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Sun May 21 2023
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Sylvester Stallone has been married three times and is a father to five!  

Sylvester Stallone's career is taking a big turn as the actor gears up to exhibit his personal life on a reality show for the first time. Stallone's new reality show, The Family Stallone, premiered on Paramount+ on May 19, giving fans fresh insight into the actor's blended family.  

Famed and loved as the star whose Hollywood success story is nothing short of rags to riches. Stallone, 76, is an Academy-nominated actor and filmmaker. Some of his memorable credits are Rocky, First Blood, Creed, and Cop Land. With the Stallone family's reality show, Sylvester's personal life is the only thing people are talking about.  

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin nearly Ended Their Romance! 

Stallone's conjugal life with his wife, Jennifer Flavin, is the focus of the upcoming Paramount + show. Stallone and Flavin's life together has been one hell of a bumpy ride. Sylvester's wife, Flavin, 54, is a former model turned entrepreneur and business owner. 

Sylvester Stallone is an Oscar-nominated actor.
Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have been married for over twenty-five years. 
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Stallone and Flavin started dating in 1988 and 1994. Moreover, the Rocky actor dumped her over the model Janice Dickinson.

It wasn't long before Sylvester won Flavin back after Dickinson gave birth to someone else's daughter, who Stallone initially believed to be his offspring. Things sailed smoothly for the pair after they rekindled their romance. 

Jennifer Flavin Welcomed Sylvester Stallone's First Kid Before The Wedding

Jennifer Flavin gave birth to Sylvester Stallone's first daughter, Sophia, a few months before the marriage. The First Blood actor and his baby mama finally walked down the aisle on May 17, 1997, in a civil ceremony, at The Dorchester Hotel in London.   

The family's latest reality show, The Family Stallone, premiered on May 19! 

Flavin gave birth to their second daughter, Sistine, an aspiring actress, in 1998. The family's upcoming reality show gives a glimpse of Sistine revealing an alleged pregnancy in front of the family, which turns out to be a prank on their dad on his 76th birthday.   

 Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have been married for over twenty-five years.
The pair briefly parted ways last year. 
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The duo's family came to a completion in 2002 with the birth of their youngest daughter, Scarlett. But it wasn't the start of happily ever after for the couple.

The actor and his wife underwent many ups and downs throughout their marriage. Stallone and his wife still come off as an enduring and enviable couple. But their far-from-the-perfect marriage unraveled after their 25th anniversary in May 2022. 

Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone Almost Broke Up in 2022!

Stallone and Jennifer showered each other with heartfelt tributes on their anniversary. Just as fans assumed that things couldn't be better for the pair, Flavin filed for divorce two months later, in August. 

Insiders revealed that the long-married couple had been tackling challenges for the past few years, and they saw the divorce coming. The estranged spouses decided to give it another shot calling off the divorce in September.   

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin briefly separated last year.
The 'Rocky' actor and his wife are doting parents to three daughters. Photo Source: Instagram

Sources close to the couple claimed that Sylvester and Flavin agreed to talk and work out their differences. The Creed actor has since reflected on his near-divorce from Flavin and even confirmed that the tumultuous time will be available on their upcoming show.  

Sylvester Stallone's Previous Marriages!  

Sylvester Stallone didn't get it right on the first try, nor his second. Jennifer Flavin is Sylvester's third wife. The Rocky star was in his 20s when he married for the first time.

The Academy-nominated actor was in his 20s and still treading as an up-and-coming actor when he started courting photographer Sasha Czack, who'd become his first wife.  

Sylvester Stallone has been married three times.
Stallone lost his oldest son, Sage, who he shares with his first ex-wife, to heart disease, in 2012. 
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Stallone and Sasha tied the knot on December 28, 1974. Sylvester's first wife, Czack, who now remains an oblivious name, was once an aspiring actress. Although not much is known about their marriage, it is believed that Czack was the woman who stood beside Stallone when he was yet to break through the industry. 

Allegedly, Sasha gave up on her dreams to tend to her husband. During their decade-long marriage from 1974 to 1985, Sylvester welcomed two sons with his ex-partner.

Stallone and his ex-wife gave birth to the actor Sage Stallone, who tragically passed away of heart disease in 2012, and Seargeoh, who suffers from autism and is now the oldest kid Stallone.  

The Cop Land actor later revealed that their second's deteriorating health was the main factor in their split. Following his divorce from Sasha, Stallone delved into his second marriage, shockingly enough, in the same years as his divorce.   

Sylvester Stallone is a doting father of five.
The actor was married to actress Brigitte Nielson for two years.
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The actor-turned-filmmaker and actress Brigitte Nielsen got hitched on December 15, 1985, in Beverly Hills, California. The whirlwind romance and the subsequent marriage proved as a mistake, as it came to a halting stop after two years.  

Much was said and covered about their brief-yet high-profile marriage, with Nielson even getting embroiled in a spat with Sylvester's mother, Jackie Stallone. During their combative gusto, Jackie called Nielson "the poorest example of a female I've ever known."  

Despite their ill-fated marriage, Stallone and his second wife kept a professional relationship and even worked in a handful of flicks, including Creed II, Cobra, and more. 

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