Inside Zoe Saldana's Blissful Conjugal Life

Tue Jul 25 2023
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Zoe Saldana has been happily married since 2013: The actress is a mother to three kids!  

Known for her roles in the Avatar film series, Avengers, The Adam Project, Star Trek Beyond, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Zoe Saldana is Hollywood's go-to actress for sci-fi films. The actress's stellar career is currently all the rave as she stars in Paramount+'s new spy thriller, Special Ops: Lioness, alongside Nicole Kidman, and Morgan Freeman.  

Born on June 19, 1978, in Passaic, New Jersey, Saldana's acting career began after she landed a brief screen time in Law & Order in 1999. She shot to massive stardom after playing Nyota Uhura in Star Trek. Aside from her illustrious profile as an actress, Saldana is also looked up to for her blissful personal life.  

Inside Zoe Saldana's Blissful Conjugal Life!  

Not all whirlwind relationships have to end in a disaster and Saldana's marriage with Marco Perego is the ultimate example. The couple met, started dating, and got married- all in a matter of months. Saldana and Perego may not be the most forthcoming Hollywood couples, but evidence of their blissful family life shows up every now, and then.   

Zoe Saldana is married to Marco Perego.
Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego got married after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Photo Source: Instagram

The Avatar actress first met Perego, an Italian artist, on a flight to New York in early 2013. During the fleeting moment in the air, Saldana, and Marco felt an epiphany. "And I can't even describe to you, it was a vibration. He turned in that moment because he felt the vibration as well," says The Adam Project actress, who describes herself as a "very logical person."  

 Zoe's husband, Marco Perego, took her last name after their marriage! 

The destined meet-cute unfolded as the pair began dating shortly after and tied the knot in a secret ceremony. Sources revealed that the loved-up pair got secretly hitched over the summer. "And as soon as we decided we were going to get married, we didn't wait. We did it three weeks later," Saldana shared.  

Fans have since witnessed the pair exhibiting their impeccable chemistry in many eccentric ways, be it by Perego taking Saldana's last name, instead of the other way around, or him getting a tattoo of the actress's face. Leading by example, Saldana's husband very much broke the barrier of the institution of marriage, where women sacrifice a lot more than men.   

Zoe Saldana shares three kids with Perego.
The pair are doting parents to three kids. Photo Source: Instagram

The Italian artist became a naturalized American in 2016. The pair have so far welcomed three kids, twins Cy and Bowie, and Zen, who, of course, are being raised out of the spotlight. The doting parents have, however, dished expansively on their unconventional parenting. The actress and her husband are fully committed to raising their child in a "gender-fluid environment and bi-lingual environment."  

Courtesy of Saldana's strong footing in the cinema, her creative husband has also delved into the movie business. Perego's debut feature, The Absence of Eden, starring his wife, Garrett Hedlund, and Adria Arjona, premiered last year in Italy. Marco's credits also include Me + Her, and Burn to Shine.   

Inside Zoe Saldana's Dating History!  

Before she met Mr. Perfect, Saldana had a couple of notable relationships. The Guardian of the Galaxy star underwent several ups and downs in her personal life and unlike her current low-key approach, Zoe's past romances unravelled under intense media scrutiny.   

Zoe Saldana was engaged to Keith Britton.
The actress dated Keith Britton for 11 years. Photo Source: Instagram

Saldana was long engaged to her entrepreneur Keith Britton. The pair had been together for ten years when Saldana announced their engagement in 2010. Zoe navigated her pre-fame life with Keith and also reached her celerity status with his constant presence. 

Crediting Britton for his unwavering support for her Hollywood career, Saldana said, "He's a very independent soul. He understands what I do, but this is not what he fell in love with and that's what I love." During their decade-spanning relationship, the couple co-founded a fashion website called My Fashion Data Base.   

Zoe Saldana dated Bradley Cooper.
Saldana was engaged to Britton before they called it quits in 2011. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo's breakup headline came a year after their engagement in 2011. Although neither party revealed any specific reason behind their split, sources believed that Saldana's meteoric stardom and life in the spotlight eventually took a toll on their promising relationship.  

The Star Trek actress famously dated Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper, from 2011 to 2013. Saldana and Cooper met while filming for The World in 2011 and started dating shortly after. Things fizzled out soon as several insiders revealed that the Oscar-nominated actor dumped Zoe after months of dating.   

Zoe Saldana is best known for her role in Avatar.
Saldana dated Bradley Cooper on and off for two years. Photo Source: Instagram

Saldana and Bradley reconciled soon and enjoyed a year of dating bliss before eventually calling it quits. The A-list couple ended things on a cordial note as they went on to work in Guardian of the Galaxy in 2014. 

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