Inside Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson's Conjugal Life

Thu Jul 06 2023
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Rob McElhenney has been married to Kaitlin Olson for over a decade: Complete story here!  

Known for portraying the conflicted buffoon, Ronald "Mac" McDonald in the award-winning sitcom, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, also starring Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney is an actor, producer, comedian, and writer.  

Rob also draws massive credibility as the co-creator and executive producer of the FX sitcom, which is now the longest-running live-action sitcom. Born Robert McElhenney III in Philadelphia, it's easy to see how Rob's childhood inspired the fan-favorite sitcom.  

McElhenny was eight when his parents got divorced and his mother came out as a lesbian, similar to his character in the sitcom, who came from a broken family, and after boasting around for seasons, announced himself as gay. Rob also co-created and stars in the hit Apple+ series, Mythic Quest.  

Inside Rob McElhenney's Enduring Marriage with Kaitlin Olson!  

The ship is stronger than you think. McElhenney, 46, has been married to actress Kaitlin Olson, 47, since 2008. The duo's stable relationship recently sparked a split rumor, with sources alleging that the Mythic Quest actor had been unfaithful to Olson. Now, we aren't sure what led the rumor mills to churn the untrue claim, but Rob and Olson aren't keeping mum.   

Rob McElhenney is married to Kaitlin Olson.
Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson have been married since 2008. Photo Source: Instagram

McElhenney and his wife took to Twitter and gave it back to the gossipmongers. "It was me who had the affair. But it was not with someone from Wales. It was with a whale. I've always loved whales," Kaitlin joked in the tweet while referring to the rumor about her husband having an affair in Wales.   

McElhenney also chimed in to stretch the fun. "Sad to admit that the rumor is true. However some of the details are incorrect," Rob tweeted. The fun-loving duo goes way back. It was McElhenney who first developed a crush on Kaitlin while watching her in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Rob hired Kaitlin to play Dee Reynolds in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in 2005.    

Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson started dating in 2006.
The pair recently sparked split rumors. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo began dating shortly after but kept their romance under wraps. The duo's co-star, Ellis, recalls the moment the couple broke the exciting news to their cast members. "They were like, 'We have something to tell you guys,'" Ellis recounts before sharing how Olson started crying and expressing her love for Rob.  

A year after their on-the-set romance, McElhenney and Olson got engaged. Rob executed Kaitlin's dream beach proposal at their co-star, Danny DeVito's beach house in Malibu. The duo walked down the aisle on September 27, 2008, at a vineyard, in Malibu.    

The pair started dating while starring in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' 

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia couple has since welcomed two kids. The twosome continues to gush about each other after so many years together. The pair reflected on their enduring romance earlier this year in Rob's podcast, The Always Sunny Podcast. Olson dished on how she fell for the actor after witnessing his work ethic, kind and funny nature.  

Get to Know Rob McElhenney's Wife and Kids!  

McElhenney's beloved wife, Kaitlin Olson, may not be as renowned as him, but she certainly boasts a stellar profile. Kaitlin is also a comedian, which might explain the witty dynamic between the spouses. A native of Oregon, she started her career with the sketch comedy troupe, The Groundlings, and slowly made her way into acting.   

Rob McElhenney and Olson share two sons.
The pair are doting parents to two sons. Photo Source: Instagram

Olson's early credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Drew Carey Show, Out of Practise, Punk'd, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Olson recently worked in the comedy-thriller film, Arizona, Agent Elvis, Hacks, and Champions. Besides being a loving wife and a career woman, Kaitlin is also a mother to Rob's two sons.  

The couple welcomed their firstborn, Axel Lee, in September 2010. Olson revealed that she had a home birth. "I went into labor at the Phillies/Dodgers game on Tuesday night," the comedian-turned-actress said as she looked back at the special moment.  

Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson have denied split rumors.
Rob compared Olson's parenting approach to that of a lioness. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple named their first son after a character named Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. A year after becoming first-time parents, McElhenney and Olson announced that they were expecting their second kid. "We're having a boy! We're so happy that Axel gets to have a brother so close in age," Kaitlin said at the time.  

The Mick actress gave birth to their second son, Leo Grey, in April 2012. The doting mother shared that she went into 23 long hours of labor to bring Leo into the world. The pair rarely bring their kids in public and are seemingly very protective of their pre-teen sons. McElhenney once compared Kaitlin's parenting approach to that of a lioness.  

Kaitlin Olson is an actress and comedian.
McElhenney's wife, Olson, is also an actress and comedian. Photo Source: Instagram

Calling her wife "extremely protective" of their sons, Rob said, "I fear oftentimes for my life if I cross a line. I'm afraid she's going to snap my f— neck. The way a female lion might with her cubs,"  

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