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Wed Nov 30 2022
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Jace Joseph Caussin is one of them who got worldwide fame since birth. He is the son of Mike Caussin, whose real name is Michael Caussin. He was a professional American football tight end with the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Washington Redskins.

Jace Joseph Caussin was born on November 29, 2018, in the United States of America to Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer, an American music singer, actress, dancer, and writer. Moreover, he is the younger brother of Jolie Rae Caussin ( born on January 31, 2016). Martin Kramer is his maternal grandfather, whereas Nora Kramer is his maternal grandmother. So far, Steve Kramer is his maternal uncle, who is a police officer by profession.

Jace Joseph Caussin's Parent's (Mike And Jana) Marital Life

Jace Joseph Caussin's dad, Mike Caussin, and mom, Jana Kramer, were happily married. The couple met through Twitter and started their conversations. And eventually, they fell for each other and started dating in August 2014.

Jace Joseph Caussin's Parent Are Not Together.
Photo: Jace Joseph Caussin's Parents, Mike Caussin And Jana Kramer.
Source: iHeartRadio

Soon after four months of dating, the lovebirds engaged on December 2, 2014, i.e., on Kramer's 31st birthday. Then on May 22, 2015, the girlfriend-boyfriend duo got hitched in the presence of their close ones.

They were living a healthy life with their daughter, Jolie, but sadly, they separated because Mike Caussin cheated on Jana, and he was also sent into rehab for s*x addiction. After working out their problems in 2017, the pair renewed their wedding vows in December 2017 and welcomed a son.

 Jace Joseph Caussin Was Born in 2018.
Photo: Jace Joseph Caussin is With His Elder Sister, Jolie Rae Caussin.
Source: Instagram@kramergirl

But unfortunately, the husband-wife duo did not hold their bond for a lifetime. In October 2020, Jana knew that her husband was in an extra-marital affair. As a result, she filed for divorce from Mike in April 2021, after six years of marriage, finalized in July 2021.

Mike Caussin And Jana Kramer's Past Affairs

As of 2021, Mike Caussin is single, but he was connected with many other ladies except Jana in the past, but he has not disclosed it to the media. Similarly, Jana also currently lives a single life, but she was linked with other guys in the past. 

At first, he got married to Michael Gambino, actor, and writer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sadly, their relationship did not work well; as a result, they separated after a couple of months. Then, she again started a romantic connection with Ace Amerson, a reality television star, in 2006, with whom she later broke their bond.

In 2007, Jana met Johnathon Schaech, actor on Prom Night (2008) set, and instantly started dating him. The pair did their ring ceremony on December 22, 2009, and eventually married on July 4, 2010, in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

Jace Joseph Caussin's Mother, Jana, Connected With Many Guys in The Past.
Image: Jace Joseph Caussin's Mother, Jana, is with Her Ex-Husband, Johnathon Schaech.
Source: Us Weekly 

But unfortunately, the husband-wife duo was not satisfied with their decision. As a result, they split in the following month (August 2010) and filed for divorce, finalized in June 2011.

Again the American actress found her love in Brantley Gilbert (musician) in 2012, with whom she met in June 2012 during CMT Music Awards. The lovebirds engaged on January 20, 2013, after a year of romance. But later, they ended their connection without tying the knot in August 2013.

Similarly, the Hollywood dancer connected with Scott Eastwood, an American actor. The Hollywood actor and actress dated each other from October 2013 to December 2013.

How Rich is Jace Joseph Caussin?

Jace Joseph Caussin is only three years old, so there is no chance of getting engaged in any profession. Infact, he is enjoying his parent's net worth like other celebrity kids, including Rafella Israel Mosberg and Hayden Dubose Proctor.

 Joseph Caussin's Father, Mike, Holds a Net Worth of $3 Million.
Picture: Jace Joseph Caussin's Father, Mike, is a Professional Retired Football Player.
Source: ESPN

His father, Mike, 198 cm in height, has a net worth of $3 million asof early 2021 earned from his profession of games. Besides this, the American football player also earns wealth from his endorsements and other ventures. Besides this, he also appeared in many television shows from where he probably made a handsome amount of money.

On the other hand, his mother, Jana, holds a net worth of $2 Million as of early 2021, gathered from her profession as an actress, dancer, and writer. Apart from this, she also collects a hefty amount of money from her endorsements, including Nationwide Insurance commercial and print ads for Pure Silk shave cream for legs.

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