Ignacio Serricchio Shirtless Pictures - All Movies He Has Gone Without Shirts

Mon Jan 24 2022
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The star of General Hospital, Ignacio Serricchio, was gossipped for his role in the TV series 'The Inmate'. However, he had played similar roles in the past too.

In this sequel, Serricchio is tortured inside a prison somewhere in Mexico. He is beaten and abused inadequately.

Gossips of Serricchio in The Inmate

The body exposure of the Argentine actor in El Recluso buzzed among his fans. Even though it is normal for actors to be seen in such characters, his portrayal of  L├ízaro Mendoza in this TV Series has blown people's minds.

Ignacio Serricchio' s shirtless photo.
Shirtless Photo of Ignacio Serricchio (Source: themoinmontrose.tumblr.com)

The 2018 Netflix series left the viewers shocked all over the Internet. The Mule's star is appreciated for his hard work in portraying himself in that way.

Shirtless Scenes of The Netflix Star

Serricchio has been seen in lots of shirtless scenes in TV shows as well as in the movies. Further, the fitness lover has to do pretty many workouts to maintain his looks.

Kung Fu lover Serricchio appears sizzling and romantic in his abs and firm body.

Shirtless Movies of Ignacio Serricchio

The Syracuse University alumnus Ignacio Serricchio is often seen in movies with adult content. He is well stated for his shirtless scenes in the following movies and series:

  1. The Inmate
  2. Bad Asses
  3. Witches of East End

Serricchio in The Wedding Ringer

In this movie, Lost In Space star imitates being homosexual. The Wedding Ringer is a comedy film mixed with romance. 

Shirtless picture of Ignacio Serricchio from a TV series..
Photo of Ignacio Serricchio (Source: https://daytimeconfidential.com/)

More, Serricchio portrays Edmundo who is a marriage planner. He has to set a wedding for a fictional character for a gay man Doug Harris. 

What More About Ignacio Serricchio?

The Rebels actor Ignacio Serricchio has been in love controversy and even got divorced from his wife, Gabrielle Stone. According to his wife, he had an extra-marital affair with a 19-year-old girl. However, the girl has not been revealed in the public.

In the memoir of everything regarding her marriage and divorce with Serricchio, Stone published a book Eat, Pray, #FML on 20 June 2019.

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