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Mon Feb 13 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Iesha Carroll

Husband : DeMarre Carroll
Iesha Carroll married DeMarre Carroll in 2015.

Isn't it just fascinating how people search for everything related to their favourite celebrities and personalities? And through their passion, every day people come to the spotlight, which could be good to some and however unwanted to others. Just like that, there's Lesha Carroll, an American lady who got into the limelight after connecting with a famous personality. 

Lesha is an American celebrity wife who came to fame after her marriage to the NBA player DeMarre Carroll. DeMarre is a professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Marriage With DeMarre Carroll

As per mentioned above, Lesha Carroll is the wife of the infamous NBA player, DeMarre Carroll. The couple got married on 8 July 2015 and apparently had a wedding venue on a beach at the equator that was lined with palm trees. 

Lesha Carroll and her husband DeMarre Carroll.
Lesha Carroll and her husband DeMarre Carroll. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

According to sources, Lesha was DeMarre's longtime sweetheart before the couple got married. They were together long before they were tied down with rings and vows. 

Since their marriage, Lesha and DeMarre have been together. They never reported any issues in their relationship. And as per DeMarre's social media posts, the couple has a happy and healthy relationship.

Brief Bio Of DeMarre Carroll

The famous NBA player, DeMarre Carroll was born on July 27, 1986. Born as DeMarre DeMarre LaEdrick Carroll, he is an American national who hails from Birmingham, Alabama.

DeMarre was born to his parents, Edward Carroll and Cynthia Carroll. He belongs to the African-American ethnic group. Moreover, he has three siblings, DeAndre Carroll, Delonte Carroll, and DeSharne Carroll.

Happy Family Of Five

Throughout the couple's marriage of seven years, Lesha Carroll has been blessed with three children. Lesha is the mother to two brilliant sons and a beautiful daughter. 

Lesha Carroll with her husband and children
Lesha Carroll with her husband and children. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll

The first child, she gave birth to is Lailah Carroll. Then, she gave birth to their son, Amare Isaiah Carroll. Reportedly, Lesha gave birth to another son on 16 August 2017 and named him DeMarre Carroll Jr. 

And now the couple is living happily in Toronto with their happy family of five. From what could be seen, the couple is responsible parents and they are raising their children well.

Net Worth Of Lesha Carroll's Husband DeMarre Carroll:

Lesha hasn't revealed the physical figures of her net worth. Moreover, the information about the profession of Lesha is not known. So her net worth is not easy to estimate.

DeMarre Carroll in his Instagram
DeMarre Carroll flexing on Instagram. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

However, she is the wife of the NBA player DeMarre Carroll, a successful basketball player who has managed to become a multi-millionaire. So, undoubtedly, she is living her life the best and enjoying her husband's fortune. 

The net worth of the NBA player, DeMarre Carroll, is estimated to be around $35 million, the same as the fellow player, Kawhi Leonard. In 2018, he signed a 4-year contract with Brooklyn Nets which is worth $58 million, and had an annual salary of $15.4 million.

Does Lesha Use Social Media?

Lesha does not have a social media presence as anticipated of a celebrity wife. And thus, she seems not to be available on any social media platform. Instead, she seems to use her time in real life more than in a virtual simulation. 

DeMarre Carroll posted a picture of his wife, Lesha Carroll with their daughter.
DeMarre Carroll posted a picture of his wife, Lesha Carroll with their daughter. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

However, her husband, DeMarre, is available on, social media. On Instagram, he has an account under the username @demarrecarroll1 and has over 201k followers. Similarly, his account on Twitter is under the username @DeMarreCarroll1 with over 86.8k followers. Moreover, DeMarre keeps posting pictures of his wife, Lesha occasionally on his social media.

Early Life & Parents of Lesha

Though Lesha is a famous celebrity wife, there is not much information available about her personal life. Despite being well known for being the wife of DeMarre, her early life and family background are not yet revealed. 

As she still makes her appearance every now and then through her husband's social media, hopefully, she will reveal more about herself in the years to come.

Educational Details

Unfortunately, even the information regarding education of Lesha remains covered. However, we have found out the educational qualifications of her husband, DeMarre Carroll.

According to sources, DeMarre went to John Carroll Catholic high school for his high school studies. Even in high school, he used to play for the school's basketball team.

DeMarre Carroll playing basketball
DeMarre Carroll playing basketball. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

When DeMarre graduated from high school, he got enrolled at Vanderbilt University. However, it was reported that he then transferred to the University of Missouri after a successful sophomore year and started playing for the college team.

Career Journey of Lesha's Husband 

After DeMarre's graduation from college, he went for the NBA draft the same year he passed. There, he was picked in the first round as the 27th pick from The Memphis Grizzlies

After being selected by the team in the 2009-10 season, the fame of DeMarre skyrocketed. Moreover, due to his reliability, he got to play as many matches as possible even in his rookie season. 

DeMarre Carroll playing with the late Kobe Bryant in the court.
DeMarre Carroll playing with the late Kobe Bryant on the court. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

However, the time from 2013 to 2015, when he was a part of the Atlanta Hawks is celebrated as one of the best moments in his career. This was because he was able to make a jump in his points per game from a 6-point score to 12.6 points in just two years.

Then, he also became part of the Hawks Squad and played along with Kyle Korver, Jeff Teague, AI Horford, and Paul Millsap. Then comes his time as part of the Brooklyn Nets squad in the 2017-18 season. This topped off his game charts as he scored an average of 13.5 points per game that year.

Carroll Family In 2022

Just like any other time, Lesha Carroll remains ambiguous about her goals and activities. It seems she will be moving forward in her life without any interruptions from the public and the media. However, the activities of her husband, DeMarre are not exactly covered.

DeMarre Carroll on his social media
DeMarre Carroll on his social media. Source: Instagram@demarrecarroll1

One of the most talented players, DeMarre has now taken a new path of being a coach of basketball. Recently, it has been revealed that Carroll has joined coach, Milwaukee Bucks as his new assistant.

According to the source, DeMarre landed as the assistant of Milwaukee through his former coach Mike Budenholzer in the Atlanta Hawks. This has surprised not just the fans of DeMarre but also the entire fanbase of the NBA.


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