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Relationship Timeline Of George Soros

Ex-wife : Annaliese Witschak
Annaliese Witschak and George Soros married in 1960 and divorced in 1983.

George Soros, a well-known name, is a Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist. He created the Open Society Foundation and is also known by the name, The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England.

Soros is successful in his professional life having billions of fortunes as his net worth. But, how about the businessman's romantic life? Let's know about George's marriages and wives.

Relationship Status: Who Is George Soros's Wife Now?

Currently, George Soros is happily married to his third wife Tamiko Bolton. The beautiful couple who first met each other at a party in 2008 has now completed their decade-long marital life.

Bolton and Soros both got attracted to each other at first glance. Later, the romantic pair started dating each other and announced their engagement in August 2012. Tamiko and George married on September 21, 2013.

George Soros and his third wife Tamiko Bolton.
George Soros and his third wife Tamiko Bolton. Source: YEN News

Shortly after, the billionaire businessman, George, went down on his knee and proposed to Tamiko. The love bird's weekend visit to the beach on Long Island in the Hamptons turned into a magical and romantic trip.

However, their marriage sparked many problems. The couple has a huge age gap. Tamiko is 40 years younger than George.

George Soros's Third Wedding With Tamiko Bolton

After saying Yes, and nodding to be the wife of Soros, Tamiko started preparing for their big day. George married Bolton and made her their third wife in front of 500 guests on their wedding days.

The September wedding ceremony was attended by many VIP officials including, Kimba Wood and a federal judge. George's wife's wedding dress was designed by Reem Accra known for designing gowns for Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.

Following the wedding ceremony was an after party which was held at Cameroon Center for Music and Arts, Manhattan. It was attended by 300 people who were asked to donate the money to charity instead of bringing wedding gifts.

Did you Know George Soros Was Married Twice Before Marrying Tamiko Bolton? Know His Previous Wives

The American billionaire, Soros was already married twice. George was first married to Annaliese Witschak. Following their divorce, he married Susan Weber.

What was the cause of George's divorce from both of his wives? Also, how was the relationship between Soros and his ex-wives? Let's peek into it.

George Soros's First Wife, Annaliese Witschak

While Soros was at an outdoor concert in Berkshire, he met a beautiful woman. She was Analiese Witschak that stole the heart of an American Philanthropist in that very concert. 

A portrait of Annaliese Witschak.
A portrait of Annaliese Witschak. Source: kmesh

George and Annaliese got married in 1960. Witschak, even though is not Jewish, was liked by Soro's parents. Their marriage leads to the birth of three children.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last forever. Witschak and Soros finalized their divorce in 1978 after being married for 18 years. The reason for the divorce was due to George's infidelity.

George's Second Wife, Susan Weber

Following the divorce, George re-married Susan Weber in 1983. Weber is an American historian and the founder and director of the Bard Graduate Center for Studies.

Susan and George remained married for 22 years. Before their divorce in 2005, the couple became parents of two children. 

George Soros Is The Father Of Five Children With Two Different Wives

Geoge Soros does not share any child with his third wife, Tamiko Bolton. But, the American Philanthropist has five children from his previous marriages.

Here is a list of Soro's five children alongside their personal details.

Name   Mother's NameDate of Birth  Profession
Robert Soros   Analiese Witschak1963Founder of Central European University in Budapest
Andrea Soros   Analiese WitschakJune 11, 1965Environmentalist
Jonathan Soros   Analiese WitschakSeptember 10, 1970CEO of JS Capital Management LLC
Alexander SorosSusan Weber1985Philanthropist
Gregory SorosSusan Weber1988Artist

George Soros's Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

The American Philanthropist and financier, George Soros was born on August 12, 1930. He escaped his birthplace Budapest and went to the United Kingdom in 1947. Soros was raised alongside his brother, Paul, by their parents, Elizabeth ( Mother) and Trivadar (Father).

George Soros was born in Hungary.
George Soros was born in Hungary. Source: Pinterest

Soros survived the Nazis as well as World War II. Growing up in England, George was schooled at the London School of Economics.

The business magnate, George graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy in 1951. Later, he received a Master's degree in the same field in 1954. Following his graduation, Soros wanted to work as a professor at University but his grades were not enough.

What Is George Soros's Net Worth? 

George Soros has a jaw-dropping net worth of $7 Billion. The business magnate has lots of wealth in his name. Soros with his immense money has been successful to enlist his name in Bloomberg's list of the 500 wealthiest people.

Soros's primary source of income is Source Management Foundation. Over the years, this foundation has generated more than $30 Billion in profit. From the Quantum Group of Companies, George sold billions of pounds before devaluation and brought it back later making him $1 Billion.

 George Soros's Southhampton estate.
 George Soros's Southhampton estate. Source: YouTube 9 Figure Life


In addition to this, the billionaire has shares in many companies like Qualcom Inc, Alphabet Inc, etc. Soros also collected some amounts from his books.

Being a student of the economy, George is pretty wise with money. He became a financier and investor following his graduation. It helped Soros to amass the huge fortune that he enjoys today.

George Soros's House, Assets & Properties

The Billionaire George has many houses scattered over the United States. He also owns a duplex in Manhattan with a view of Central Park.

George Soros owns a duplex in Manhattan
George Soros owns a duplex in Manhattan. Source: YouTube 9 Figure Life

Soros enlisted his Southhampton house for $22.4 Million. Likewise, the business magnate also owns an estate in the Bedford Hills suburb of New York.

Donations To Charity: Philanthropy & Political Activism

Besides living an extravagant life, Soros uses his money for a huge good cause. He keeps donating amounts to charity. Here are some of the donations amounts made by the American Philanthropist.

Donation    Amount
To help the Syrian refugee crisis.$500 million
Open Society Foundation$32 Billion
super political action committee$125 Million

George Soros Sued By Ex-Girlfriend

Soros's Brazilian ex-girlfriend, Adriana Ferreyer sued him for $50M claiming the billionaire broke his promise. Ferreyer also said that Soros George promised to buy her the New York apartment worth $4.3 Million but he gave in to his other girlfriend.

Adriana also accused Soros of being abusive. Ferreyer said that the American Philanthropist slapped her, and threw a lamp at her.

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