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Journalist (1989)
Thu Feb 16 2023
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Jacqueline Alemany aka Jackie Alemany is a well-known journalist who is currently serving as the congressional correspondent for The Washington Post. She is the reporter who covered the national opioid crisis along with other several policy issues.

Born on February 24, 1989, Jacqueline is an American reporter who hails from Scarsdale in New York. Her given full name is Jacqueline Michele Alemany. She is also known as the author of Power Up, an early morning newsletter.

Jacqueline's Mother Was The CEO Of The CIT Group

Jacqueline's mother, Ellen Rose Alemany used to serve as the president and CEO of the CIT Group which is one of the top largest banks in America. However, she retired as the executive officer back in 2013.

Jacqueline Alemany's mother, Ellen Alemany.
Jacqueline Alemany's mother, Ellen Alemany. Source: Crain's New York Business

Before Ellen became the CEO of RBS Citizens Financial Group, she was the head of the management that managed The Royal Bank of Scotland's businesses in America, RBS Americas. She was a wise and powerful woman who was named the third most powerful woman in banking by the American Banker back in 2018.

Jacqueline Is A Harvard Graduate

The Congressional investigation reporter, Jacqueline is a graduate of Harvard University. According to reports, she graduated from the university with a degree in government in 2011.

And reportedly for her high school studies, she went to a public school in her hometown Scarsdale called Scarsdale High School.

Does Jacqueline Alemany Have A Boyfriend? 

No, Jacqueline is not in a relationship and is single. With her ever-growing career in journalism, she has never strayed away and turned towards romantic relationships, at least not that we know of. 

Though Jacqueline is pretty active on social media, her posts are all about her works and the issues inside the House. And she has never posted anything too personal or related to her love life. So, assumingly, Jacqueline is single. But we do hope that she finds the love of her life, plans a wedding and makes him her husband.

How Tall Is Jacqueline? Also Know Her Weight: 

The political reporter, Jacqueline is a tall woman who stands at a gorgeous height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm). She proved that she is used to standing tall in every aspect of her life. 

acqueline Alemany with a smile on her face.
Jacqueline Alemany with a smile on her face. Source: Instagram@jaxalemany

Her height is way above the national average height for a woman. Regarding her weight, she weighs around 65 kg.

Net Worth Of Jacqueline

Alemany has been a reporter for quite a while now. Previously, she was a multimedia reporter for CBS News specializing in domestic and foreign affairs. However, now she is a political reporter serving as a congressional reporter. So, she must have earned quite a good income throughout her service.

The net worth of the congressional correspondent for The Washington Post, Jacqueline Alemany is estimated to be around $1.5 million, the same as the TV personality Karen Gravano. Her net worth includes all her assets and income from her reporting career. 

Career In Journalism

Jacqueline Alemany started writing back in her college days when she used to write blogs on HerCampus.com. Then, after she graduated from college, she started working with CBS news and joined as a journalist in 2012.

Jacqueline Alemany during one of her online political talks.
Jacqueline Alemany during one of her online political talks. Source: CNN

After staying as a Broadcast Associate for Face of the Nation for nearly three years, she became the Chief Executive Assistant to Bureaus. Then in 2016, Jacqueline covered the presidential campaigns for CBS News as a digital reporter.

One of Jacqueline's career highlights is that she also covered the New Hampshire primary campaigns of Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Donald Trump. However, she is now a Congressional reporter who was working as a White House reporter that has been serving since 2017 covering Donald Trump's administration as well.

Social Media

As a journalist, it is Jacqueline's job to try to spread much information as possible. So, she is available on all sorts of social media like Instagram and Twitter to share awareness as much as possible through her. She often keeps posting about both small and significant actions happening in the house that can be shared.

Jacqueline Alemany on a beach.
Jacqueline Alemany on a beach. Source: Instagram@jaxalemany

On Instagram, she is available under the username @jaxalemany with over 12k followers. Similarly, on Twitter, she has an account under the same username, @JaxAlemany and has over 99k followers. 

Belongs From A Christian Family 

The journalist for the Washington Post, Jacqueline was born in a town called Scarsdale in New York. She was born in a Christian family with mixed descents. Her parents are Joaquin Alemany and Ellen Rose Alemany.

Jaqueline's mother, Ellen is of Italian descent that immigrated to America while her father, Joaquin is of Catalan descent from Spain and is an immigrant.

Has Two Siblings

Jacqueline grew up in a family of five; with her parents and her two siblings. She is a middle child with an elder sister; Ellen Alemany and a younger brother; David Alemany.

Jacqueline Alemany with her parents and siblings
Jacqueline Alemany with her parents and siblings. Source: The center for discovery

Her elder sister has the same name as her mother, Ellen. Reportedly, she has been living in a residential home for people with developmental disabilities after being a resident at just fourteen. And her brother, David has already graduated from college and was reported to be working at KMPG.

Was A Captain Of A Basketball Team 

When Jacqueline Alemany was still at Harvard, she was the Harvard Crimson Women's Basketball team captain. She was the team's captain when she was in her senior year. Jacqueline said that she really used to give her 100% in basketball. She said;

“Basketball was really a full-time job for me until I graduated from college,” she recalls.

When Jacqueline was a junior, she was second on the team and helped the team to get into the top 10 in the Ivies. Then her leadership skills along with how she carried herself and the team led her to be the captain of the team.

Jacqueline played basketball in her high school days too. On top of that, she was a two-time New York All-State selection in her high school days, who won a gold medal at the Empire State Games. 


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