Inside Robin Williams's Three Marriages

Mon Jul 24 2023
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Late actor Robin Williams was married three times. The Oscar winner is survived by his three kids!  

Legendary actor Robin Williams would've turned 72nd on this July 21. The actor entertained the world with his immaculate acting chops for nearly four decades, starring in some of the most memorable flicks of cinema, including Jumanji, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Fisher King, Dead Poet Society, and more.  

What many didn't know about the beloved actor was that Williams's geniuses and benevolent deportment were coincidingly marred by his demons. The Oscar nominee died by suicide in August 2014 after a long battle with depression, anxiety, and a neurological disorder. Fans across the world paid tribute to Williams, who is now survived by his widow and three kids.  

The Truth About Robin Williams' Two Failed Marriages!  

Williams was a great actor and an ardent philanthropist at heart but even his most loyal fans would agree that the Oscar nominee wasn't the best husband. In the course of his 63 years on earth, the Jumanji actor walked down the aisle three times and had trysts with a number.   

Robin Williams was an Oscar-nominated actor.
Robin Williams died of suicide in August 2014. Photo Source: Instagram

Williams was a couple of years short of attending his stardom and still pursuing his passion when he met Valerie Velardi, in 1976. The timeline of Robin's relationship with Valerie overlaps with the actor's live-in relationship with comedian Elayne Boosler, with whom he reportedly shared a romantic tie from 1976 to 1978.  

The Good Will Hunting actor left Booster the same year he married Valerie. The couple went on to welcome a son in 1983. The duo had a marriage as normal and low-profile as any other serious Hollywood couple, but like every marriage, it had its secret. Velardi unveiled the truth behind her long-dissolved marriage after Williams's death.    

The documentary on the late actor, 'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind,' examined the actor's life!

In the documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, made to better understand the comic genius's life, Valerie recalled enduring her husband's infidelity throughout their marriage. "He loved women. And I got it. I understood and I wanted him to have that. But I also wanted him to come home," Robin's first wife said.   

Robin Williams died of suicide in 2014.
Robin allegedly cheated on his first wife, Valeria Velardi. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo's dysfunctional relationship came to an end in 1988. Several sources have claimed that The Fisher King actor started romancing Marsha Garces Williams, his son's nanny, and future second wife, while he was still married to Valerie. Williams and Garces tied the knot on April 30, 1989, and welcomed two kids. 

During their over two-decade-long conjugal life, Williams changed Marsha's life, taking her from being a nanny and his wife to becoming his work partner. Marsha started off as her husband's P. A and subsequently started a production house, Blue Wolf Production, with the late actor. 

Williams's second marriage came to a halting end when Marsha filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences" in 2008. The estranged spouses finalized their legal separation in 2010 and Marsha was reportedly endowed with a hefty sum.  

Robin Williams was married three times.
The actor was married to his second wife, Marsha, for over two decades. Photo Source: Instagram

It's not known if the pair shared any relationship after their divorce but Garces was heartbroken upon hearing her ex-husband's tragic death in 2014. . "Please remember the gentle, loving, generous – and yes, brilliant and funny – man that was Robin Williams," an excerpt of Marsha's statement read.    

Robin Williams was a Married Man At the Time of His Death!  

The legendary actor had a thriving conjugal life and career when he took his own life by hanging in August 2014. Williams had long struggled with a neurodegenerative disorder called Lewy Body Dementia before he took the unfortunate step. The Dead Poet Society actor left behind his third wife, Susan Schneider, and his three kids from his previous marriages.   

Robin Williams battled a brain disease all his life.
Robin was married to Susan Schneider at the time of his death. Photo Source: Instagram

The Good Will Hunting actor and Susan, a graphic designer, crossed paths in 2007. The couple probably connected after Robin's second wife filed for divorce in 2008, or it could've been a development of an illicit affair. Either way, Robin married Susan in October 2011 and started another low-key marriage with his wife.  

Susan mostly remained out of the spotlight throughout her marriage with the late comedian, but she opened up about the actor's battle after his death. Susan blamed Robin's suicide on his brain disease. "Robin wanted to end the disease – he just didn't realize that meant he would end, too," said Robin's now-widow.  

Robin Williams's Three Kids!  

The late actor was a doting father of three and as any loving father would, Williams left most of his possessions to his three kids. The Oscar nominee's oldest son, Zachary, who he welcomed with his first wife, is a businessman. He founded a mental health brand, Prepare Your Mind, which produced naturally occurring neurotransmitters, after his father's death.   

Robin Williams had three children.
Williams was a doting father of three. Photo Source: Instagram

Zak dabbled in acting, with credits in The Graduates, Slow Your Roll: Extreme Comedy, and more. He married Olivia June in 2020 and the duo share a son. Robin's second kid, Zelda, born to him and Marsha, is an actress. Zelda's acting credits include In Search of Dr. Seuss, Nine Months, Detention, and more. She is also a director, producer, and writer.  

The late actor's youngest, Cody, also a product of his marriage with Marsha, is the least known, and most private of his three kids. He has been married to Maria Flores since 2019. Robin's oldest two recently honored their father on what would have been his 72nd birthday.  

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