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Tue Feb 11 2020
By   Manish

The newlywed couple, James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey, are made for each other who faces every bad situation come in their way. Even after their grand wedding ceremony, the perfect soulmates are deceived of getting tears in their lives and maintains a strong bond of a relationship than ever before.

What's more to this? James is currently working as a manager for Bailey's musical tours and concerts while promoting the new albums. If you love to read more about the couple's love life, then scroll down to explore the exciting things happening in their daily curriculums.

How The Married Couple First Interacted?

James had his first meeting with Madilyn through his sister-in-law, Siri, who's an exceptional photographer. Following a good talk, they began their love story from friendship before coming out as dating partners.

The duo then started sharing their company and made amazing chemistry. Back in 2019, Madilyn wrote a song, Are We Falling In Love, dedicated to Benrud, where she proclaimed that "she didn't want to fell in love with him, but fortunately started loving him."

James Benrud and his wife, Madilyn Bailey
Snap: James Benrud and his wife, Madilyn Bailey went to their first 2014 prom together 
Source: Instagram @jimbosliceoflife

When the 2014 prom knocked on the duo's doors, James eventually asked Madilyn to attend the prom, and she blissfully joined him as his partner. The couple then announced they're going to get engaged on 14th March 2014 through a Youtube video.

Traditionally walked Down the Aisle!

The soulmates married in a traditional Christian ceremony held in Wisconsin on August 22, 2014. James and the 27-year-old singing sensation were bound to be one soul after their nuptials, where all of their beloved ones came to wish for their new journey of life.

The bridegroom was looking more beautiful as they are in their wedding, where Madilyn wore a white tulle lace long wedding gown. On the other side, James was in his best Gray business suit, tying up with a black bow tie and a flower on his left pocket.

James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey at the time of wedding ceremony
Photo: The bridegroom, James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey during their marriage 
Source: Instagram @madilynbailey

The couple then captured some memorable moments at their wedding reception. At their reception, they performed a beautiful dance alongside their guests, which was the best moment of their marriage. Since then, the couple is together in a cherishable marital union for more than five and a half years.

Goes on World Tours for Promoting New Music Albums...

The beautiful couple is avid travelers who love to explore adventurous places while meeting new people. Back at the beginning of 2019, Madilyn and James enjoyed the night in Paris, France, and posted a picture via Instagram while kissing each other in front of the Eiffel Tower.

James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey toured on the Great Wall of Chine
Photo: James Benrud and his wife, Madilyn Bailey 
Source: Instagram @jimbosliceoflife

On 26th March 2019, the pair also visited the Great Wall of China and shared a picture on Instagram, saying, "That's one Great Wall CN." They recently toured Europe, where they seemed hanging out in Hamburg, Germany on 10th January 2020. Just like them, Ian Roussel and his wife, Mrs. Roussel also spend quality time outside the home.

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