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Actor and Singer
Tue Apr 18 2023
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Howard McCrary, born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, is a Grammy Award-nominated actor and musician. He is best known for his albums like Moments Like This and World Peace & Love.

Besides that, he is also a composer and songwriter and has given many popular and successful songs to the American music industry. 

Net Worth - Why So Rich?

Howard McCrary earned a net worth of $3 million through his successful singing career. Besides that, he also made money through Yeezy Sneakers, a $5 billion shoe company. 

Also, he is one of the very few songwriters who has been able to sell more than 500 thousand copies of his songs, where he gained a huge amount of money, making him a millionaire.

Today, Howard lives a luxurious and comfortable life without any pains and sufferings which he had dreamed of during his childhood.

Howard McCrary's Wife? But Who?

Borat actor McCrary is a married man and has two children and one grandchild. However, his wife's name and other information are still a mystery. Even McCrary's sons haven't disclosed their mother's identity, which is quite shocking.

Furthermore, his wife has never been in contact with any media, and there are no photos of her on social media sites for now.

Father To Two 

Howard is blessed with two lovely children. He is the father of Donovan McCrary and Darius McCrary. Both children are the most popular and successful actors in the US. 

Picture of Howard McCrary's son Darius McCrary and Donovan McCrary
Picture of Howard McCrary's son Darius McCrary and Donovan McCrary (Image Source: Yahoo)

Donovan and Darius have only three years gap and choose to follow in their father's footsteps, Howard. As a result, both of them are in the same career and are getting success in the American film industry.

Donovan McCrary: Son Of Howard 

As mentioned earlier, Donovan is the younger son of Howard and a very popular actor in the US. He has an amazing fan following worldwide, especially in the United States.

Donovan, born on December 24, 1979, is popularly known for his notable role in the TV series Family Matters. Besides that, he is also featured in Boyz N The Hood, one of North America's most super hit films.

People admire his dedication and perfection in the acting field and for being the son of legendary musician Howard.

Darius McCrary: Eldest Son Of Howard

Darius is an American actor and singer who got into the limelight after portraying the role in the same TV series where his younger brother, Donovan McCrary also featured, i.e., Family Matters.

Darius was born before the three years of Donovan's birth. He was born on May 1, 1976, and is very successful in acting. His popular movies are Big ShotsNext Day Air and Kingdom Come.

Similar to Donovan, he also gets appreciated for being the son of Howard and for perfect acting.

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Physical Appearance

Talking about I Love You singer Howard's appearance, he has wonderful black eyes with short black hair. He has dark skin, which makes him more attractive.

Picture of Howard McCrary wearing black coat
Picture of Howard McCrary (Image Source: Discogs)

However, there is no evidence of his body measurements which is still behind the curtains. 

But, seeing him on screen, he seems tall with a nice physique. He is probably more than 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing around 60-65 kg.

Did You Know?

In 1986, Change The World singer Howard was nominated for a "Grammy Award" for one of the best albums, So Good. He is on the list of "Highest Albums Selling Author" and "Most Popular Musician."

Furthermore, his debut album, The Nightfly, made the list of "Most Sold Albums In The USA." He sold more than 2 million copies and is one of the most popular songwriters just like Eron Otcasek.

Howard Is Also An Actor

Besides being a singer and composer, Howard McCrary is also a successful actor and has given many films and dramas throughout his acting career. 

He was featured in The Dream of the Butterfly, his first debut and a way to enter the American film industry.

Screenshot of The Dream of the Butterfly's trailer
Screenshot of The Dream of the Butterfly's trailer (Image Source: Youtube BKM)

Furthermore, The Dream of the Butterfly is a successful film directed by Lilla Anna Ban. In this film, McCrary shared the screen with Chan Wai Man and Kate Sullivan in a major roles.

Other notable works of Howard are TransamericaThe Ladykillers and Borat.

Always Encourages Youth

As mentioned above, Transamerica actor Howard is a popular singer with an amazing voice. He has released many superhit songs, which is one of the reasons the American music industry is at the top.

Once he gave the youngsters an idea and a method to improvise the voice. He stated that meditation is the best way to make the voice clear. Besides this, he has given many suggestions available on @D New Media.

Albums And Songs

Howard is a versatile and amazing singer who has given numerous popular songs to the American music industry, especially in the 90s.

Some of his popular albums are World Peace & Love and Moments Like This. World Peace & Love contains twelve popular songs like You Are To MeI Love You, Till I Met You and Change The World. This album was first released on December 28, 2012.

The songs Howard has given are Would YouInner Peace Moment, Why Not This SundayOver The Rainbow and much more are available on various social media platforms, including Youtube.

Zoey McCrary: Howard's Granddaughter

Howard McCrary isn't living a father's life but is blessed with one beautiful grandchild. He is the grandfather of Zoey McCrary and loves her very much.

Zoey is the daughter of Darius McCrary and Tammy Brawner. She is known for her work on Tab Time and also from her parents.

Has An IMDb Page 

Like other celebrities, Howard McCrary also has an IMDb page with five acting credits. 

Besides that, he has gained four, two, ten and one each credit as composer, music department, soundtrack, thanks and self, respectively.

Screenshot of Howard McCrary's IMDb page
Screenshot of Howard McCrary's IMDb page (Image Source: IMDb)

Howard's IMDb page includes his mini bio, list of movies and music, personal information and many more.

Has Own Website

Till I Met You singer Howard has his website called @Howard McCrary. His website includes his biography, music videos, photos, inspiration and many more.

Besides that, he is one of the few celebrities with a website. These websites are more secure and trustworthy as celebrities operate them.

Social Media 

Howard McCrary is a reticent person who loves doing his work in silence. He doesn't have social media accounts. It seems he wants to be far away from the limelight.

However, his elder son Darius McCrary is active on social media sites. His Instagram account is @dariusmccrary, with more than 1M followers.


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