strobel and the member of Hamels foundation during the donation for AMY Northwest School.
Picture Heidi Strobel and the member of Hamels foundation during the donation for AMY Northwest School. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels 

The charity was done on the behalf of her husband Cole Hamels and the Hamels foundation and the sponsors like All World Wide Travel, Wells Fargo, The Phillies, Bates Farm, Duffers and many other companies as well. It was named as The Top of the hill carnival and the event went well and get had a huge success.

House on Sale of Strobel

Strobel house which is also known as Top of the Hill was on sell on in 2017 which is located just outside of Branson. Hamel and Strobel lives in Dallas since they decided to sell their house which was made in a French style.

The mansion was rated nearby $10 million. The land of a mansion is 3200 square feet. The news was posted on Philadelphia on 2017, April 14. She successfully sold her house and now living in a luxury house in Dallas Texas.

Social Media

Heidi Strobel is quite active on her social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter. She often likes to be active on her social media during her free time. She has gained a verified Instagram account @heidi_hamels with 28,8k followers and 374 posts. She often posts her workout, pictures of her baby and her charity works.

The famous actress Strobel is the owner of four accounts on Instagram. She has also a Instagram account of her Hamels foundation @Thehamelsfoundation where she has a 2,818 followers and 1,685 posts. In this account she mostly posts her charity works on different places.

The next is fitness app account @realitycheck.fit where she mostly posts about her app review and knowledge regarding app. The account has 1,833 followers and 8 posts.

Also her next account is @twelve6ent which is a Publishing Company in Nashville TN founded by Strobel. The account has 1,401 followers and 189 posts.

Moreover, She is not that active on her Twitter account, where she has a profile id @Heidihamels. She joined Twitter in April 2012 and has 46 followers on her account. It seems the account is made by her fans.

Physical Appearance

Heidi Strobel is a strong and healthy woman with a height of 5 feet 9 inches (179 cm). Her weight is around 75 kgs ( 165 lbs). She has a round face and fair skin complex.

Picture of Heidi Strobel after her workout in a gym suit.
Picture of Heidi Strobel after her workout in a gym suit. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

She has brown eyes and blonde hair color, making her look more good-looking. She has a slim body type figure and does many exercises to maintain her body figure. She has well-built muscles and abs that she's trained hard to obtain. 

Net Worth

As we know, Heidi Strobel is a successful reality show star and charity organizer, so her primary source of income is her profession. Seeing Strobel's lifestyle, we can say she may have a decent net worth. She has a total net worth of $5 million.

Talking about her husband's net worth, Hamel has been able to earn a massive net worth of $60 million. He earned all this amount of money throughout his baseball career and advertising for various well-known companies. 

Pick-Up Truck of Strobel

Strobel has a Silverado in silver color and the price of the car starts from an MSRP of $29,300. The price of a car is average to other full-size trucks. 

Picture of Heidi Strobel's Silverado Car.
Picture of Heidi Strobel's Silverado Car. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

The kind of day when you swear you're not sure you have much more in the tank -and then right in front of you "bam"!! I swear it brought tears to my eyes!! Thanking God for giving me what i need and creating others that pick us up when we need it most!

The car was registered in Texas and has the slogan Never Give Up. This is gifted to her by her loved once's. She felt into tears while seeing the car as she has mentioned in her Instagram.

Relationship Status

Heidi Strobel married Cole Hamels, who is a well-known American professional baseball pitcher, on December 31, 2006. The couple dated each other for years before marriage and have been maintaining a strong relationship with each other.

After seeing each other for some time, the romantic couple started dating each other and secretly married without telling anyone. The details regarding their marriage date and wedding photos are still behind as none of them has shared them online.

Picture of Heidi Strobel and her husband cole hamlets kissing each others.
Picture of Heidi Strobel and her husband cole hamlets kissing each others. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

From that moment, they are happily living in a married relationship, and there are no signs of misunderstanding or dispute between the beautiful married couple. They were blessed with four children but she is not a biological mother of them all. 

The past relationship status of Strobel is still unknown whether she had a boyfriend or she stayed single.

Strobel Husband- Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels is a well-known American professional baseball pitcher who is currently playing for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball (MLB). He had also played for the Philadelphia Phillies from 2006 to 2015.

The famous baseball player Hamels was born on December 27, 1983, in California. His full name is Colbert Michael Hamels. He studied at Meadow brook Middle School in San Diego and later moved to Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego. 

Apart from baseball, he is an excelled student. He had scored 1510 out of 1600 on the SAT.   

Hobbies and Interest

Strobel loves maintaining her body. She also is the owner of the Organizations National Athletic Trainers' Association Hamels Foundation. 

Picture of Heidi Strobel doing workout in a black workout dress.
Picture of Heidi Strobel doing workout in a black workout dress. Picture Source: Instagram @heidi_hamels

Strobel has been interested in running, writing poetry, and keeping up on dance music since her childhood. She used to be involved in the National Athletic Trainer Association, the Missouri Teacher's Association, and the Missouri Association of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation. 

About The Hamels Foundation

The Hamels Foundation is founded by Strobel and her husband, Hamel. The motto of this organization is to provide education to poor children, rise up and improve their futures. 

They assist U.S. schools and other education-based nonprofits through the creation and disbursement of grant funding and scholarships to provide stimulating learning environments, high-quality educational programs, and necessary provisions to promote learning. 

IMDb Profile 

Strobel has an IMDb page on her name where she has an overview, mini-bio, family, and trivia. 

According to her IMDb, She had posed with fellow survivor alumni Jenna Morasca for Playboy. It became the magazine's second-highest-grossing cover.

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