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Sun Apr 02 2023
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Isla Atkinson is the daughter of legendary actor, Rowan Atkinson and his comedian partner, Louise Ford. Her father is more popularly known by his other name, Mr. Bean. His father has an estimated net worth of $150 Million

Isla isn't the only daughter of Mr. Bean but she is the youngest one. He also has an elder sister named Lily Sastry and a brother named Benjamin Atkinson. Both of her sibling's mother is Sunetra Sastry, Mr. Bean's ex-wife.

A Quick Look AT Isla's Parent's Love Story

Isla Atkinson is the daughter of Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford. Their relationship has been considered controversial because of the age gap between the two. Her mother, Louise is 26 years younger than Mr. Bean.

Louise Ford is wearing a black suit in the picture and is in a room that is red.
Isla Atkinson's mother, Louise Ford (Source: Channel 4 YouTube Channel)

Both Rowan and Louise are actors and it was their profession that helped them to cross paths. Isla's parents first met in 2012 while they were working on the play called Quartermaine’s Terms. However, the news of them seeing each other only came out in 2014

Net Worth Of Isla's Father, Mr. Bean

Isla Atkinson's father, Rowan Atkinson, and mother, Louise Ford has an estimated net worth of $150 Million & $650,000 respectively. Her father's wealth can be mostly credited to his iconic character Mr. Bean who he played in multiple shows and movies. 

However, the biggest commercially successful film Rowan has worked on is The Lion King, which has made over $760 Million. Louise's source of income is acting as well.

Isla lives with her parents in a house that is valued at $5.9 Million. Her father, Rowan had purchased the house and the land in 2006 and replaced the existing old house with his new home. 

Mr. Bean's love for cars is no secret. Like Sean Lourdes, Mr. Bean also owns a lot of vintage cars, some of them are McLaren F1, Aston Martin V8 Zagato, Ford Falcon Sprint, BMW 328, and Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

Has A Step Brother And A Sister

Isla is the only daughter of Rowan and Louise. It is because she does have a stepbrother and a sister from her father's ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry. Their names are Benjamin Atkinson and Lily Sastry

Benjamin is the oldest of the three having been born in the year 1993. He took a completely different career path than his father as he joined the military. He is part of the Gurkha soldiers. 

Lily Sastry is performing on stage holding the mic.
Isla Atkinson's step-sister, Lily Sastry (Source: Lisa Gibson YouTube Channel)

DailyMail reports that Isla's step-brother Benjamin wanted to join the military after he spent three months in Nepal. He joined the Gurkhas in 2019.

Isla's step-sister, Lily was born on July 11, 1995. She is an actress and has even worked with her father Rowan on two of his films, Johnny English Reborn and Mr. Bean's Holiday. She has also worked in a family movie, Tooth, and a short film, The Fifty Cent Smile. 

Rowan Atkinson Took Break From Acting For His Daughter 

Isla made her father, Rowan Atkinson take a break from acting for a year. Rowan took that decision because he wanted to be there for his daughter. However, her mother Louise continued with her work.

The Sun has reported that Rowan was more than happy to be at home for Isla while Louise would be out making money. Isla is blessed to have a father who would put his work on hold to be with her. 

Johnny English actor Rowan, was 62 years old when his youngest daughter Isla was born. So, he didn't want to miss his daughter growing up.

About Isla's Parent's Previous Relationships

Isla Atkinson's father, Rowan, and mother, Louise were both in a quiet popular relationship before finding each other. Her father was in a married relationship with Sunetra Sastry and her mother has previously dated a comedian James Acaster

The Lion King actor, Rowan, and Sunetra had walked down the aisle on February 1990. The two had first met in 1986 while working on the show Blackadder. They officially separated on November 10, 2015

James Acaster is wearing a black shirt in the picture.
Louise Ford's ex-partner, James Acaster (Source: E4 YouTube Channel)

There was also a popular rumor that Louise, whom Isla's father first met in 2012 had an affair with Mr. Bean while he was still married. It hasn't been confirmed to be true. 

Louise was also previously dating comedian James Acaster. They ended their relationship in 2013. Louise's ex was also pretty vocal when the relationship between her and Mr. Bean first came out. Being a comedian he just found humor in this story as he said no woman has left their man for Mr. Bean other than him.

Brief On Isla's Mother, Louise Ford's Career

Louise Ford is an actress who is mostly known for her humor. The British comedian gained popularity after getting into a relationship with Isla's father, Rowan but she is more than just the girlfriend of Mr. Bean.

The 1981-born Louise learned at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She is yet to find success abroad but is a star in her native country. Her most popular work so far has been The Windsors, the show where she played the Royal, Kate Middleton. 

According to Isla's mother's IMDb page, her first work was doing an episode in Law & Order: UK in 2009. Some of other her recognizable works are Doc Martin, M.I. High, and Misfits.

Brief On Isla's Father, Rowan Atkinson's Career

Rowan Atkinson is globally known by his more popular name, Mr. Bean. The actor who stutters in real life gave us one of the most iconic characters without saying a word. The actor hails from Consett, Co. Durham, and was born on January 6, 1955.

Though Isla's father's character Mr. Bean helped him to reach the next level of fame and success. The role that first made him popular was the role of Edmund Blackadder. His other popular characters include the spy Johnny English and The Lion King's Zazu.

The first thing Rowan did entering into the world of comedy was help Richard Curtis with his scripts. Outside of the entertainment industry, he also has a degree in electrical engineering. He is also the complete opposite of Mr. Bean's character in real life as he has an IQ of 178.

Mr. Beans Alleged Daughter, Fabiola Baglieri

Fabio Baglieri is a TikToker who went viral for resembling Isla Atkinson's father, Rowan. She took over the internet with her TikToks and people couldn't help but notice that she looked just like Mr. Bean. Some were even convinced that she was Rowan's daughter.

Fabio used to do makeup videos on TikTok and someone pointed out that she looked like Rowan's iconic character. She didn't like the comparison at first but soon she just went with it and started making clips calling herself Mr. Bean's daughter.


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