James R Fitzgerald and his Wife Ellie Fitzgerald Marital Status

Fri May 14 2021
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A native of Philadelphia, James R Fitzgerald is a former FBI criminal profiler and forensic linguist who began his career in 1976 working as a police officer in law enforcement. 

However, James made his breakout work in the UNABOM investigation, which resulted in the arrested of American domestic terrorist, Ted Kaczynski.

Fitzgerald is also known for his work in murder, workplace crime, serial rape, and abduction cases. He also improved his forensic linguistics and threat assessment abilities. Besides his professional life, James was married to his wife, Ellie Fitzgerald, with whom he has three kids. Let's find out what's the reason behind their split?

Are James and Ellie Fitzgerald Divorced? Know Their Marital Status

Yes, James R Fitzgerald, 68 is a divorced man now. He has gotten separated from his kids' mother or his ex-wife, Ellie Fitzgerald after decades of a marital relationship 

Finally, on Jan 27, 2018, he tweeted regarding their separation saying that the couple did divorce post-Unabom. And it was very sad & difficult for both of them and their three children. "She's a great person & we have 3 great kids", he added.

James R Fitzgerald and His Ex-Wife, Ellie Fitzgerald Are Grandparents Of Two
James R Fitzgerald With His Son, Dan Fitzgerald and Grandson, Brynn Aoife Fitzgerald
Source: Facebook @jcmfitz

Ellie and James were married in 1976 in a private ceremony. However, the details regarding their wedding are still under wraps. Together, they had three sons, Sean, Dan, and Ryan.

During their marital period, Fitzgerald used to stay away from the house after engaging in the National Academy Session.

Picture: James Fitzgerald (right) with his son Ryan Fitzgerald and his mother.
Source: Facebook @James R. Fitzgerald

James busy work schedule directly impacts their conjugal life and decided not to continue their marriage. So they ended their relationship after being married for almost four years. 

However, the former couple James and Ellie are on good terms and their primary goal is raising their son to adulthood together. 

Grandfather of Two

James R Fitzgerald, who doesn't share his personal stuff on social media account, has become the grandfather of two grandkids from his son's side. On August 22, 2017, he shared a picture of himself holding his first grandchild, Brynn Aoife Fitzgerald, on his Twitter account.

He wrote: Welcome to the family, Brynn. Again in July 2019, Fitzgerald welcomed his second granddaughter, Maeve Patricia Fitzgerald in his family. 

She was born seven weeks early at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and weighed 5lbs and was 12ozs long. 

James R Fitzgerald Along With His Granddaughter, Maeve Patricia Fitzgerald
Photo: James R Fitzgerald Along With His Granddaughter, Maeve Patricia Fitzgerald
Source: Facebook @jcmfitz

Maeve's parents are Dan Fitzgerald and his wife, Meredith. As of now, James seems to be blessed with a beautiful family. 

James R Fitzgerald is Engaged!!

Following his divorce from his former wife Ellie, the executive producer and co-Hos of Killer Profile, has found love again with his current partner, Natalie Schilling

Natalie is a Linguistics Professor who works at Georgetown University.

 James R Fitzgerald along with his longtime fiancee, Natalie Schilling
Photo: James R Fitzgerald along with his longtime fiancee, Natalie Schilling
Source: Facebook @James R. Fitzgerald

The new couple went public with their love romance in 2017 after releasing the drama series, Manhunt, which unveiled the Unabomber case. Though the exact date of their engagement is unknown, they are said to be engaged in 2014.

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