All the Issues Jade Logue Faced After She Came OUT As A Transgender, Who are her Parents, What's her Net Worth?

Thu May 16 2019
By   Sabina

Jade Logue is the transgender daughter of American actor Donal Logue. Her father is widely recognized for his role as detective Harvey Bullock in the currently trending TV series Gotham. 

The teenager is mostly known as the transgender daughter of actor Logue as she as an individual has not gotten involved in the world of acting or Hollywood in general. 

Logue was born on March 25th, 2001 as a boy, Arlo Logue to parents actor Donal Logue and Kasey Walker. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and her childhood was well spent with her elder brother Finn Logue. While Jade was born as a boy, she later publicly came out as a transgender at the age of 15.

As of now, the majority of Jade's status as a celebrity comes from her famous actor father. However, despite her inactivity in Hollywood, she has not left any marks to make some headlines and is all over the wiki. 

Almost two years ago, in July of 2017, the teenager disappeared from her home as she turned 16. Her name was all over the news, and fortunately, she returned home safely after a few days. 

Meanwhile, even though Logue is mostly known because of her father, she is a strong woman who shares her transformation from a boy to a girl publicly, which requires a lot of courage. 

Jade Logue Personal Life: Single or In a Relationship?

Daughter of American actor Donal Logue, Jade Logue is currently 18 years old. Since the age of 15, she has been very open about herself, especially her sexuality, transitioning from a boy to a girl. When Logue first went public about it, Logue was aware of the bullying and hatred the youngster had opened herself to. However, regardless of these things, she opened herself up and shared her transition story, including her change in physical appearance with the world.  

Jade Logue
Jade Logue

She has indeed been very open about her life and life choices. However, when it comes to her personal life, love life to be precise, she has been reticent and secretive. 

There is little to no information about the people she has been in a relationship or dated. She is an individual who seems to prefer keeping her personal life under wrap, away from the media and public.

So, it is unknown if she is currently single or dating someone. At the same time, there are also no rumors which surround her when it comes to her love life.

Jade Logue's Net Worth: Salary and Earnings 

As previously mentioned, Logue is a teenager, and the majority of her fame comes from her father's career as an actor. To date, the young teenager has not gotten professionally indulged in any career.

Jade Logue with actor father Donal Logue
Jade Logue with actor father Donal Logue

Even though there are no sources of income, her net worth is estimated to be around $80,000. The majority of the credit for her net worth goes to her father, who is assumed to be worth $3 million.  

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