Helmut Huber and Susan Lucci Marrie 1969

Sun Feb 20 2022
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Only a few of the couples in Hollywood has been exemplary when it comes to a long-married life. Huber-Lucci pair is one of them. Helmut Huber married his love, Susan Victoria Lucci.

It has been more than fifty years that these film actors have been married together. They are still very much in love and cherishing their life in this togetherness.

How Did Huber and Lucci Meet?

Huber and Lucci met while Lucci was in her college years. During her time at Marymount College, Lucci used to work as a waitress in Garden City Hotel where Huber was a chef and of course the head of food and beverage service.

Helmut Huber in a blue coat and grey pants with his wife Susan Lucci in a white formal attire.
Photo of Helmut Huber & Susan Lucci (Source: www.frostsnow.com)

Days passed and the twenty-seven years old attractive man fell in love with the young eighteen-year-old girl. However, Lucci realized her love for her boss only after she got engaged with another boy.

Susan's Engagement With Another Boy

The nine years age gap between Lucci and her boss never let her accept his love. She even went for an engagement with another boy, probably her classmate.

Later, she broke up with her fiancé ever before their relationship turned into a marriage. And, that was the time when she began dating Huber.

When Did The Celebrity Couple Marry?

The famous media couple finally took vows on 13 September 1969 only after three months of their relationship. It was around that time when Lucci's career ascended the staircase of success.

Huber and Lucci were happily married in a public ceremony. They along with their families were immensely delighted regarding their marriage. 

Married Life of Huber & Lucci

Helmut and Susan are cherishing their married life and still have a very strong love bond.

Helmut Huber and Susan Lucci both in blue dresses.
Photo of Helmut Huber & Susan Lucci (Source: Instagram@therealsusanlucci)

The loving pair raised their children responsibly and led them to a bright career.

How Many Children Does Huber Have?

Huber and Lucci share two children. They have a son and a daughter. Their eldest child was born on 22 February 1975. Her name is Liza Huber.

In April 1977, their son Andreas Huber was born. Both the children of Lucci are grown up and engaged in their respective professions.

Who Are Lucci's Children?

Lucci's daughter Liza is also an actress. She is married to Alexander George Hesterberg III in 2004 and has four children. She is renowned for Passions and Ebbie.

Andreas is a golfer. He also participated in the 2010 PGA Tour Children's Miracle Network Classic.

Short Biography of Helmut Huber

Huber is originally from Austria and was born on 10th October 1937. He is a former television film producer and restaurant executive. However, he is currently his wife's manager.

More, he is famous for Seduced and Betrayed (1995) and Blood on Her Hands (1998).

Short Biography of Susan Lucci 

Susan  is a renowned actress who gained fame after acting in All My Children. Her birth date is 23 December 1946 in New York. 

She has earned many awards including Daytime Emmy Award and People's Choice Award. She is also the author of All My Life: A Memoir.

Where Are The Love Couple Now?

The longest wedded couple is currently residing in New York. However, they often keep traveling to different parts of the world for Lucci's film shooting.

However, they spend most of their time in the United States.



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