Inside Jenna Jameson's Controversial Dating History

Thu Jun 08 2023
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Jenna Jameson boasts a long dating history: She has been married twice!  

Jenna Jameson is one of the very few adult stars who've managed to break into mainstream media. Known for her decade-long stint in X-rated movies, Jameson experienced a meteoric rise in the industry in the 2000s. Despite being a controversial figure throughout her journey, Jenna was once the most downloaded person online.  

Born Jenna Marie Massoli on April 8, 1974, in Las Vegas, she had a poverty-ridden and tumultuous childhood. Although a self-proclaimed proud member of the porn industry, Jenna has always asserted that her wager in the business was a means to make ends meet. She retired from porn in 2008.  

Inside Jenna Jameson's Dating History!  

Since retiring from the porn industry over a decade ago, Jameson has carved a career in business and writing. The former pornstar is often in the news for an array of reasons, and her controversial love life usually precedes them.  

Jameson may have had carnal relationships with hundreds of men and women but she has only given her heart to a handful of them. Jameson once revealed that her unpleasant experience in a relationship was what prompted her to indulge in the porn business.   

Jenna Jameson is a former porn star.
Jenna Jameson retired from porn in 2008.
 Photo Source: Instagram 

Jenna's early romances aren't well covered by the media, but the former pornstar has taken it upon herself to keep a candid attitude. In her autobiography, Jameson revealed that her long list of ex-boyfriends includes high-profile names like Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee.  

Jameson and Manson allegedly dated for a brief period before she cut him off. The pornstar-turned-businesswoman shared how Manson's alarming behavior and weird sex fetishes irked her enough to dump him. Jenna dated musician Lee after he famously broke up with Pamela Anderson in 1998.   

Jenna Jameson retired from porn in 2008.
Jameson identifies as bisexual and even dated fellow adult star Nikki Tyler for several years. 
Photo Source: Instagram 

In her 2004 memoir, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, Jameson shared that Tommy was way "too affectionate for her." Jameson was candid about her sexuality when it was still considered taboo.  

She revealed her sexuality to be bisexual in the early 2000s and even flaunted her relationship with her then-fellow pornstar Nikki Tyler. Jenna and Tyler had an on-and-off relationship for many years and even lived together for a period. One of Jenna's most notable romances was with UFC icon Tito Ortiz.   

Jenna Jameson dated Tommy Lee.
Jenna's dating history includes Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee.  Photo Source: Instagram 

 Jenna and Tito met online and started dating in 2006. The pair were together for seven years, during which they welcomed twin sons, Jesse and Journey. But despite the enduring period, the couple's relationship was no less troublesome, with Jenna battling addiction and accusing Tito of domestic violence.  

Following her split from Ortiz in 2013, the UFC star was granted full custody of their kids. The former adult star was last dating diamond dealer Lior Bitton, who she seemingly started dating in 2015. The pair welcomed a daughter in 2017 and were engaged to be married, but have since called it off.  

Jenna Jameson has been Married Twice!  

Jameson confirmed her split from her longtime fiancé Lior Bitton earlier this year. The announcement comes almost a year after Bitton gave fans insight into Jenna's grim health. The couple later revealed that Jenna's illness was Guillain–Barré syndrome before revealing that it was a misdiagnosis.   

Jenna Jameson is a mother of three.
Jameson shares twin sons with her ex-partner, Tito Ortiz. Photo Source: Instagram 

Her called-off engagement with Bitton isn't the first time love has failed Jameson, who even converted to Judaism to marry Bitton. The former adult star has been married twice. Jenna's first husband is Canadian porn star/director Brad Armstrong.  

The pair met when Jameson was under contract with Wicked Pictures. Armstrong, famously referred to as "the king of porn," had already been married and divorced once when he and Jenna tied the knot in a whirlwind nuptial, in 1996.  

Jameson and her former partner, Bitton, revealed her health scare last year!  

The pair's marriage fizzled out after ten weeks but their divorce was only finalized in March 2001. Jameson's second marriage with former pornstar Jay Grdina was a longer stint. Grdina, who acted under the name Justin Sterling, was Jenna's only male sex partner onscreen until her retirement.  

The pair's onscreen relationship translated into real life at one point. The two got engaged in December 2000 and walked down the aisle in June 2003. The duo even started their internet porn company, ClubJenna in the 2000s.   

Jenna Jameson is dating Jessi Lawless.
Jameson is dating barber Jessi Lawless after her split from Bitton. Photo Source: Instagram 

The fellow adult stars-turned-spouses were planning to start a family in their newly-bought mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona. But life had other plans for Jameson, who ended things with Grdina and started dating Ortiz.  

Despite her disordered romantic history, Jameson continues to shoot her shot at love. After her fairly latest split from Bitton, the retired pornstar is already on to her new relationship. Jameson's new flame is rumored to be Jessi Lawless, a barber and influencer. 

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