Is Jade Castrinos Currently Single? Relationship Status

Sun Apr 25 2021
By   Selena

Jade Castrinos is a singer and musician who became a mildly famous star as the vocalist of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. In addition to this, she also made the news for dating the lead singer of the band Alex Ebert

Castrinos was fired from the band in 2014 and the pair have broken up since but were once the core of the band’s songwriting team. In fact, many of the band’s songs were based on her, even the lyrics were inspired by her. 

Is Jade Castrinos Dating Anyone?

Jade Castrinos is currently single as per various online sources. She has also been secretive about her personal life and is a low-key personality just like, Kaihla Rettinger. As a matter of fact, she has rarely been in the spotlight since she was fired from the band back in 2014. 

Jade Castrinos is Currently Single
Photo: Jade Castrinos is Currently Single
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Similarly, a quick peek at her Instagram page also shows no clues of a partner. Due to the lack of information, we can guess that she has probably not been in a serious relationship since 2014. Her last relationship and subsequent breakup landed her in a lot of controversies. 

Maybe her bad experiences in the past with relationship is what has made her refrain from being in a public relationship. 

Jade Castrinos Dated Bandmate Alex Ebert

Alex Ebert is the lead singer for the folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. As mentioned before, he and Jade used to be bandmates, in fact, they were part of the founding ensemble of the band. 

They worked on the music and were integral to the band becoming a folk icon. Indeed, they started making the band what it was even before they officially became a band. During the formative years, Jade and Alex wrote songs that helped the band find its folk footing. 

Alex Ebert and His Former Girlfriend, Jade Castrinos
Picture: Alex Ebert and His Former Girlfriend, Jade Castrinos
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In a similar fashion, their songwriting chemistry rubbed off as romantic chemistry too, and they started dating. Alex based many of the band’s songs on her and even wrote numerous tunes for her. 

The Break Up

It all fell apart when they decided to break up, Jade was pushed out of the band and taken off tour with an e-mail. She was devastated and separated from Alex. The news of their break-up made the folk media go berserk and she was hounded with questions for a while. 

Eventually, she started leaning off the spotlight and has remained mostly under the radar. There is no information of her dating anyone after Alex. 

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