Inside Robin Wright's Star-Studded Romantic History

Wed Jun 14 2023
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Actress Robin Wright has been married three times: She is a doting mother of two!  

Robin Wright's decades-long career as an actress has endowed her with many accolades, including a Golden Globe, Soap Opera Award, and many Emmy nominations. Wright was introduced to the world as Kelly Capwell in the loved NBS soap opera, Santa Barbara.

The then-young star catapulted to impeccable stardom with The Princess Bride at age 21. Now 57, Robin has cemented a stellar acting resume, with roles in House of Cards, Empire Falls, Ozark, and more; all while navigating a pretty hectic personal life. The Emmy nominee is a three-time divorcee with two kids.  

Robin Wright's Star-Studded Romantic History!  

The Texas-born actress has dated a handful of A-listers throughout her career and only three of them have been lucky enough to marry her. Wright was a rookie actress, starring in Santa Barbara when she met her first future husband, actor Dane Witherspoon.   

Robin Wright is a Golden Globe-winning actress.
Robin Wright was married to her 'Santa Barbara co-star, Dane Witherspoon. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo's fast-paced romance escalated quickly and the two tied the knot in 1986, on the set of the soap opera. But their nuptial ended earlier than expected, with the pair calling it quit after only two years in 1988. Both Wright and Witherspoon started dating new partners a year later.  

Witherspoon- to playwright Tracy Shaffer and Wright to Oscar winner Sean Penn. Robin's first ex-husband passed away in 2014. The House of Cards actress famously started dating the Mystic River actor, Sean Penn, in 1989. Just like Robin, Penn was fresh out of his first nuptial with Madonna.   

Robin Wright was married to Sean Penn.
Robin has been married three times. Photo Source: Instagram

Some might say that Robin's high-profile romance with the Oscar winner affected her career, as she turned down a headlining role in the 1991 blockbuster, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, because she was pregnant with Sean's first child, Dylan Frances, born in April 1991.

Robin's second pregnancy with Penn again cost her a coveted role in the Tom Cruise headliner, The Firm. Despite mothering Penn's two children and bearing several career setbacks, the duo's relationship was on-and-off, even after their 1996 nuptials. The doting parents of the two eventually called it quit for good in July 2010.   

Robin Wright was engaged to actor Ben Foster.
Wright filed for divorce from her third husband, Clément Giraudet, in 2022. Photo Source: Instagram

Following her divorce from Penn, the soap opera star started dating actor Ben Foster. During their three-year-long relationship, Wright and Foster got engaged twice, but never made it to the alter. The blonde beauty spent her last conjugal life with Clément Giraudet, a Saint Laurent executive.  

Wright and Giraudet sparked romance rumors in 2017 and quietly became spouses a year later. Although brief, the duo's marriage was well documented on Instagram. The actress filed for divorce from the fashion executive in September 2022.  

Robin Wright Co-Parents Two Kids with Sean Penn!  

Wright's three marriages may have taught her a thing or two about romantic relationships, and how they can be blissful and turbulent at the same time, but one of the three nuptials gave her the joy of motherhood. Wright and her then-husband, Penn, were an ideal family model for a long time, and now, they are the epitome of an amicably estranged family.    

Robin and Sean were recently spotted having a quality time in L.A.

Wright jumped into her fierce single-mom mode right after filing for divorce in August 2009. The actress has compromised much during her on-off relationship with Penn and now that the marriage was over, Wright had to redeem her career for herself and the kids.  

She signed on a number of projects, including A Christmas Carol and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, at the time, and also relocated to Southern California to raise her kids away from Hollywood's glam world. The ever-reticent actress dished on how she didn't want her children to be disconnected from Hollywood influence.   

Robin Wright denies dating rumors with her ex, Sean Penn.
Wright says being friends with her ex-husband, Penn, is "a gift." Photo Source: Instagram

After their initial bumpy post-divorce bond, Wright and Penn came around eventually, and have since maintained a healthy friendship. The exes were recently spotted enjoying a happy time in Los Angeles and the inevitable question- regarding any rekindling spark was raised.  

The Santa Barbara actress denied the romance rumors and called Sean a good friend. "To be friends with the father of your children, I mean, it's a gift," Wright said in an interview. Hence, it goes without saying that not only do Wright and Penn get along well, but the duo also make great co-parents to their adult kids.  

Get to Know Robin Wright's Children!  

Robin gave birth to her firstborn, daughter Dylan Frances Penn, in April 1991. An actress now, Dylan previously worked as a model. She has posed for numerous brands' campaigns, like Gap, Ralph Lauren, and graced many magazine covers.   

Robin Wright is a doting mother of two.
Wright shares two kids with her ex-husband, Sean Penn. Photo Source: Instagram

As for her acting career, Dylan has credits in Condemned, Elvis & Nixon, and Flag Day, starring her Oscar-winning dad, and also directed by him. Dylan has a younger brother, Hopper Jack Penn, born to the estranged couple in August 1993.  

Hopper has been candid about his long battle with Crystal Meth Addiction. In a rare interview, Hopper credited his father for helping him fight the addiction. And while at it, Hopper also let the tough conversation out as the kid of divorced parents.  

"Honestly? I was pretty mad because they had split up before and then got back together," Hopper said while reflecting on his parent's unstable marriage. Since kicking the addiction, Hopper has also dabbled in acting. He has worked in The Last Face, Between Worlds, Flag Day, and Signs of Love.  

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