Inside Sienna Miller's Dating History

Mon Sep 18 2023
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Inside Sienna Miller's tumultuous dating history: The actress is expecting her second baby!  

Fame knocked on a young Sienna Miller's door pretty early and so did intense media scrutiny. The American-British actress, born in New York and raised in London, now knows it better than to let others overstep her, or cause her any kind of turmoil. "It's a miracle that I actually retained a career and a life," says the actress who has weathered a dark side of stardom.  

Born Sienna Rosie Diana Miller on December 28, 1981, in New York City. A few years of modeling and acting stint landed Sienna her breakthrough role as Tammy in the critically acclaimed Layer Cake, in 2004. And after what turned out to be a great scenario of fast ascension to fame, marred with a number of notorious moments, and an expected hiatus, Miller popped back on the screen in 2012 and reclaimed her rightful place.  

Complete Deets on Sienna Miller's Dating History!   

There have been ample tales of Miller's rocky romantic life. From an early scandalous split and being termed a home-wrecker, to a gay encounter while in a heterosexual relationship, Miller has weathered many ups and downs, and often unleashed the same pain onto her partners.   

Sienna Miller is an English actress.
Sienna Miller was engaged to Jude Law. Photo Source: Instagram

The Brit was in her early 20s when she started dating actor Jude Law, who was a divorced father of two at the time. If Hollywood adherents can recall, the story doesn't end with much dignity. The duo met on the sets of Alfie and started dating shortly after. Sienna and Law got engaged in late 2004 but before the couple could start their happily ever after, Law cheated on Sienna with his kids' nanny.   

The Factory Girl actress gave Law another chance after the actor persuaded her relentlessly. The fans and media were left baffled when Miller sparked cheating rumors with Daniel Craig, Law's good friend. "It was not a relationship; it was a brief encounter," the Brit said, not making any difference to others' perceptions of her spiteful nature.   

Sienna Miller was engaged to Jude Law.
The actress shares a daughter with Tom Sturridge. Photo Source: Instagram

In 2005, Sienna was briefly linked with Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, who was then publicly dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen. When the Alfie actress sparked dating rumors with her then-BFF Keira Knightly's ex, Jamie Dorman, it was as if Miller had sworn to delve into only unprincipled relationships.  

The actress, still unstirred and seemingly immune to the negative publicity, continued her shady dating ways. She was blamed for wrecking Diddy's long-going relationship with Kim Porter in 2007. The BAFTA-nominated actress's strings of illicit romances piled up when she was linked with Balthazar Getty, again a committed man, in 2008.     

Miller's then-fiancĂ©, Jude Law, cheated on her with his kids' nanny! 

Miller was accused of inflicting deliberate pain on actor Rhys Ifans after months of dating. "I really thought I was ready to settle down, but then I realized I wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer," said the Brit while addressing her split from Ifans.   

Sienna Miller shares a daughter with Tom Sturridge.
Miller was last engaged to Lucas Zwirner. Photo Source: Instagram

From 2011 to 2015, the actress experienced her first incorruptible relationship in a long time with actor Tom Sturridge. The duo welcomed a daughter, Marlowe, before eventually splitting ways. The Layer Cake actress was briefly engaged to Lucas Zwirner in 2020. "I was never somebody who dreamt of getting married," Miller said, unabashed, and breezy as ever.  

Who is Sienna Miller Dating?  

Sienna has been dating aspiring actor and model, Oli Green, since early 2022. The couple, who share an age of 15 years, are way ahead in their relationship as they are expecting their first kid, Sienna's second. The news about Sienna's pregnancy in August and the actress debuted her bump at the Vogue World Show earlier this week.   

Sienna Miller is dating Oli Green.
Sienna Miller has been dating Oli Green since early 2022. Photo Source: Instagram

Although much of Miller and Green's love story is a wrapped story, including their meet-cute, the twosome were first spotted together in NYC in early 2022. But even her relationship with Oli hasn't been without a little marred news. The Layer Cake actress was spotted making out with Cara Delevingne during her early romance rumors with Green.  

Miller's budding romance with Green has been attracting biased shaming as the actress is 15 years older than her beau. Sienna, however, couldn't care any less. "There's a misogyny that is ingrained in men of my age and older that I don't see in [the] generation below," said the Brit while listing the pros of dating younger men.  

Sienna Miller is pregnant with her second baby.
Miller and Green are expecting a baby. Photo Source: Instagram

Sienna's young flame, Green, is an alumnus of Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York. His acting credits include 2023's A Good Person, The Crown, and a few more.  

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