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Sun Jun 11 2023
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Josh Duggar is married to Anna Keller with seven children: More about the convicted sex offender!  

Throughout his life in the spotlight, Josh Duggar has gone from being a reality star, a political consultant, a disgraced public figure, and to now, a convicted sex offender. Currently serving the second year of his 12.5 years in prison, for receiving and possessing child pornography, fans are boggled to find Duggar's married life still intact.  

Joshua James Duggar was born on March 3, 1988, in Tontitown, Arkansas, to politician Jim Bob Duggar, and his wife, Michelle; he is the oldest of his parents' nineteen children. Josh's large family had their one reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, and spinoff Counting On for a long time until Josh's slew of scandals doomed it all.  

Josh Duggar's Enduring Marriage with Anna!  

At this point, we are not sure if we should call their marriage enduring or obligatory, at least on Josh Duggar's wife, Anna's part. The 16 and Counting star and his wife, Anna Renee, met at a homeschooling convention in 2006 and started dating shortly.   

Josh Duggar is a former reality star and now a convicted sex offender.
Josh and his family rose to fame with TLC's '16 Kids and Counting.' Photo Source: Instagram

 Duggar proposed to Anna on her 20th birthday and married her after three months on September 26, 2008. Much of their early relationship was even chronicled on the TLC show. The couple welcomed their firstborn, Mackynzie, in October 2009, followed by six more kids throughout their scandalous years together.  

Anna has since played the perfect Christian wife to Duggar, who in turn, has consistently tarnished the family's name, and in the process, unveiled the dark truth behind the cult family, still masquerading as an ultrastrict religious people. 

Josh Duggar is married to Anna Renee Duggar.
Anna Duggar is reportedly still in denial about her husband's conviction. Photo Source: Instagram

Anna stayed by her husband's side even after the news of Duggar's many affairs came to light, and the doting housewife is still reluctant to abandon Josh as he spends his life as a convicted sex offender. A source recently revealed that Anna often visits Josh in prison with their seven children.  

Based on substantial evidence and statements from sources close to the family, Anna is still in denial of her husband's wrongdoings. The housewife overcame many disgraceful events in the past, including the time when Josh admitted to molesting his younger sisters when he was a teenager, in 2015, and a cheating scandal the same year.   

Josh Duggar is serving his 2nd year of 12.5 years in prison.
Josh admitted to molesting five young girls when he was a teenager. Photo Source: Instagram

While Anna has forgiven the reality star for those misdeeds, sources claim she is still in denial about Josh's conviction. The couple sought marriage counseling in the past, and are determined to walk through the ongoing turmoil as well.  

They don't believe in divorce. She's going to stand by her husband and she's going to continue raising their kids," an insider said after Josh's conviction last year. The Duggar family will be returning to reality television in the upcoming limited series, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, which will provide insight into the brood's strict upbringing.  

Josh and Anna Duggar's Massive Brood!  

Josh is almost halfway through beating his father in spawning his family. The 35-year-old convict is a father of seven young children, all of whose responsibilities have fallen on Anna after Josh's sentencing. A rep had explained how Anna's top priority amid this testing time is her kids, and will always be.    

The father of seven was convicted of child pornography in May 2022! 

The 19 Kids and Counting alums welcomed their first baby, Mackynzie, in October 2009. Aside from recurring appearances on her mom's social media, there is not much known about the eldest kid. Mackynzie's natural home birth was documented in the TLC show.  

Anna gave birth to the second of the brood, Michael, in June 2011. Followed by the birth of their third child, Marcus, in June 2013. Josh's expanding family was met with criticism when he was accused, and later admitted to molesting five girls, two of which were his own sisters, in May 2015; the reality star and his wife were expecting their fourth around the same time.   

Josh and Anna shares seven children.
The Duggar couple share seven children. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple welcomed daughter Meredith in July 2015 and despite the recent hurt he had caused to his family, Josh didn't flinch bringing yet another disgrace. The former reality star was embroiled in a cheating scandal in late 2015.  

The spouses asserted their belief in God and welcomed their fifth baby, Mason, in September 2017. The pair's sixth child, Maryella, was born two years later in November 2019. Anna's life was rocked once again when her husband got arrested under the charges of receiving and possessing child pornography, in April 2021.  

Josh Duggar was arrested under child pornography in 2022.
Anna gave birth to their youngest child just two weeks ahead of Josh's sentencing. Photo Source: Instagram

Josh's arrest came just days later the duo announced they were expecting their seventh kid on Instagram. Anna revealed the birth of their youngest, Madyson, just two weeks ahead of Duggar's child sex abuse trial, in October 2021.  

The 19 Kids and Counting fame was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison in May 2022. And while Josh's conviction was celebrated widely, many voiced their concerns for the duo's children, who, according to sources, are vaguely aware of their father's crimes.  

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