Inside Lisa Kudrow's Enduring Conjugal Life

Tue Aug 01 2023
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Lisa Kudrow has been married to Michael Stern since 1995: Complete story here!   

Lisa Kudrow will forever be associated with her onscreen alter-ego, Phoebe Buffay, the quirky one of the six famous Friends. It's true that the whole of Kudrow's professional and personal life is overshadowed by her long tenure on the ever-green sitcom, and believe it or not, Kudrow has done some other laudable work since wrapping up the sitcom in 2004.  

Born Lisa Valerie Kudrow on July 30, 1963, in Encino, Los Angeles, she kicked off her career as a member of the notable comedic troupe, The Groundlings, in the early 90s. Lisa was experiencing hard luck in comedy and television when her breakout role made its way to her in 1994.  

Inside Lisa Kudrow and Michael Stern's Withstanding Conjugal Life!  

Kudrow's real life couldn't be more different than her reel life. Unlike her fan-favorite character, Phoebe, who had a rocky personal life, and an unbridled way of life, Lisa is pretty much living a conventional lifestyle. In fact, Kudrow had just nabbed her life-changing role in the sitcom when her husband, Michael Stern, made his way into her life.   

Lisa Kudrow is an Emmy-nominated actress.
Lisa Kudrow is best known for starring in 'Friends.' Photo Source: Instagram

Kudrow is only one of the six Friends members who has been married once and never divorced. Kudrow's now-husband, Michael, a French advertising executive, was dating Lisa's French roommate, in the 80s. Kudrow has no qualms in admitting that she felt sparks for the French bloke but didn't act on it out of morality.  

But when the two reconnected again after some years in the 90s, things wondrously worked out for them. The Friends alum married her French beau on May 27, 1995, in Malibu, with her family, friends, and the newly-famous Friends cast members in attendance. Kudrow and her husband welcomed a son son in 1998 and that was it.   

Lisa Kudrow is married to Michael Stern.
The actress has been married to Michael Stern for over thirty years. Photo Source: Instagram

Despite having the most successful marriage of the Friends cast and most Hollywood stars, Kudrow, and Michael have kept their lives very private. Besides their handful of red-carpet appearances, and a conversation or two about each other, the twosome pretty much keep it to themselves.  

And like every long-married couple, Lisa and Stern have their own beliefs, and secrets to keep their marriage thriving. "When [Michel and I] decided to get married," Lisa explained, adding, "we understood: We're not promising to love each other forever because you can't do that, but we are promising to work on whatever problems come up."   

Lisa Kudrow briefly dated Conan O'brien.
Kudrow briefly dated comedian Conan O'Brien in the 80s. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple rarely give fans insights into their marriage but when the unprecedented pandemic hit in 2020, Kudrow shared how it strengthen her family. The P.S. I Love You actress and her family were locked in their other home in Palm Springs and the lockdown turned into a great opportunity to bond.  

Get to Know Lisa Kudrow's Husband and Son!  

Thanks to her decade-long tenure on the NBC sitcom and a myriad of other acting roles, Lisa is a globally-recognized star. But her husband and son, only known because of her stardom, aren't as familiar as her. Kudrow's husband of thirty years, Stern, is a big Friends fan.   

Lisa Kudrow's husband is a advertising execitive.
Kudrow's husband, Stern, is a France-born advertising executive. Photo Source: Instagram

Michael was in the advertising industry when he met and later married Kudrow. The rest of Stern's work history and his life before Lisa is tightly wrapped. Stern has no problem being the lesser-known of the two. In fact, for the France-born advertising executive, the less attention, the better.  

Throughout his decades-long marriage and association with the popular sitcom star, Stern has been tight-lipped, and Kudrow has done all of the talking. "We respect each other's independence," the Emmy-nominated actress once shared. She added, "I don't like to travel. So if he wants to go on a golf trip, he goes."    

Lisa shares how her only son would call Aniston his mom! 

The couple's only son, Julian Murray Stern, practically grew up on the sets of Friends. Kudrow was pregnant with Julian when the show's writer famously included Phoebe's pregnancy storyline in the fourth, and fifth seasons. Lisa's son was so familiar and close with Lisa's cast members, especially with Jennifer Aniston, that he'd refer to Aniston as mom.  

Lisa once revealed that it was Julian's wish to be the only kid that convinced them to not welcomed more kids. "[He] made it clear from the moment he could speak that he didn't want a brother or sister," Kudrow shared. Besides receiving the undivided attention of his parents, Julian has also grown up to relate to his mom's career.   

Lisa Kudrow is a mother to one.
Lisa's son graduated with a degree in cinematic arts in 2021. Photo Source: Instagram

Kudrow's son has so far dabbled in acting and cinematography and is actively pursuing his dream. He has a degree in cinematic arts from the prestigious University of Southern California. "Happy proud HAPPY. And a little crying. By me not him," Lisa wrote while commemorating her son's graduation in 2021.  

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