Inside Joan Collins's Many Marriages

Mon Jun 19 2023
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Joan Collins has been married numerous times: The English actress is a mother to three!  

Joan Collins's latest pictures as she attends her only son, Alexander's book launch party has fans taking inspiration from the actress, who looks as stunning as ever at 90. Collins's decades-spanning career has earned many accolades, including a Golden Globe, two Soap Opera Digests, and an Emmy nomination. 

Collins' most memorable work includes The Road to Hong Kong, Warning Shot, Subterfuge, Dynasty, and Empire of the Ants. Born on May 23, 1933, in Paddington, London, she is one of the longest-standing stars from Hollywood's golden-age era. Although Joan's career trajectory has been a hell of a triumphing ride, we bet, the actress's personal journey will interest you more. 

Joan Collins' Many Tumultuous Marriages!  

If the men can do it so can women. Collins has been married five times and divorced four times. While we are certain that the actress didn't indulge in that many nuptials just to prove a point to her fellow male peers, and the world, it does make a strong feminist statement.  

Joan Collins is an actress and producer.
Actress Joan Collins married her first husband "out of shame" after he date-raped her. Photo Source: Instagram

The actress's first husband was actor Maxwell Reed. The duo tied the knot in May 1952 and got divorced in 1956. Joan was 17 and a virgin, and Reed was 31 when the two got hitched. The Dame revealed the truth behind her first marriage in the shocking 2022 documentary, This Is Joan Collins.  

The veteran actress claimed Reed had date-raped her before she decided to marry the actor "out of shame." "In those days, my mother would have said I was taken advantage of. Now, we call it date rape," said the Dynasty actress. The atrocity of being born and living in the archaic time didn't end there.   

Joan Collins claimed that her first husband date-raped her.
Collins ended things with her second husband, Anthony Newley, because of his infidel nature. Photo Source: Instagram

Collins recounted her rapist husband wanting to offer her to rich old men for £10,000 a time. Reed, who died of cancer in 1974, even got to claim alimony from Joan "for loss of earnings." Collins next married the late singer Anthony Newley, in 1963.  

Newly had given Joan a glimpse of his infidel tendency while they were dating and the actress had banished him from her life for that. But the marriage ensued after Newley made amends and promised Joan his loyalty. It wasn't long before the Dynasty actress realized what she had gotten herself into and the old saying reckoned- once a cheater, always a cheater.  

The duo welcomed two children before divorcing in 1970. Joan says she was determined to never exchange vows with another man, but life had other plans. Dame Joan met businessman Ronald S. Kass, who was then married with three kids, and yet, relentlessly pursued the actress.  

Joan married Kass in 1972 and welcomed a daughter the same year. The actress's third marriage almost led her to ruins. In her memoir, Collins shares how following a brief marital bliss, Kass's incompetency and heroin problems brought her family to financial ruin.   

Joan Collins has been married five times.
Collins said her fourth husband, Peter Holm, was a "calculating sociopath." Photo Source: Instagram

And just when Joan thought men couldn't disappoint her more, her fourth husband, singer Peter Holm, appeared in her life. The Dynasty defines Peter as "a mixture of an obdurate dullard and calculating sociopath." Infatuated by the 14-years younger Holm, Joan decided to put all her trust in the singer- only to experience the worst marriage.   

Joan's fourth union lasted only 13 months, during which Holm swindled his superstar wife. Peter took on the role of Joan's manager, accountant, and agent as soon as they moved in together. It was later revealed that Holm even had a girlfriend on the side, who he spoiled with Collins' money.   

Joan Collins is a mother to three.
Collins is a doting mother to three, who she had from two of her five marriages. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo's divorce was a nasty battle, with the estranged couple fighting for every material possession. The English actress agreed to pay $180,000 to Holm as they brought the acrimonious case to a close. Collins remained skeptical about marriage for over a decade and then, she met her future fifth husband.  

Inside Joan Collins's Fifth Ongoing Marriage!  

The Emmy-nominated actress married her fifth husband, producer Percy Gibson, on February 17, 2002. And it has surely been the charm. "Percy is the most honorable man I've ever met," Joan said about her husband with a restored faith in men. The couple met on the sets of a Percy-produced 2000 film, Love Letters.   

Joan Collins is married to Percy Gibson.
Joan married the love of her life, Percy Gibson, in 2002. Photo Source: Instagram

The 90-year-old actress often gushes about her enduring marriage with the producer on her Instagram. Collins has been open about their staggering age gap and how it never posed a problem between the two. "I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince," the actress wrote in her memoir, The World According to Joan.   

"I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince," said Collins.

Collins's fifth husband, Gibson, is a theatre and film producer. His credits include The Time of Their Lives, Banksy's Coming for Dinner, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The pair doesn't share any biological kids and are happily co-parenting Joan's three kids, Tara, Alexander, and Katyana, from her previous marriages.   

Joan's oldest kid, Tara Newley, 59, is a writer. Through her, the 90-year-old actress has two grandkids. The veteran actress's second child, Alexander Newley, 57, is also an author. Joan recently celebrated her son's latest novel, Divining The Human - The Art of Alexander Newley. Her youngest, Katyana Kass, 50, is the most private of all. 

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