Inside Brigitte Bardot's Many Marriages

Thu Jul 20 2023
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Bridgitte Bardot has been married numerous times: The French activist is a mother to one!  

Bridgitte Bardot, 88, is a world-renowned animal activist. She was the ultimate screen goddess before she gave it all up for the noble cause. Despite being away from the film industry since the 70s, Bardot remains a major inspiration and icon. Her best-known credits are Naughty Girl, The Truth, Famous Love Affairs, and more.  

Born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France, Bridgitte had a comfortable and prosperous childhood. Often referred to as one of the most iconic actresses and models of the 50s and 60s, Bardot burst onto the scene on Concert of Intrigue in 1954. The former actress has been married four times.  

Inside Bridgitte Bardot's Three Failed Marriages!  

Given her magnitude of stardom, Bardot's personal life has always been an open book, even if it's against her wish. The actress-turned-activist has walked down the aisle four times. And as for romantic relationships, Bridgitte, once considered one the most beautiful women in the world, has had many. The Truth actress was 18 when she first got married.   

Bridgitte Bardot is an Oscar-nominated actress.
Bridgitte Bardot is an animal activist and former actress. Photo Source: Instagram

Bardot married the man who is often credited for propelling her to stardom. She married director Roger Vadim on December 20, 1952. Roger wrote the script of a number of Bardot starring flicks before casting the beauty in his directorial debut, And God Created Woman, which immediately launched Bridgitte to the global audience. 

"I did not invent Brigitte Bardot. I simply helped her to blossom," Roger said of Bridgitte years after their divorce. The couple collaborated on a few more projects and by 1956, their marriage started unravelling. The pair's marriage ceased after Bridgitte fell in love with her And God Created the Woman co-star, Jean-Louis Trintignant, who was also married at the time.  

Bridgitte Bardot has been married four times.
Bardot was only 18 when she married her first husband, Roger Vadim. Photo Source: Instagram

Agreeing on a cordial relationship, Bardot and Roger went on to date other people. And as it turned out the French actress's tryst with Trintignant fizzled out amid his absence, and Bardot's affairs. It wasn't until 1959 that Bridgitte married her second husband, actor Jacques Charrier.   

The couple got hitched in June 1959 and welcomed a kid, Bridgitte's only son, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, in January 1960. Bardot has been open about her straying habits. The Oscar-nominated actress has gone on record to say that she looks for passion in a relationship, so, naturally, when the relationship turns lukewarm, Bardot looks for the zeal in another person.  

Bridgitte Bardot is a mother to one.
Brigitte infamously cheated on all her husbands. Photo Source: Instagram

The former actress's second marriage went downhill for the same reason. Bardot was embroiled in an affair with Glenn Ford after the birth of their son. The actress also let out her true feelings about motherhood. "I'm not made to be a mother," Bardot's infamous statement read. She and Charrier finalized their divorce in 1962 and her relationship with Charrier, and her son turned bitter aftermath.  

Bridgitte went estranged from her only son after their divorce and in 1997, her ex-husband, and son Nicolas sued the actress for making "hurtful remarks" in her memoir, Initiales B. B: Mémoires, in which she wrote that she saw her unborn son as a "cancerous tumor." The Naughty Girl actress has since restored her relationship with Jacques and their son.   

Bridgitte Bardot retired from her acting career in the 70s.
The iconic actress is a mother to one. Photo Source: Instagram

Despite her unconventional deportment and wandering behaviors, Bardot got married again. The animal activist married her third husband, Gunter Sachs, a late German millionaire, in May 1966. The actress says that she was instantly hypnotized by Sachs. Bardot's third marriage, too, ended because of her many affairs.  

Inside Bridgitte Bardot's Fourth Nuptial!  

Bridgitte may not be a cut out to be a good mother but she had it in her to play a good wife. The French actress only required a prolonged time period to learn that and of course, the right person. After her third divorce, the Famous Love Affairs actress was unmarried, albeit a serial dater, for over two decades.   

Bridgitte Bardot is married to Bernard D'Ornale.
Bardot married her fourth husband, Bernard D'Ormale, in 1992. Photo Source: Instagram

In 1980, she started dating and subsequently entered a live-in relationship with her now-husband, Bernard D’Ormale, a politician, and businessman. The pair weathered many tribulations, including Bardot's overdose, and cancer diagnosis, during their decade-long dating bliss, which perhaps equipped them to carry on their partnership for life.  

The actress and the businessman walked down the aisle in August 1992. They've been going strong ever since. And it seems that after over three decades of togetherness, Bernard is still tending to his seldom callous, but often prone perils wife.   

Bardot, 88, weathered many downs with her now-husband, Bernard! 

The retired actress was recently rushed to a hospital after she suffered breathing difficulties. Her husband assured fans that she is doing better. Bernard's statement read, "[Her breathing] was stronger than usual but she did not lose consciousness. Let's call it a moment of respiratory distraction." 

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