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Internet Personality (1994)
Wed Apr 26 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ice Poseidon

Girlfriend : Kimberlee
Ice Poseidon is in a relationship with Kimberlee since 2018.

A successful live streamer, Ice Poseidon is one of the known names in the Internet world. He is popular for his IRL streams, which are named as lifestreaming. Even popular magazine, Rolling Stone named him as a pioneer life streamer.

YouTuber personality, Poseidon was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on 29th September 1994. His original name is Paul Denino, which he later changed as an Ice Poseidon for his channel. Currently, he is twenty-five years old. 

He has streamed games like; Stanley Parable, Quiplash, RuneScape, Outlast, and many more. He even becomes a vlogger later after achieving a huge subscriber on his YouTube channel. Furthermore, he is a student of Finance. 

What is his current relationship status?

Twenty-five years old, Live streamer, Ice is currently involved in the dating game. He has been in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Kimberlee. The two are dating one another since the end of 2018. 

Ice Poseidon girlfriend
Image: Ice Poseidon proposing her girlfriend, Kimberlee
Source: Instagram @ice_posedion

Since then, they are seen together in almost every public place by holding hands together. Ice even introduces her girlfriend in his live stream and has made lots of video into the title of his girlfriend. The two seem very much supportive to one another.  

Are they planning to exchange wedding vows?

As of now, the two are living together and are supporting one another to perform various tasks. They are now dating for over two years and seem very much happy with one another. However, regarding their wedding, neither of the parties has spoken about it. 

Ice Posedion girlfriend photos
Image: Ice Poseidon traveling Japan with her girlfriend, Kimberlee
Source: Instagram @ice_posedion

It seems like they are quite enjoying their professional life and are surely tying wedding knots in the near future. Although they are still very young and very deeply focused on their career. 

Moreover, they spend quality time together by traveling to various places and partying with friends. Recently they are spotted in Tokyo, Japan, together by exploring the places. 

The net worth of Ice Poseidon in Thousands

It's a matter of fact that Poseidon is one of the known YouTuber at the moment. He has a net worth of $300,000, which is quite less than JonTron and Kwebbelkop, which he accumulated through his outstanding career. Currently, he holds over 750,000 subscribers on his official YouTube channel. 

Ice Posedion photos
Image: Ice Posedion spotted at Germany
Source: Instagram @ice_posedion

His videos are almost watched by Billions of viewers from the globe. His estimated annual income is between $90,000 and $150,000 as of 2020. Previously working with NRG Esports, he used to earn about $60,000 month through various sponsorship. Furthermore, he is highly involved in the other social sites also and has thousands and thousands of fan following in it. 

As of now, he is enjoying a healthy lifestyle alongside his girlfriend. And he is still young, and there are many more surprises coming along in his near future.

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